Will We Survive Post-Humanity?

Will humanity last?  What will happen after humanity?  When humanity is gone, will the world contain only primitive animals and plants only?  Or perhaps, post-humanity will have only robots?  We humans are worrying that Darwinism will eventually wipe out humanity, because smarter robots or whatever would rule the world instead of us.  We fear that when we are no longer at the top of the food chain, we are going to be beaten and eaten by whatever just like how we have done to the animals.  For an example, when the robots got so smart that they would eventually squash the humans like how the humans have been squashing the cockroaches.  Like a bug!

I think the fears that we have had about post-humanity scenarios are the good things, because these fears make us think about things that we would never have thought of before, if ever.  Furthermore, I think if something that is way smarter than us, the whatever should understand the compassion part.  After all, we humans do understand what is compassion, and so we strive out to preserve species, refusing to let them go extinct.  If humans can understand compassion, I sure hope the next species or whatever that would be smarter than us can also understand the importance of having compassion.

I think, nobody knows the future or if there even is a good scenario for a post-humanity, but one truth to be told and we should know too is that nothing lasts forever.  The next top dog species that will come after post-humanity probably will also understand of the truth that is nothing last forever.  Nonetheless, even though we know this, we should not just discard humanity altogether, because humanity is us.  We should strive to improve ourselves till post-humanity.

By now you probably are wondering why I keep on mentioning post-humanity even though there maybe a futuristic scenario in which the robots would rule the world but the humans are going to exist anyway, because the robots are so smart that they would understand what is compassion.  Even if this scenario will exist in the future, I must have to admit that it’s post-humanity scenario, because this very scenario would hold a truth in which humanity is no longer at the very top of the food chain.  Robot compassion post-humanity scenario would be good regardless, because we will continue to carry on the existence of humanity.  Nonetheless, we can never know what will happen after post-humanity, because we cannot see the future.  We can only hope that we will be able to exist long after post-humanity.  After all, we should strive to preserve our species at all costs.

Should A Brain Be Super-Charge?

The brain, sometimes it’s up all night, and sometimes it’s snoring away.  Sometimes, it needs coffee to get that extra boost of wakefulness, but too much coffee it goes jittery.  When it’s malfunction, it either gets duller or just pure dangerous.  It makes that thing a you, and so greed, ambition, and needs would just creep into self.  Nobody would understand why the brain is so useful and yet so mysterious.  Sure, scientists have had taken a close look at the brain, but to fully understand it would not be possible as we speak.  Nonetheless, this has yet to discourage the science community to explore how to fully map and understand every details of a brain.  They, the brainiacs, want to be able to enhance the brain for coloring a humanity future.  Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which side you’re with, there are people who oppose the idea of marrying technology with brain, because they think the brain itself should be pure as how it has been through eons for humanity sake.  A jolt of electricity to make the brain smarter would be a no no to these folks.  Matrix’s brain-hack style would definitely be heretical.  The brainiacs though, would want to use technology to enhance, modify, and tinker with the brain so it would go super smart and super useful.  Will the brain make a self less of a self if it’s going super-charge?  Check out the discussion of super-charging a brain in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Are We Living In A Warring States Period?

As the world becomes evermore connected, it begins to look like the historic dramas.  One of those historic dramas came easily to me was the Warring States period in ancient China.  Chaos was broken out for as long as two hundred and fifty something years, and many ancient folks were slain by the God of war (i.e., meaning deaths in wartime).  Nations in ancient China’s Warring States period were keened to spy and create wedges between each other for their nations were so connected through trades and wars.  Instead of finding peace for two hundred and fifty something years, through intimate connectivity they fought to the deaths for that long.  In the end, the ruler of Quin, who became the first emperor of unified ancient China, was able to provide peace for most parts throughout the Warring States as these states became a unified ancient China.  Nonetheless, China first emperor Shihuang-di ruled ancient unified China with absolute terror through his dictatorship style, and so right after his death his successors failed to retain a unified China, leading to the breakup of his dynasty and allowing the rise of Han dynasty.

