Can Microsoft Studios’ Project Spark Spark A Game Designer In You?

Microsoft has revealed something which I think it’s one step closer to my dream.  I love to be able to program easily, create stuffs out of thin air in term of being creative with digital, and so on.  Nonetheless, saying is easy, but doing these things are like enduring multiple torturous headaches or yawning marathons.  Sometimes, programming or making digital things creatively can be very hypnotic and exciting, but only sometimes.  Most of the times, it’s worse than counting sheep unless you’re the type of person who could endure such sheep counting of course (and won’t go to sleep).  My dream is that I could use hologram to control, program, and create digital stuffs.  Of course, using hologram to program is still pretty much science fiction at the moment, right?  Well, Microsoft has revealed Microsoft Studios’ Project Spark which allows just about anyone who has creative idea to be able to create a video game easily.  How easy is it?  Well, from what I see it’s pretty much like what you see is what you get sort of things.  Instead of painting a video game in 2D like how you would use a paint app, you would paint a game in 3D.  Nonetheless, from what I see so far in couple demo videos on YouTube and elsewhere about Project Spark, it seems that Microsoft Studios’ Project Spark makes this process super easy and effortless.  Imagine, you can just conjure up a digital world for a game within seconds, all customizable with personal touch of your own imagination, isn’t it so awesome?  I think it is!  So, it might be one step closer to my dream, really!  Anyhow, check out Microsoft Studios’ Project Spark videos right after the break and you will know more about this awesome game creation software/app.

Afterthought:  Obviously, you might not be able to create a game with Project Spark on the level which is on par with video games that get release by major game studios such as Irrational Games (Bioshock Infinite is one of their awesome games), because major game studios are expertly concentrating their time and resources into making games for living.  Nonetheless, Project Spark is the right idea in how to allow people to enter the game design arena.  Also, Project Spark is the right idea for making the game creation process easier.  Now, if you have more time and resources and a team of artists, I think you might be able to rely on Project Spark or another app that is as capable as Project Spark to come up with games that might be as awesome as major game studios’ games.  I think Project Spark is great and has great potential, but it’s not a magical solution to all great video games.  In the end, I think it’s all about how you create the story, characters, material designs, and a host of other things in order for a video game to be great.