Movie Review: The Beauty Inside

“The Beauty Inside,” a Korean film, is a very well done love story.  Obviously, a love story can be twisted and bent in so many ways, but this one I think is quite unique.  What I’m going to reveal next may sound like a spoiler, but the description for the film on Netflix actually says pretty much the same thing.

Basically, imagine you have to wake up each day and become a total stranger, because your body would turn into a shape of someone else.  Waking up after each sleep, you could become a child, a woman, a man, an old lady, an old man, and a foreigner.  Before you could confuse someone else, with very little effort you already have confused yourself with such a condition.  In “The Beauty Inside,” Woo-jin has to live as a stranger after each sleeping phase, and his life isn’t normal since nobody would really know who he is.  Let me slow down a bit so I won’t spoil the plot too much here, but the story would develop even more intense when Woo-jin decides to fall in love with a woman.

As I was watching “The Beauty Inside,” I kept thinking that this film is very well done.  Different male actors who had taken on the role of Woo-jin did pretty good in acting as the same Woo-jin.  I can’t imagine how weird the main actress would feel when taking on her role as the lover of Woo-jin, because she has to interact with so many different male leads.  When Woo-jin becomes a woman, the female lead has to act as if she is in love with Woo-jin still.  Even though she is an actress, but I think it would be somewhat uncomfortable for having to fall in love with so many male leads in an act.  Perhaps, I’m just thinking how she would feel as a non-actor would have felt, and she might have a blast in taking on as Woo-jin’s girlfriend role instead.

The story is well done, and I like the pace of the film.  It could be that the story is a unique love story, and so the film didn’t feel like it’s 2 hours and 7 minutes long for me.  As I was watching the film, I was thinking they should have turned this love story into a television show so there would be more episodes.  Then on another thought, the television show would be too ambitious as they have to make sure the female lead and male leads would sync in each new episode.  Anyhow, I’d enjoyed “The Beauty Inside” a lot, and I definitely recommend you to check it out on Netflix.

Netflix Isn’t Desperate, But Will It Be So?

Netflix has been scarred with mistakes lately, and mostly they had done it to themselves.  By now you probably had heard how Netflix raised prices, tried to split Netflix into two then reverted to one service again, and then decidedly kept prices high as it had intended all along.  Customers were furious, and some of them still do.  Many shareholders bailed Netflix’s stock, gave way to a stock that once was neared $300 but now it’s hovering around $117.

Has Netflix forever destroyed itself?  This question is quite important in this period of time for Netflix, because so many other players are willing to spend huge amount of money to build something that might be fit to compete against Netflix.  Just to name a few, Vdio, Amazon, Google, Dish’s Blockbuster, and Apple.

I don’t think Netflix is yet to be desperate, because it has several advantages that the competitors aren’t yet capable in matching or surpassing.  Let see, Netflix is still considering to be the best service.  It has more film titles than anyone else for instant streaming, and its CD/DVD by mail is still intact — has huge collections of films.  Although Netflix has raised prices higher, it’s considerably cheap, still.  People can instantly stream Netflix’s films on most devices and gadgets in the markets — this hasn’t been the case for the competitors.

I do think that by giving enough time, anyone can catch up to Netflix as long somebody is willing to spend enough cash to play the catch-up game and the customers are willing to switch to try out newer services so they can compare the formers versus the newcomers.  This is why I do think Netflix has to innovate more than just being the service which has acquired more film titles for instant streaming than anyone else.  Why?  Some customers might be contented with just enough film titles, because not everyone is able to sit down and watch all of them titles.  Nonetheless, good titles are very important, because only the titles people want to watch most will be able to promote the charm of the service.

