Google Laptop, CR-48 or Something Similar Will Probably Be Released In June Or July This Year!

Google smartly invests their time and money to build CR-48 and probably other models as their many laptops of the first patch that connect to the cloud only.  Why is this a smart strategy for Google?  We know nowadays everyone can surf the web with variety of toys.  Even better, people can surf the web with something as iPad 2 that is so light in weight and so cool to the touch and look.  So why on earth Google decides people need something heavy as a laptop (i.e., another laptop) to surf the web when you can find many well known brands of laptops in store, all the time?

My surmise of Google’s decision on rolling out CR-48 or whatever model they will officially call at the release time somewhere in June or July this year is that Google believes not everyone will have an iPad 2, because some people may for the sake of not loving Apple enough to get one or people just prefer the feeling of a laptop since laptop has a bigger monitor screen than iPad 2 and all tablets out there.  Viewing streaming videos over the web or streaming your own videos from whatever clouds you got on the other end of the Internet tube is still going to look better on a laptop or desktop monitor than any tablet — otherwise big flat screen TVs mean little to people who care not for bigger pictures.  Fortunately, big flat screen TVs, 3D or not, cannot be portable as laptops, otherwise CR-48 clearly has no meaning to be around.

Besides of allowing users to see bigger pictures than any tablet out there (i.e., iPad 2), CR-48 is having better battery life than most laptops out there, at least that is what I’ve heard of so far about CR-48.  To me, anything that is over 24 hours of battery life for now is definitely a killer, but that can only come true in my dream for the case of CR-48.  Nonetheless, what I’d read so far about CR-48 over the web is that it has battery life of around 9 to 10 hours for a single charge.  This is the kind of battery life that iPad 2 has.  It means if you prefer something heavier and with bigger monitor and the feeling of laptop for traveling, with this kind of battery life CR-48 is definitely going to be your choice.

Don’t you wish Google just throws in free 3G or 4G for life?  LOL!  Anyhow, that’s another dream of mine that probably won’t ever materialized in real life.  Once again, the CR-48 specs from 2010 can be found here, but I’m not sure the specifications of CR-48 or whatever model Google will release first will be similar to that or will be very very different.  Nonetheless, we can expect that something as CR-48 from Google will not carry a physical hard drive, because it’s intend to be a cloud netbook/laptop kind of toy.  This means you can forget about relying on a built-in hard drive to be your storage for everything, because it plainly won’t have one.

Uploading pictures and stuffs like that to the cloud/web should be something CR-48 (or whatever laptop model Google decides to release) could handle rather well.  I’ve heard CR-48 or whatever model Google decides to release first also comes with SD slot for SD cards so you can store digital contents such as photos.

Another plus thing about CR-48 or whatever model Google decides to release soon is super fast in booting time.  Yes, Chrome OS will be the operating system that works the magic of booting CR-48 or whatever model that will be at super fast booting time, as if instantly.  Talking about having not to wait or count the seconds till your Windows 7 or Mac OS X to fully boot before you can actually get your itchy fingers to do the typing or browsing the web.

For writers and scholars and spreadsheet lovers/accountants out there, don’t fret over the small stuffs such as document handling, because Google laptops are going to be able to work with documents using Google Docs.  Although Google Docs is a cloud thing, and it’s not as elite as Microsoft Office or Open Office, but it’s quite capable in covering your basic needs for documents.  You can try Google Docs out over the web right now to see what I mean!

In my opinion, CR-48 or whatever Google laptops will get release first in June or July of this year will be hot for people who are looking at something that’s not a tablet but has a battery life of a tablet and is just as affordable as a tablet or even cheaper than a tablet.  What I’ve read on the Internet is that CR-48 and similar laptops from Google probably will have price tags below $500 or roughly around there.  First time release at such prices for such laptops, I think Google has hit the nail on the head with such prices for CR-48 or something similar.  Oh, one last thing, I even have heard that Google may allow you to pay installment plans such as $10 or $20 per month for CR-48 or something similar.  My question to you, will you buy a Google laptop, because you think it’s a great tool for your traveling or everyday web surfing, or you think it will flunk your tech smell test from the get-go?


Soon Low Quality Videos On YouTube Will Look Better With Green Parrot Pictures Acquisition Made By Google

Google announces that the company has acquired Green Parrot Pictures.  Not telling much, but Google is frank about its motive of acquiring this company.  Google is after the technology that this company brings.  Apparently, Green Parrot Pictures knows how to improve low quality videos into good looking videos.  Google hopes with this newly acquisition, YouTube’s low quality videos can display better pictures.  Furthermore, users who are worrying about bandwidth usage can be less worried about uploading low quality videos to YouTube.  Green Parrot Pictures was founded by Associate Professor Anil Kokaram at the Engineering School of Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.


Google Wants To Verify Your Accounts With Additional Verification Step Through Cell Phones

Google has becoming even more paranoid about security, and so they should as we all know weak computer security can surely do great amount of damages to your life beyond the digital realm.  Taking a newer approach to ensure Google’s users stay safe online, Google is undertaking an extra step of verifying everyone’s account through cell phones.  Google can call you up or text you a secret code right after you have entered the password for your account.  This is an extra layer of comfort in term of security, albeit it’s rather briefly an annoyance.  The next time the bad guy has your password, he or she must too have access to your cell phone before a successful hack can be made on your account.

Google is rolling this out slowly, and when it does become available for everyone, you should be able to click on a link within your account to set up an extra layer of verification through phone.  According to the source, PCMag, it takes around 15 minutes to set up the extra verification step.  To tell the truth, 15 minutes setup does sound scary to me.  Online users such as I have rather brief attention span, and to endure 15 minutes of setup is quite tiresome.  Nonetheless, I’m not entirely sure it does take 15 minutes since I haven’t yet tried set the extra verification step through phone in my Google accounts.  Let me know how it goes with the time as you set your Google account to work with the extra verification step through phone in the comment section.

FYI (For your information):  If you’re using Google Gmail, it’s very important for you to apply the extra step of verification through phone since hackers love to hack an email account.  Why?  I think hackers know that many email users often associate particular email accounts with other important accounts in case they need to recover various accounts’ passwords.  Acquiring an email account is worth it for hackers since they can use the recover password option on various accounts.