Check out how the Japanese are building the futuristic fuel cell Mirai cars!

After watching a YouTube video on how the Japanese built Toyota Mirai, fuel cell car, I must say that I’m surprised to see humans are still involving in building such a complicated beast/machine. I was thinking that nowadays, building cars should have all been done by robotics mainly, but I guess I’m dead wrong on this. Perhaps, other car companies may deploy all sorts of robots to build their cars, but it seems Toyota is still using a lot of human technicians to manually guide machines that do heavy lifting auto parts into place so the same technician or other technicians can begin to bolt these auto parts together to form a more complete car.

RC Car Runs And Charges On Water Fuel Source

Whenever I see this I go crazy!  OK, what on earth I’m dabbling about?  Crazy what?  It’s about the RC car which runs on water.  No, it’s not running over the water like a magician’s illusion, but it’s a miracle still to see RC car uses water as a fuel source.  This sort of nagging me why we can’t do the same for real cars?  Imagine how much more energy independence we can be as a society if we can use water as a fuel source!

OK, I already hear that some people might just go crazy over this idea in a very bad way.  Some people might not like this idea at all since water supposes to be a very important fuel source for humans, therefore we should not use it as a fuel source for cars.  For an example, foods should not be a source of fuel for anything but humans.

Nonetheless, I don’t suggest that water should be the only fuel source for cars.  Instead, I think our cars should be adaptable in a way that our cars should be able to be powered by many fuel sources in a combination or not.  For an example, if gasoline is available, then a car should be able to move about with just gasoline fuel source, but when gasoline fuel source got low, it should also be able to switch on its battery fuel source or water fuel source or whatever fuel source (or switching on all fuel source — not hybrid but it’s like many-many-brid).

Anyhow, I think if we’re too depending on a single fuel source for our whatever needs, we will be in trouble since all fuel sources do have their limitations.  Even the sun would die when its fuel sources run out!  Check out the video which shows an RC car that can be charged and ran on water fuel source right after the break.  By the way, this RC car could also be controlled by a smartphone app.

A Sharp Dream Of Real-life Holodeck

It's Like You're There!

It’s Like You’re There! (Photo credit: nickstone333)

They said dream big and big dream will come true.  Hmm… sometimes it would become true, but most often it would not.  Nonetheless, we had dreamed big and we landed on the moon.  We had dreamed big and we had amazing technology such as fuel cell.  Scientists at Sharp are dreaming big and they want to develop 3D technology that will render 3D images that look exactly like real life images.  As now, this possibility is still in the realm of science fiction, but I guess when there are big dreams, some big dreams do come true!!!  Check out the video right after the break on Sharp’s real-life holodeck big dream.

Afterthought:  If this technology will become real one day, I think human actors and actresses will become less relevant.  After all, they can just create digital actors and actresses that look just like the real ones and without the expenses and headaches that might come with real actors and actresses.  Nonetheless, I don’t think any actor or actress should lose sleep over this kind of technology just yet since they said it will be decades more before something like this might be achievable.  Plus, big dreams have had often disappointed big dreamers.  Everything is up in the air really.  Besides making movies, I think real-life holodeck will have a lot potential for wide variety of applications.  One example would be awesome real-life 3D telecommunication.