4K Resolution Unigine Heaven Benchmark For GTX 1080 Graphics Card

Just finished benchmarking GTX 1080 in 4K resolution with Unigine Heaven benchmark software.  Yep, even with GTX 1080, 4K benchmark is still kicking you know what.  The graphics settings were all on the extreme side, and so I wasn’t surprised to see GTX 1080 was struggled.  Anyhow, Unigine could only run with DirectX 11 and not 12, and so I think if it was able to use DirectX 12 the benchmark score could be a lot higher.  Anyhow, check it out.

Razer’s New Laptop Works With Graphics Card Enclosure To Become A Powerful Gaming PC

According to the video right after the break, Razer is coming out a light laptop in which it could turn into a full gaming PC when hooking up to a graphics card enclosure.  In the video, it shows that this new Razer’s laptop acts as a PC tower, because it also hooks up to a desktop monitor.  I like the idea, because the enclosure can work with any graphics card.  This setup would allow you to use the laptop for normal laptop works, and then you can hook the laptop to the enclosure for full gaming experience.  In the video, it shows the enclosure houses only one graphics card.  I’m hoping that the enclosure could house two or more graphics card.  This would be cool, because this would be perfect for gaming with DirectX 12 support.  To my limited knowledge on DirectX 12, you could combine different types of DirectX 12 supported graphics cards together for gaming.  Here is the list of NVIDIA’s graphics cards that are supporting DirectX 12.