Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Episode 1 – PS4

Check out my first gameplay episode for Final Fantasy 15.  Enjoy!

Final Fantasy XV New Gameplay Trailer (2016)

One of the main reasons I bought PS4 in the first place is to anticipate of playing Final Fantasy XV (i.e., Final Fantasy 15).  Now, I also know it’s going to be released for Xbox One.  PC gamers will have to sit this one out, or you never know they might release this game for PC in far flung future.  I don’t know the exact date for when this game will be released in 2016, but if nothing has changed it should be released in 2016 nevertheless.  Check out the trailer for Final Fantasy XV right after the break.  Enjoy!

DirectX 12 Demo For Final Fantasy XV

It’s funny that DirectX 12 Demo for Final Fantasy 15 is being showcased on PC with 4 high-end graphics cards, but according to my knowledge Final Fantasy 15 will not be available for PC but for consoles only.  Obviously, the result of superb graphics for Final Fantasy 15 while running on very high-end PC won’t be showing up on any console, ever!  For the people who argue gameplay matters more than graphics, I say that the balance of everything is more important.  For an example, if extremely good gameplay is available, it can pull gamers to play a game which has a very bad graphics.  Thus, if the game isn’t balancing, an attractive extreme element must be available to entice gamers.  Nonetheless, I must say though if I have to choose between extremely pretty graphics versus extremely good gameplay, I would rather choose extremely good gameplay.  Anyhow, I sure hope that Square Enix will release Final Fantasy 15 on PC, because by then I might be able to tweak my computer specs to experience this exciting title with DirectX 12 graphics.  Check out the DirectX 12 Demo for Final Fantasy 15 in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Final Fantasy XV Trailer

Fighting with swords, beating down monsters, and using magic in an automobile age are things that cannot be any weirder than fiction, and of course this game is a work of a fiction, duh!  What am I ranting on?  Final Fantasy XV folks!  The graphics look amazing in the trailer video.  I think I’m interested!  Anyway, right after the break, you can check out the Final Fantasy XV trailer.  Enjoy!!!