Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay Episode 1 (4K – PC)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst just came out since midnight, and so this is the first episode of my gameplay for it.  I played a bit of this game in closed beta, but I didn’t go far so to not spoil the rest of the game on the release.  Anyhow, I’m playing this game in 4K resolution with hyper graphics settings.  I don’t know what are the differences between hyper and ultra, but this game offers hyper settings as the maximum graphic settings.  I find this game to be very smooth.  Even with everything is set to hyper graphics settings and running at 4K resolution under GTX Titan X, I see frames per second rate goes over 45 fps.  Most of the time though, with such intense graphics settings, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst hovers around 30+ frames per second.