How Netflix should innovate?  Netflix needs to add features and whistles and bells to its instant streaming service!  Let see, when I watch a TV show, I do not want to switch manually one episode to another, because I hate to get out of my couch or bed just to switch to the next episode of the series.  What can I say, people like me are born to be lazy, and I’m afraid there are tons of us out there!  Let see, Netflix might want to try incorporate social network features similar to Facebook and Google Plus into its own service, because it’s logical to allow users to communicate better.  Perhaps friends on Netflix might want to share favorite movies with each other and so on.  Let see, Netflix might want to bring live shows to users/customers.  Live shows have the potential to be game changer, because some people just want to be able to watch news the way they have been doing for ages on regular TVs.  There are so many things that Netflix can enhance its service, and by doing so I think Netflix can basically mute its competitors in way that it’s not even funny!  Let not forget to be simplistic and yet at the same time appearing to be capable!

In summary, Netflix isn’t that desperate yet, but it will be if it allows the competitors to catch up!  Netflix can enhance its service by tweaking its service in ways that appeal to customers more.  Netflix can dominate even more by controlling more popular film titles and TV shows.  Keeping the prices affordable, Netflix will be able to ensure its longevity.  Happy customers in the end will make things very costly for Netflix’s competitors.

It’s Not So Wise For Netflix To Raise Prices By 60 Percent In A Down Economy

In a time when economy isn’t doing so well, services such as Netflix wants to raise prices would not win customers, I think.  It’s totally understandable for any business to tweak their service prices so bigger profit can be made, but doing it subtly might be wiser than doing it so boldly.  According to Yahoo’s finance news, Netflix raises DVD and streaming plan price by 60 percent.  In a good time, I think it’s totally doable, but in a bad economic time such as our, I think it’s a very bad decision for Netflix to push service prices 60 percent higher.

Netflix isn’t a bank where people absolutely need to borrow money to survive.  When people are feeling they need to cut back on spending most, Netflix is the easiest among all addictions to abstain from.  Also, Netflix is facing tough competitions such as Amazon and Redbox and Apple and Google and others…  I think customers will not hesitate to flock to cheaper services in a heartbeat.  Anyhow, what in this blog post are my opinions, and so you should not take them as facts.  Time will tell if I’m right about how people will react to Netflix’s raising service prices up to 60 percent or not.


Instantwatcher Frees You From Hours Of Searching For The Next Instant Netflix Titles

Netflix has becoming so popular that it’s harder not to see it everywhere.  If you’re a movie lover, Netflix probably has you as their customer.  Netflix is great for its relatively dirt cheap monthly flat rate plans and yet convenient and without the late fee.  Still, there is one wrinkle that needs to be ironed out for Netflix.  One problem I have with Netflix is not knowing how to find good movies to watch, and yet I know some of those movies are probably be best on my queue list if I have a chance to know about it.  Netflix has so many instant streaming movies, but the movies that are presented on Netflix’s front page aren’t the ones I would necessarily want to watch.  Netflix’s auto suggestion feature that thinks it knows you best for it learns from the way you rate movies, but often times I find Netflix knows nothing of me as the movies it suggests were probably best fit on my boring movies list of the year.

Introducing you website where I think the collective effort of many users may help lighten up the load for you when it comes down to figure out what best to watch next or add onto your queue list.  It’s free to use the website, but it does have a premium account option which you probably never need unless you desire for sorting and filtering queued instant titles, sanitizing instant Netflix queue with saved titles, giving access to subusers where these strangers or friends won’t have full access to your Netflix account but they can add titles to your Netflix instant queue, and restricting specific contents that subusers can queue.  According to Instantwatcher, the premium features aren’t free for these are computationally expensive.

I’ve found just having a free account, I’m able to find other good movies to add onto my instant queue.  Nonetheless, I think Instantwatcher is not an ultimate solution for finding good movies on Netflix.  For an instant, Instantwatcher is not catering to Netflix users who prefer to get their movies by mail.  Sometimes, it’s still best to surf the larger portion of the web in order for you to find the next awesome movie so you could add it to your instant queue or DVD queue.  Still, you can’t deny that Instantwatcher may alleviate you from spending too much time in searching for awesome movies and have more time to watch them all.