Female News Reporter Can’t Stop Her Laughing At Goat Man Story

A female news reporter couldn’t stop laughing on her report of a man who received award for living as a goat for 3 days.  I couldn’t stop laughing too when I saw how she cracked up continuously.  Check out this funny moment in the video right after the break.

Robbers Ran From Store Clerk Who Got Bigger Sword

Two thieves walked into the store demanded money, and they used knives to rob the store.  Unfortunately for them, the store clerk got a bigger knife, and it looks like the one in Prince of Persia video game, with curve and all that.  The chase was on, and the thieves ran hard.  Check it out in the YouTube video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

“Ex-Men: Wolverine” X-Men Spoof Is Very Funny

I start to wonder I might like the spoof of X-Men better than the real thing.  Probably not, it’s my exaggeration of course.  Nonetheless, when not comparing to the real X-Men movie series, I definitely adore “Ex-Men:  Wolverine” spoof.  Watch it right after the break, because it’s really funny!