Unity Adam Demonstration Short Film Shows Amazing Real Time Graphics Rendering By Unity Game Engine

Unity, the latest Unity’s game engine iteration perhaps or I could be wrong, shows how powerful it is to be able to render super high quality graphics in real time, and the result can be seen in the a short film right after the break.  Unity is a game engine, and the personal edition is freely available for downloading.  You have to pay if you want the professional edition.

Amazing Next Generation Snowdrop Game Engine Demonstrates Tom Clancy’s The Division

Video gaming is getting more exciting as time progresses.  Not only because of how game developers are trying to outdo one another for all the reasons there are about making games, as if I know what I’m talking about.  You know, assuming that is that, but anyhow… I’ve digressed.  What’s important is that how game engine has been progressing since the first game was made… as if I know what I’m talking about again.  Nonetheless, you just have to have your jaw drops for Snowdrop Engine which demonstrates Tom Clancy’s The Division (I guess it will be his next video game — RIP Tom Clancy as I’m your fan for titles such as Splinter Cell Blacklist).  It’s mind blowing how games have gotten so much clarity and realism, and that’s really help in making gamers like me who want to really be immersive in a gameplay.  Enough from reading my garbage, just watch the darn video right after the break and you will love it — if you’re a gamer that is!