Thinking Out Loud: Parallel Life… Ideas For Cool Game!

Thinking out loud, I’ve cool ideas for a video game.  Nonetheless, this cool video game might not be for a faint of heart to play or make.  The ideas go like these.

  • This video game should be extremely immersive, therefore the next generation graphics or whatever that is better is a must have.  As the game grows older, the game’s graphics should be improved with time.
  • The game’s starting point replicates real life’s contemporary period, on the specific day, exactly to the letter.  No deviation should take place at all.  For an example, from seconds to hours to days to physics should be as close to real life as possible.  One exception, the human characters within this game should not use real names and details of real fellow human beings in real life (for legality purpose obviously).  Nonetheless, there should be a very effective system of authentication which can prevent the creation of multiple game accounts by the same gamer.  This to prevent a gamer from rejoining the game once his or her in-game character is dead.
  • This game should be an open world as in anything is possible as long real life physics isn’t being contradicted.  Such as gravity should be gravity, and so people cannot just flap their hands as fast as they can and fly.
  • Human gamers can join the game at anytime of the lifespan of the game, but each gamer can only create a game character once.  Once a game character dies, that’s it.  This means a gamer who had his character killed (in-game unnatural death) should not be able to make new character and should not be able to join the game again, ever!  Nonetheless, he or she could always spectate the game progress in general.
  • The game lifespan is as long as real life lifespan.  This means, there won’t be an ending to this game.  The game itself will grow as long as there are new gamers who join and old gamers’ characters that just won’t die.  Imagine a game character with real life 120 year old lifespan, isn’t this cool?
  • In-game negativities should not affect a gamer’s real life.  For an example, a gamer’s idiotic in-game decision which could very well be very immoral should not translate into real life moral values.  This is why in-game characters can be killed, albeit a gamer won’t be able to play the game again but he or she should be fine in real life.  Here is another example, a gamer’s character goes to prison in the game for a very immoral wrongdoing (in-game of course), this should not translate into a prison sentence for a gamer in real life.  In-game prison sentences though, should be just as long as the real life ones.
  • The rewarding system for this game is all about connecting virtual achievements with real life achievements.  This means, within the game, if a gamer achieves something awesome, in real life a gamer would either gain real money or real life offers of important things.  The more a gamer achieves in virtual world the more a gamer achieves in real life.  Obviously, real life rewards for a gamer’s in-game achievements should not be outrageously luxurious, because real life has real limitation… and so a gamer should not expect money rain down on him or her.  Nonetheless, real life rewards for a gamer’s in-game achievements should not be petty to the point that there is no incentive to achieve in-game achievements.  It will be a very delicate balance kind of rewarding system.  Basically, rewarding system which connects in-game achievements and real life ones should not be unethical, outrageously demanded, and morally wrong.
  • The story should start out with a very mundane plot which relies on real life events according to a real life date of a specific day.  Nonetheless, it’s purposely allowing the gamers to play the game out in whatever fashion they want, within the limitations that I had described earlier and farther down this blog post.
  • In-game objects should be very similar to real life objects.  For an example, in-game characters that are taking drugs through needles should be portrait as destructive as real life.
  • Although in-game math, science and physics rely on real life math, science and physics, the game should allow gamers to experience real math, science and physics.  This means that a gamer can innovate fantasy technology (futuristic) which may or may not be achievable in real life.  So deviation from science facts to science fiction can be achievable within the game, as long the starting point isn’t deviate from real life facts.
  • In-game choices should be very consequential to everything.  This means, a gamer’s decision on whatever can affect the other gamers’ characters within game even though such a decision is trivial.  Nonetheless, an in-game real connection (i.e., relying on real science… physics… math… and etc…) should exist in order for a gamer’s in-game decision to materialize in consequential way.
  • In-game natural death should allow a gamer to create a new game character, thus the same gamer can continue to play the game with a new character as his or her original character was rest in peace by natural death.

Basically, these are some cool ideas for a game that I have on the top of my head at the moment.  I might not revisit this post again, therefore I might not add more ideas to this thinking out loud of this sort of game.  Nonetheless, it would be cool if someone can make it happens, right?  Obviously, playing this game might not be super fun, because a gamer might not be able to play the game for a second time if his or her in-game character dies violently and of not a natural death.

Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode Gameplay Episode 01

I’ve heard many good things about Battlefield series, but I’ve never ever played a Battlefield title ever.  “Battlefield 4” has convinced me to join the Battlefield’s fervent gamers.  I’m glad I had decided to play “Battlefield 4.”  Although I’ve only played Battlefield 4’s campaign mode, and I’ve to say that it has impressed me a lot.  Gamers have been religiously professed that Battlefield series’ multiplayer mode is the best, and so I definitely have got to finish up Battlefield 4’s campaign mode fast so I can begin to meddle with Battlefield 4’s multiplayer mode.

