Star Wars Failed With Established Universe While Star Trek Succeeded Expanding Into The Infinite Unknown!

Recent Star Wars releases have been considered to have flopped since these releases failed to bring in enough revenues to justify the expenses on making the films.  I’m not a Star Wars fanatic and I’m not a somebody who knows the ins and outs of a film industry, and so I’m just reinforcing the current view that recent Star Wars films are not doing too well.  Especially in China, Star Wars films failed to fill theater seats spectacularly.

Disney is probably wondering why this is happening to Star War releases and why the Chinese are not liking these releases!  Chinese film market is getting bigger each day, and Hollywood cannot really afford to ignore such a big international film market.  Latest Solo: A Star Wars Story release is considered to be the biggest flop of all Star Wars releases as this film failed in China in the most spectacular way.

The video above stated that very little amount of money Solo: A Star Wars Story brought in from China right from the getgo of the opening night.  Unfortunately, the video presenter stated the amount in Yen instead in Yuan.  Yuan or RMB is accurately a Chinese currency and Yen is a Japanese currency.  This is a big difference.  Besides this point, the video points out Star Wars isn’t doing great at all in China for unknown reasons.  After all, worse Western movies had fared better in China before!

In my opinion, I don’t think recent Star Wars releases are that bad.  I haven’t yet watched Solo: A Star Wars Story release just yet, and so I can’t speak for this one yet.  Nonetheless, the other releases are not that bad, but they aren’t that exciting either.  In my opinion, Star Wars have become too boring since the major plotlines seem to be revolved around the struggling of known factions within a Star Wars universe.  Yes, there are few factions in this universe, and so the story could be expanded somewhat.  Nonetheless, recent releases fail to connect with me in regarding what would make Star Wars great!

Unlike Star Trek with infinite opening plotlines, Star Wars’ universe is an established universe which gives not a lot of incentive in exploring the unknown, thus it’s less exciting than Star Trek’s infinite opening plotlines.  Since there is little incentive in exploring the unknown, Star Wars’ plotlines revolve around personifying the relationships of the characters within the known universe.  Too much talking with not enough exciting actions would not be good for Star Wars, but too much vice versa would not also be good for Star Wars.  Recent releases of Star Wars films seem to be lacking in lightsaber fights and too much talking.

I think the lightsaber fight scenes are what make Star Wars unique.  Instead of getting to see more lightsaber fight scenes and the force at work, I see a lot of talking.  I’m watching Star Wars not for a perfect drama act but for action and the adventures that could unfold within this universe.  Furthermore, the dark side characters in recent Star Wars releases seem to be made of wussy!  For an example, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens Kylo Ren is considered to be a failed character in my opinion.  He was supposed to be very strong with the dark force and yet he failed utterly in putting up a fight against Rey who just discovered her powerful untrained force.  It tells me that the story is too convenient as it wants to bring in a quick conclusion to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ plotline.  Shouldn’t Rey need to have struggled a little more against Kylo Ren so the evil character is definitely a challenger and not made of wussy stuff which gives Rey little incentive to train?

Failed memorable scenes and not enough memorable actions are the things, in my opinion, have failed to boost Star Wars internationally.  Especially in China, Chinese are so familiar with skill fighters in Kung Fu fantasy films, and so I don’t think a few little boring lightsaber fights would be enough to wow Chinese filmgoers.  Furthermore, boring talkative characters in Star Wars are not going to win over Chinese filmgoers too since Chinese filmgoers are not too familiar with the whole Star Wars universe in the first place.  Since Star Wars is an established universe, there is not much to elaborate on the plotlines to make the Star Wars universe bigger and more exciting.  In contrast, Star Trek’s universe could be forever expanded into the unknown!


Amazing CG Effects Make Gantz: 0 A Stunning Anime To Watch On Netflix

If you got Netflix, you definitely want to check out Gantz: 0 3D animation.  The computer graphics for this animation is the best I have seen so far for this type of entertainment.  Basically, it’s a full length movie.  The story is a bit weird, because there are monsters and people in high tech suits.  Nonetheless, the main plot is coherent enough to allow you enjoy the movie as a movie.  People who are following Japanese anime shouldn’t be surprised how the story of Gantz: 0 would unfold, because Gantz: 0 is an anime but in 3D.  This 3D anime’s CG effects are so amazing.  It’s so amazing to the point that it got me thinking if I’m playing a video game, I wish my video game got to be this realistic and amazing.  I hope the CG effects that created Gantz: 0 would eventually be adopted by the video game industry.  It would be stunning indeed.

TV Show Review: Outlander

If you’ve gotten Amazon Prime and considered to subscribe to Starz, then you should watch Outlander.  I’m in the process of canceling my Showtime add-on subscription, because I signed up with Starz add-on subscription in Amazon Prime.  It’s Outlander TV show/series which attracted me to Starz in the first place.  I’ve to say I’m not regretting this decision at all.  I think Outlander is an amazing TV show.

Personally, I’m falling in love with Caitriona Balfe’s Outlander character known as Claire Randall.  This is my first time seeing Caitriona Balfe on screen, because I don’t think I have seen her in a show before.  Basically, Caitriona Balfe brings Claire Randall alive as a World War II nurse in 1945 and as Claire Fraser in 1700s.