The intricacies of the ancient connected Warring States in ancient China is somewhat reminding us how the world can be so connected today and yet peace is nowhere in sight, whatsoever.  In Ukraine, we have rebels versus the new government, dividing Ukraine up.  In the Middle East, ISIS is rising but their advance is temporary being stopped by U.S.A.’s bombings and whatnot.  Syria is still struggling with its rebels of many factions.  Protests have broken out throughout the world, one in Hong Kong, another in Ferguson, MO, and so forth.  Afghanistan and Egypt are not doing too well, and Afghanistan is like a fail state.  Ebola is spreading in Africa and slowly making its way toward the West.  Russia and United States are planning to be in each other’s way as much as possible, and each country is throwing out sanctions at the other country without much care for the consequences that will play out in the near future.

For an example, Russia is ordering France’s warships, but United States is against this and so France is capitulating between delivering and not delivering to Russia the ordered warships.  Russia is knowing quite well that it can build the warships if it wants to, but to drive the wedge between United States and France Russia decides to go ahead and pushing France to deliver the warships.  Meanwhile, Russia is carrying out an engagement with China so the wedding between the two countries may have a brighter future, thus Russia is signing all sorts of contracts with China, to the benefits of whom we may never know.  As Russia and China become ever closer, United States will have to face the possibility of losing even more influences throughout the world’s International Order.  Why?  China is the largest trading country in the world, surpassing the United States already; China demands whoever wants to do trade with China needs to swap Yuan and not of Dollar.  This could mean the Dollar’s world influence begins to wane slowly.  Meanwhile, Russia is also one of the largest energy trading countries which demands others to trade not in Dollar whenever it’s possible, and this further the waning of the Dollar’s world influence.

Russia is dangerous to the United States as this country can persuade other energy trading countries to begin to move away from using Dollar for trade and reserve accounts.  The eroding of the Dollar’s world influence will be hard on the United States in a big way.  The United States needs to print money to help the economy from sliding back into the atmosphere of 2009 (i.e., financial crisis of 2009), but if the Dollar is no longer valuable throughout the world the United States may have to pay a hefty premium on the interests that derive from the foreign borrowings.  Why?  Countries around the world may fear the inflation train in the United States cannot be stopped and the hyperinflation would kick in, thus devaluing the Dollar to the point of worthlessness.  If this situation to occur in a time that China and Russia are encouraging the world to use other currencies and not of Dollar, the United States may not be able to use the Dollar as a currency to barter and trade for whatever with the rest of the world.  Thus, printing more Dollar can only become pointless.  If the United States finds itself in such a situation, borrowing foreign countries’ money to help rebuild the economy within might not be wise as the interest rates would go through the roof.

Of course, if the United States has a vibrant economy with strong industrial base sectors such as manufacturing to back the economy up when hard time hits folks in the gut, then the United States can fair whatever weather quite well, regardless of how China and Russia want to move away from the Dollar.  Nonetheless, the United States doesn’t have much in term of manufacturing since manufacturing jobs and productions have been moving to other countries for awhile already.  Whether manufacturing jobs are moving to India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and whatnot, I doubt that the United States can stop the trend of seeing manufacturing jobs from leaving the United States.  After all, the world is evermore connected, thus capitalism is fully functioning and working hard as always, providing greener pastures for cows to graze such as cheaper labor market, higher profit environment, less taxing environment and so on…

Since United States is not a weak country for the last 100 years or so if I’m not really wrong on the historic time quantity there, thus the United States still has options to turn the tide of favors back home.  Nonetheless, as the United States tries hard to win back the tide of favors, other countries are too hard at work to make sure things are going their ways.  With rising China, angrier Russia, and a worried United States, the world will see a much more chaotic future as these three powerful forces can demand the rest to capitulate in making decisions for a future as a whole.  A future according to whom we may ask though.  As a more connected world, we think we may see a more harmonious future, but instead we may see a more chaotic future, somewhat similarly scripting to one of those historic dramas.


