Japanese Man Who Set Himself On Fire To Protest Japan’s Prime Minister Abe From Weakening Antiwar Constitution

As time pushes our century forward (i.e., 21st century), we are witnessing more conflicts around the world.  In this moment in time, we have to wonder why are we moving forward and yet we are still facing serious conflicts as if we are still living in the 20th century.  Of course, the obvious answer is that we are not so progressive even though we like to think we are.  In fact, humanity’s innate nature might not allow us to advance our civilizations to the point of no conflicts and wars.  Perhaps, we might just as well give up?  That’s so easy to say, but do we want to really take on the action of giving up?  If we do, it means we are coward, because we don’t even try to fight back to see how can we progress to the point of no conflicts and wars.

As conflicts and wars either are lurking in the shadow or at the foreground, we’re seeing mindsets of people that are either don’t care (i.e., with their ears and eyes shut) or do care.  Nonetheless, many people who do care might not have the power to stand up to the conflicts and wars, because they’re just another regular Joe (i.e., average folks).  So, whenever I see a pacifist who risks one’s life to protest against a possible war or conflict, I really do admire such a person.  Within me I know I might not have such a courage — and seeing someone as average as such who got the courage to do the unthinkable to promote constructive progress for the world — I suddenly feel such a person is larger than life and no longer average and this makes me very humble.

Seeing a man whose view may not be played out at all into the future — because the future is very unpredictable — I still think he’s a hero since his view is a pacifist one.  A Japanese man who set himself on fire to protest against his country’s prime minister Shinzo Abe, because he didn’t want to see Mr. Abe to weaken Japan’s antiwar Constitution.  His view is a pacifist one, but his measure of protest was too extreme I must say.  Setting oneself on fire is like no going back, because the damage could be irreversible unless the medical technology/science nowadays can totally erase the burn marks.  He’s lucky one since he’s still alive after setting himself on fire, because I think one can be killed easily by setting oneself on fire.

Although his protest measure was too extreme, his view is deserving to be praised.  After all, Japan had gone through a very terrible past which it had done to itself.  Without elaborating on this much — because this is not a blog post on history — in World War 2 Japan sided with Germany’s Nazi and brought destructions to the known world at the time, and since Japan and Germany lost the war the world had placed extra measures to prevent Japan from having a strong military again.  This man who set himself on fire doesn’t want this status quo to change.  I surmise within his mind that a weakened antiwar Constitution for Japan just might allow Japan to once again repeat the past horrific mistakes.  His pacifist view might not be what Japan’s current society has in mind, but it’s a noble view indeed.  His courage to set himself on fire for something that might not even be happening in the future is foolish but brave!  Personally, I can’t say the man is a fool for setting himself on fire, because his pacifist view is too noble!

Check out the Japanese man who set himself on fire in the video right after the break!

Source:  http://www.nytimes.com/2014/06/30/world/asia/japanese-protester-sets-himself-on-fire-in-tokyo.html?_r=0 (link)

Pogoplug Videos Burst Into Flames, Cloud Engines Frantically Recalls Them

Apparently, Pogoplug Videos from Cloud Engines are not able to handle the strenuous features that the maker (i.e., Cloud Engines) has advertised, and so some users have experienced Pogoplug Videos bursted into flames.  Cloud Engines warns that users who have versions/models Pogo-P11 through 14 need to return the devices to get refund for their money.  Also, do not use the affected model unless the users don’t really care about burning down their houses.

I’ve a Pogoplug, but it’s not the Pogoplug Video!  I’ve one of those older model where it does not encode videos on the fly, and so it runs cool to the touch!  I’m so satisfied with my older model which I find it’s hard for me to hear the news of how Pogoplug Video can be bursted into flame.  Personally, I hope Cloud Engines corrects their mistakes and fixes the problems and compensates its users through and through, because I really think the products that Cloud Engines is making do have great potential.

On the side note, I hope Cloud Engines thinks about supporting USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt or both!  For your information, I did recommend Pogoplug on two blog posts that I’d written long ago which everyone could read it here and here.  Unfortunately, I can’t really recommend Cloud Engines’ products at the moment until the company itself fully fixes the problems and shows that it can bring out better products without jeopardizing the security of users, whether that be computer security or just plain health hazards.

Source:  http://www.engadget.com/2011/06/17/cloud-engines-recalls-potentially-flammable-pogoplug-video/