World War II has just ended, and Claire’s future is uncertain.  Well, she thinks with the war is behind her, things should be picking up for her and Frank Randall (her husband).  During the war, Frank and Claire got separated so often that they rarely had time to nurture a relationship.  After all, a nurse and an officer/spy would definitely be quite intense in their respectable World War II roles, and so it’s quite reasonable for them to be separated during wartime.

Things speed up when Claire and Frank decide to have a second honeymoon in Scottish Highlands.  Claire isn’t completely falling in love with archaeology, but she has sympathy for the profession since she has had an archaeologist as an uncle.  Frank though, is deeply in love with the history of his own genealogy, and so a second honeymoon in Scottish Highlands is a well planned honeymoon.  So they thought!

After the trip to Craigh na Dun (similar to Stonehenge site), Claire decides to go back to Craigh na Dun on her own to take a second look on the herbs there.  After all, Claire is very interested in herbs and medicines.  Unfortunately, this is one trip which turns her future, or shall we say her past upside down.  A fairytale ensues.

Outlander’s main plot exaggerates real Scottish history with fictional characters such as Jamie Fraser (and so on).  Thanks to wonderful actors such as Caitriona Balfe (as Claire Randall), Sam Heughan (as Jamie Fraser), and Tobias Menzies (as Johnathan “Black Jack” Randall and Frank Randall), Outlander pulls me into a wonderful historical/fairytale timeline of Scotland.  The show gets really intense in the second season, because Black Jack Randall’s perverse grows evermore intense.  Jamie Fraser’s heroic character takes a big turn when Black Jack Randall exercises his perverseness on Jamie.

In summary, Outlander is a very good TV show, but children should stay away from this show since nudity occurs quite frequently.  The actors in the show are great in their roles.  I think Tobias Menzies does wonder with his double role as Frank Randall and Johnathan “Black Jack” Randall.  It’s great that Caitriona Balfe pulls off as a modern woman who learns how to live among the Scottish people of two centuries earlier in Scottish Highlands.  In my opinion, Sam Heughan is so believable as a warrior of Scottish Highlands, and he brings amazing chemistry onto the screen whenever his role and Caitriona Balfe’s role collide.  With these wonderful actors and amazing storyline, I won’t be surprised if you, yourself, are going to be fully immersed in this fairytale.

Boy Meets Girl Is A Great Romantic Comedy About A Transgender Person

Just finished watching Boy Meets Girl on Netflix.  I have to say this film is very bold, because a real transgender actress is in it.  The film is different, because it’s obviously different.  It’s about a transgender person.  The transgender actress is pretty good in it.  Michelle Hendley is a first time actress and a real transgender, and she is keeping it real in the film.  Michelle Hendley is able to convey the authentic transgender feeling across the screen to a straight person like me, and I think that is really good.  Of course, I don’t really know anything about an authentic transgender lifestyle would be.  I think I have a little bit of an idea how transgender person would go through life by watching this film.  Of course, I could be completely clueless still.

At first, I thought Michelle Hendley is a non-transgender female who took up the transgender role in the film.  After I went online and searched for more information on the actress, then I realized she is a real transgender.  Anyhow, Boy Meets Girl is a bold romantic comedy, and I think it’s great!  I don’t think this film is for everyone, because not everyone is open mind enough to sit through a film that is about transgender human being.  I think transgender people are still being considered as something taboo by many people.  Nonetheless, transgender people are human being in my opinion, and so we should not judge the book by its cover.  It’s cliche to say something like this, but life is abundantly cliche!

I’ve found a really good YouTube video which has an interview of Michelle Hendley on Boy Meets Girl.  If you’re interested, you can watch it right after the break.  Enjoy!!!


Hitman: Agent 47 Trailer

I’m a fan of Hitman video game series, and so I’m looking forward to see the new Hitman: Agent 47 movie as it’s coming out this year.  According to Wikipedia, Hitman: Agent 47 will get release in August 28th of 2015.  Before the movie comes out and I get to watch it, I can’t really judge how good a movie will be by just watching the trailer, but it’s funny how the trailer shows the authorities have a fully loaded sniper weapon sits right in front of the Hitman just so he can use it to break out.  Anyway, check out the trailer right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Take That Road

Just finishing watching “The Road (2009)” film on Netflix, and I had this urge in writing a poetry for it.  Enjoy the result right after the break!

  • Glamorous,
  • glamor not,
  • what will the future hold,
  • we may know not,
  • there is that road,
  • take it,
  • to wherever may be.
  • The campfire glows,
  • sizzling embers,
  • beautiful good evening sky,
  • lukewarm waves attack the shore,
  • sticky sands,
  • lovely bare feet,
  • yonder over the many waves.
  • Here we be,
  • whoever we want to be,
  • god or his nemesis,
  • angel or demon,
  • human with love,
  • human without love,
  • we’re bold.
  • Still we know not,
  • what will the future hold,
  • glamorous,
  • glamor not,
  • there is that road,
  • take it,
  • don’t look back.
  • Today we smile,
  • we may cry tomorrow,
  • today we hold dearer,
  • as the campfire goes,
  • sizzling embers,
  • beautiful good evening sky,
  • we know it’s a beautiful today.
  • Still we know not,
  • what will the future hold,
  • glamorous,
  • glamor not,
  • there is that road,
  • take it,
  • one beautiful day at a time.