How sure are we that black hole is not a product of a massive gravity implosion that rips a hole into the fabric of 3D/4D dimensional space in which light and everything else got sucks out to another side?

My imagination runs wild like a horse in the wild today, and so today it’s all about black hole and infinity and Calculus. To tell the truth, I’m not at all great in math, and so Calculus is so out there for me. Furthermore, I have not been back to school for ages, and so I might be a thousand miles away from the right answer when I’m trying to do a complicated math problem such as a hard Algebraic problem and so forth. Still, I’m a carefree person sometimes, and today is that day when I don’t care if I’m right or wrong.

According to the YouTube video right after the break, a black hole is formed because of the massive gravitational collapse of a dead star. Personally, I like to say a massive gravitational implosion because it sounds cooler! Anyway, the video right after the break explains how black hole forms in detail.

Today, I imagine that because of massive collapse or implosion of dense gravitational strength which, in my opinion, allows the core of a dead star not really was squashed into nothingness but was pushed so hard that it stretched and ripped a hole of our 3D/4D spatial space — thus pushing and ejecting the core of the dead star through another spatial dimension. This way, as if you can imagine that a hypersonic plane got punctured with a massive hole and thus anything got closer to the hole would get eject and suck out of the plane. The hypersonic plane is the container or the fabric of our 3D/4D spatial dimension and the outside is a bigger dimension that imprisons our 3D/4D spatial dimension.

Why black hole is always round like a circle and not a square? You know, if you push a ball through a massive piece of easy to be ripped tissue, you could probably create a square or a weird shape of the hole in the tissue right? Here comes the part of infinity and Calculus — hence circle.

Since Calculus was probably started by the ancient mathematics geniuses who were hypnotized by trying to work with a circle or whatever was more meaningful than a circle that led to their wonderment of infinity. Since a circle isn’t a straight line, in Calculus, I guess we could imagine a circle is a composite of infinitely small straight lines that form a circle in an orderly connected directional position. Hence infinity’s involvement since we don’t really know curve that well and have to use our imagination of using a straight line with infinity to form a circle. I guess, through infinity, a constant of the unknown, we find changes in infinitely small intervals. (My interval meaning isn’t a mathematical one but merely a point!) — So I guess Calculus is about finding the meaning of the change!

What has Calculus got to do with a black hole? In my opinion, a ball rips through a massive tissue isn’t the same as a massive collapse or implosion of gravity. According to the book “Infinite Powers: How Calculus Reveals the Secrets of Universe” by Steven Strogatz, and here I quote:

Mathematically, circles embody change without change. A point moving around the circumference of a circle changes direction without ever changing its distance from a center. It’s a minimal form of change, a way to change and curve in the slightest way possible. And, of course, circles are symmetrical. If you rotate a circle about its center, it looks unchanged. That rotational symmetry may be why circles are so ubiquitous. Whenever some aspect of nature doesn’t care about direction, circles are bound to appear. Consider what happens when a raindrop hits a puddle: tiny ripples expand outward from the point of impact. Because they spread equally fast in all directions and because they started at a single point, the ripples have to be circles. Symmetry demands it.

Thus my thinking is that since symmetry demands it, whenever something in nature which doesn’t care about the direction like the implosion of gravity — in our case the black hole — a circle must be formed in space that is so black as a black hole! As I mentioned above, the core of the dead star was collapsed and imploded so hard by gravity thus I think it probably got ejected through the ripped 3D/4D spatial dimension. Like a hypersonic plane that got a massive hole, anything near the hole would get ejected out to the other side. Whatever on the other side must be so exotic and our super special black hole makes things so impossible that even light cannot escape the grasp of the black hole.

Gravity (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I had written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Wars broke out in droves,
  • destroying world’s dreams,
  • destroying world’s hopes,
  • calamities broke out in teams,
  • strangling hopes with ropes,
  • sucking the life out of dreams.
  • Sane men dared not be arrogant,
  • to think peace would last forever,
  • sane women dared not be arrogant,
  • to think love would last forever,
  • yet hell spawned devilish instant,
  • fueling chaos since whenever.
  • Pockets of cultures with divided visions,
  • fending themselves from one another,
  • dreaming that each division with reasons,
  • be the sole reason for survival of no other,
  • thus they went on ignoring reasons,
  • unless their survival depended on another.
  • Men with reasons debated no longer,
  • debated not, yet newer technology arrived,
  • while men with religions debated stronger,
  • debated yes, fanatic killings strived,
  • feuds between science and religions grew longer,
  • mass destructive power thrived.
  • As connected we had always been,
  • yet we had been so disconnected,
  • from love to hate we had seen,
  • these dramas would go on repeated,
  • chaos broke out often as we had seen,
  • confirming how we had been so disconnected.
  • They could say the truth needed no reason,
  • for it had to be true and pure,
  • nonetheless, we could argue it would be a treason,
  • to think truth would always be pure,
  • for lies had been hard at work to give reasons,
  • making a case which truth could not be so pure.
  • Thus truth and lies gave rise to doubts,
  • that construed nothing could be so constant,
  • from being connected to disconnected, we had doubts,
  • doubting the reasons for our existence,
  • amazing how we got so much doubts,
  • gravity remained the only connected constant.
  • Gravity connected everything there was ever there,
  • from planets to lowly animals, these were always being connected,
  • nothing escaped the gravity unless a different reality was there,
  • nonetheless, the reality could be so disconnected,
  • giving the appearance of gravity was never there,
  • so people thought floating in space was gravity being disconnected.
  • Nothing was further from the truth,
  • gravity connected us to the universe,
  • our reality allowed gravity to be the root,
  • thus it gave rise to our arrival within this universe,
  • since our arrival, lies often strangled truth,
  • giving rise to the belief of a disconnected universe.
  • Knowing we could be so connected by gravity,
  • which proved to be more constant than blood,
  • thus we should cherish our differences with gravity,
  • thus we should worry less about our differences in blood,
  • the invisible thread of gravity,
  • it had always been this reality’s lifeblood.