Just Another Video On China’s Straddling Bus Concept

Just found another video on China’s future straddling bus.  I’m really interested in this idea since it does seem like a good way to move people around the city in public transportation vehicles without the need to be stuck in the regular traffic jams.  It is another option for people who prefer to save gas, cut down pollution, go green, and use public transportation.  Through this sort of transportation the people don’t even have to worry about the traffic jams.  Does this mean people can save time too by boarding a straddling bus?  I’m living in the United States of America, and I really want to see something like this over here too.  I’m crossing my fingers and we’ll see, eh?

Thought Of The Day (06 – 24 – 2014): Movies Of The Future

Should the movies of the future be like video games?  Imagine, a movie can have hundreds of endings, and each ending depends on the moviegoer’s choices.  Of course, if it’s a theater kind of thing, then this might require a moviegoer to wear a virtual reality glasses or something so each moviegoer has his or her own unique movie experience.  Just imagine the possibilities, because a movie like this will completely change how a moviegoer experiences the movie.  Of course, a movie like this can include all sorts of CGI and user interactions at appropriate time so to not prevent an immersive and smooth movie experience.  Nonetheless, a movie like this must allow a moviegoer to be able to execute choices at appropriate and designated time so the actors (real human actors) within the screen can then response with the right actions.  Perhaps, a movie like this can be watched over multiple times, and each time exults a different movie experience.  As if a person has an amnesia, and each time he or she watches this kind of movies, he or she experiences as if he or she watches a brand new movie.

Through Machines Men Play God

Let’s take a walk into my fantasy world where the future will hold all sorts of possibilities.  Anything is possible for the future, because the future isn’t yet realized.  Imagine a future where people will not have to die even though death will come and take them away.  Well, at least death will come and take nearly everything of theirs away, except their brains.  Well, at least their brains will be well taken care of!  Perhaps, their brains will be hooked to machines that through imagination and virtuality their brains will go on living.  Even more fantastic, their brains will experience things that they could never have had ever experienced while residing in their former physics.

Programmers of the future will be able to constantly create, recreate, destroy, and update the fantasy worlds for the brains.  The brains will go on living and experiencing all sorts of fantasies.  Nonetheless, the virtuality for these fantasies will be so realistic that the brains will not be able to discern what is fake and what is real.  As long the programmers (brain caretakers) intend to follow the brain’s last wish to the letter (i.e., before it was removed from the physical body), the brain should be able to perpetuate an existence in a fantasy.  Nonetheless, since a virtuality does need a reality to exist, thus through virtual fantasies, the brains and machines will be able to perpetuate in the real world.

Assuming in the future, these sorts of technology will be realized, the complications for being human will rise billion folds.  Can I use the word trillion?  What about into the infinity?  Yes, the future is an endless virtual reality, because it’s not yet happening.  Anyhow, the complexity and human innovation of these sorts of futuristic tech might push people into hooking themselves up to machines even when they’re alive.  What if such people have money beyond the graves, thus they have money for programmers (brain caretakers) to watch over their physical bodies with muscle stimulation technologies (i.e., to keep human bodies from having muscle deteriorating) so they could basically hook themselves up to virtual machines for years, 24/7 ongoing basis.

Let’s assume the technology is here, and so the options are available.  The question is, will people want to escape a reality so they can be super fantastic in a world that uniquely designs for them?  What if the technology allows different brains to interact with each other in a super realistic virtual world, can we accept this reality?  After all, MMORPG (i.e., massive multiplayer online role playing game) does require a human element, and in this sort of realism the virtuality of a fantasy is definitely turning a realism up a notch.  Nonetheless, if the brains or even the living beings are perfectly healthy in a reality state, I think we can definitely see that a reality is what it is but with men play God.  Just like two edges sword, knife, or however you want to put it this way, assuming these sorts of technology are real, these sorts of technology can be put to do good or evil.  Like playing God with a functioning, healthy brain.  By connection, it makes this ordeal like playing God in general, because you are creating, living, and experiencing a world of your own or share a reality with others.

Fantasy has ended!  Game over!  Now go and create a new character!  Be a new you!