Trade War Between the United States and China – Fewer Pigs Will Be Killed?

On and off, I’d been a vegetarian for couple times in the last ten years.  Nonetheless, I’m not considering myself a vegetarian at all.  After all, I’m eating meat just like everyone else when I’m not on a vegetarian diet.  For your information, a vegetarian diet does allow the eating of eggs.  So, a vegetarian diet is definitely less strict than a vegan diet.  Anyhow, when we’re eating meat, we don’t usually know how hard it would take for the meat to be prepared before it could be packaged up so it could be sold in store and landed on our plate.

As China and the United States are preparing for a trade war, pork and various meats could be more expensive and scarce for a short period of time.  I think the supply and the demand factor will come into play eventually — thus once scarce and expensive stuff would become cheap and plentiful.  As trade war threats between the United States and China are heating up, I suddenly feel more aware of pork and pig as the topic of pig farmers get hurt by a trade war with China becomes more prominent on TV and headlines.

From being more aware of pork and pig, I ventured onto YouTube and found couple interesting videos on how pigs are being slaughtered for food.  As a curious human being, I want to know many things, and so I don’t feel ashamed for watching these videos.  Regardless, I do feel bad and sad to see so many pigs get slaughtered, but I do have a common sense of being a human and knowing that we humans eat meat!  Furthermore, I’m not a hypocrite and so I’m not against or being hateful at anyone for taking great effort in preparing meat (in a humane way) as food for us humans!

Warning!  Do not watch the videos below if you fear blood and hate to see animals get slaughtered!

and you can find plenty more of these videos on YouTube!


The Best Ever Food Review Show Is Pretty Good

I’m a Vietnamese American, and so it’s obvious that I love to feel the vibe of Vietnam from time to time.  The Best Ever Food Review Show on YouTube is actually doing pretty good job in giving me some of the Vietnamese vibe when the host is going around Vietnam and reviewing Vietnamese foods.  Actually, I think he says in one of his videos that he actually has lived in Vietnam for almost a year.  Anyhow, I think he is in China at the moment reviewing Chinese foods.  Whatever though, I think his show is pretty great!  I love how he is actually reviewing a lot of Vietnamese foods in Vietnam, because the Vietnamese everyday vibe is actually showing through his awesome videos.  Check out one of his videos right after the break.

How To Cook Live Lobster (Chinese Inspired Way)

Want to know how to cook a live female lobster the Chinese inspired way?  Check out the extreme graphic video on cooking a live lobster right after the break.  Enjoy!

Warning:  I’m OK with watching this video (although I did cringe at the slicing part), because I’m not a hypocrite since I’m a meat eater.  If you’re a vegan, you may not want to watch the killing of a lobster.  If you’re a meat eater, don’t be a hypocrite OK?  Vegans eat plants to kill plants.  Meat eaters eat animals to kill animals.  It’s life!  Life is short, don’t be a hypocrite!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Vietnamese Desserts And Foods

Know anything about Vietnamese foods?  Well, I eat many of them, but to my chagrin I’m no expert in Vietnamese foods.  If a Vietnamese food store fails to label their foods, I might be fooled by such arrangement.  Indeed, I know some Vietnamese food stores are doing exactly this.  Luckily, the Vietnamese food store I visited yesterday got me covered with the food labels.  Anyhow, I took some photos with iPhone 5 and retouched them with Lightroom 4, and you can check out the results right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – The Gathering 2012

In honoring the memory of my late grandfather (mother side), friends, cousins, and immediate family members gathered for the day.  In the evening, we had foods, lot of them, and beers.  It was a fun spirit for all.  I bet my late grandfather would approve of us gathering on his honor.  Much later into the night, we went out to a local coffee shop.  There, we played card, drank some coffee.  Only the people who didn’t drink were driving us there.  Anyhow, we were a lousy bunch in the local coffee shop as we let loose some more cheerful spirit.  Finally, we left the coffee shop around midnight.  I surmised that we all went home in a happier spirit.  Anyhow, you can check out our gathering 2012 adventure right after the break in the forms of original iPhone 4 and Lightroom 4 retouched photos.  Enjoy!!!

Dr. Vladimir Mironov Experiments With Producing Meats In Laboratory

There are many reasons why genetic engineering foods aren’t welcome by the people.  People fear a single corporation, without competition or even there are some, could mandate what food to be on their plates.  Imagine the day when a single corporation dictates the food prices as it sees fit.  Democracy would break down at that level!

Speaking of genetic engineering foods, a scientist named Vladimir Mironov have toiled for a decade in his small lab in Charleston of South Carolina so one day he could completely synthesize meats in laboratories.  It appears he believes creating foods in cultures is more effective, removing the parts of the equation such as feeding the livestock, and therefore he predicts producing meats in cultures/labs is more efficient.

That reminds me of the Star Trek: Enterprise!  The classic futuristic television show has a technology on the fictional spaceship where it can synthesize almost any foods.  Vladimir Mironov may not be able to produce the fictional technology in Star Trek: Enterprise, but his pursuit bears some resemblances.  If he succeeds in his research, one day we may eat foods that will not come from real animals, but rather from the laboratories’ equipments.  The question is, do we care where the foods from?

Dr. Mironov, 56 years of age, believes with more funding, his research could become true.  Obviously, his research could have extensive effects on all walks of life.  Imagine the facilities we have now to raise livestock for meats would be abandoned if this technology has made available.  Other foods related industries will be shaken to the core if these are in conflict with the invention of Dr. Mironov.  It’s rather a disruptive invention, but is there any benefit to have it?

Dr. Mironov believes meat prices can be cheaper since it’s more efficient to create meats in laboratory.  Will the cheaper prices of genetic engineering meats be convincing enough to sway people from loving organic foods?  Maybe it doesn’t matter, because people may love both?  Whatever the reasons and preferences will be, if Dr. Mironov succeeds with his research, we will see his creation sure to be disruptive in many ways.

To clarify, Dr. Mironov isn’t the only scientist with the goal of producing meats in laboratories.  Many other scientists are also doing similar researches!  When I refer to invention of Dr. Mironov, it’s to be used as a short way of referring about his project.  In the end, who succeeds first in creating anything would be the real inventor.