Talking about Battlefield 4’s campaign mode, I love it.  Although the story isn’t uniquely glorious, it’s not shabby either.  The graphics are very very good, and I’m not even playing “Battlefield 4” in all high graphics settings.  If you have a very very good graphic card, you can actually turn graphics settings up to ultra settings.  If I’m not wrong, the maximum graphics settings for this game are ultra settings.  Anyhow, the sounds and the graphics for “Battlefield 4” in campaign mode come together very well.  Not a shabby story, great voice acting, great sounds, and extremely good graphics have allowed “Battlefield 4” to push the immersive scale for first person shooter game genre up many many notches.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling about “Battlefield 4,” just check out my Battlefield 4 campaign mode gameplay episode 01 in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

FYI:  I’m playing Battlefield 4 on a PC, hence I’d mentioned about a very very good graphic card for ultra graphics settings.

Skyrim Gameplay Episode 09

Just another episode of Skyrim gameplay.  This time, it’s episode 09.  Enjoy!!!

Skyrim Gameplay Episode 01

Skyrim was a game that I had tried to play on Play Station 3 when it first released for the Play Station gamers, but I didn’t get to play it much since it was very buggy.  Obviously, Skyrim is now an old game since it had been around for a year and few months at least.  With being out a long time already, Skyrim is now all patched up, and a lot of mods can be downloaded to enhance Skyrim gameplay.  Although my memory with Skyrim on PS3 was a bad one, but there was something about Skyrim that I could not let go.  Perhaps, the concept and the gameplay of Skyrim that had appealed to me even to this day.  Now, I’m playing Skyrim again, but this time, it’s on PC.  Now, I notice how the graphics in Skyrim cannot be compared to newer games.  Nonetheless, with mods one can manage to beautify Skyrim further.  Couple hours into the Skyrim world, I felt that Skyrim is a game that one should not ignore if one is truly a gamer.  How come?  Even though the graphics in Skyrim aren’t the best, the Skyrim world is just beautiful and the stories within are intricate but immersive.  The gameplay is OK as the fighting mechanic isn’t Skyrim’s best trait, but the game just won’t let my imagination settled.  I have to say Skyrim is one of those best games that I’ve ever played.  Anyhow, check out the first episode of Skyrim gameplay right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Using GeForce Experience To Automatically Optimize Game Graphics Settings For PC Games

English: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra Graphic card

English: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5800 Ultra Graphic card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PC gamers know that each game behaves differently on their PC, because each game might need a different configuration for game graphics settings.  Using the wrong game graphics settings sometimes might actually choke the graphic card, therefore choking a great game experience.  Usually, PC gamers would do is to figure out if their graphic card supports a game they want to play or not before they purchase the game.  Afterward, they want to seek out the correct game graphics settings for the game from the Internet or from testing out different game graphics settings configurations through trial and error process, and then right just before they play their brand new game they would apply the best or I should say the optimal graphics settings for the game.

The second process where gamers have to apply the correct game graphics settings can be ranged from easy to sometimes plain confusing.  How come?  Some games might work well with just about any game graphics settings if you have the right graphic card, but some games might not.  When a game might not react that well to your graphic card or game graphics settings, you have to either tinker with the graphic card by overclocking or know how to tone down the game graphics settings.  So, getting an optimal game graphics settings for each game can sometimes be troublesome and time consuming.  This is why I like GeForce Experience.  You might like it too if you have a NVIDIA graphic card.

What GeForce Experience does is to automatically optimize game graphics settings for many games that you have installed on your PC.  It’s a beta version at we speak, but it’s working out rather well for my PC and PC gaming experience.  Check out the video right after the break to have a quick look at the GeForce Experience.

First Time Playing Counter Strike Global Offensive

I don’t usually like first person shooter games, because the stories that glorify these games are usually just bad.  Nonetheless, I do make an exception in liking any first person shooter game if the game mechanics are excellent.  Basically, I think what makes a great person shooter game is how fun it’s to shoot ’em up in a gameplay, and so good mechanics are definitely the things that attract gamers to play more.  Anyhow, I think Counter Strike Global Offensive, latest version of Counter Strike, is one of those great first person shooter games which falls into the great mechanics camp.  It’s the stuff of addiction, and it won’t let you stop playing it.  Try it out and you know what I mean.

The video right after the break shows me play Counter Strike Global Offensive for the first time ever.  The video also shows that I got killed quite frequently in the gameplay…  showing that I’m not exactly a great gamer when it comes to playing first person shooter game.  Nonetheless, I was surprised to see that even though I got killed very often in a Counter Strike Global Offensive gameplay, somehow I still wanted to play more or to be killed more.  This is why I think Counter Strike Global Offensive is one of those awesome first person shooter games which now I’m a real fan of.  Enjoy the video right after the break!!!