Fallout 4 Gameplay Episode 19 – Mass Fusion (PC – 4K)

In this episode, I go Star Wars with a light saber.  Enjoy the episode!

Fallout 4 Gameplay Episode 18 – The Battle of Bunker Hill (PC – 4K)

In this episode, I begin to use the Fallout 4 Seasons mod.  I’m using the Summer season, because this mod has yet worked in a way in which seasons can be automatically changed.  If I want to use another season of this mod, I have to manually uninstall the current summer season.  This is a hassle, and so I decide to stick with summer season for now as my gameplay for Fallout 4 is pushing the storyline forward.  In the next episode, you will see me wield a light saber.  Please, enjoy this episode in 4K resolution.

Fallout 4 Gameplay Episode 16 – Freedom Trail (PC – 4K)

Just another episode of my gameplay for Fallout 4 in 4K resolution.  In this episode, I follow The Freedom Trail to meet up with Railroad so I could ask for their help in deciphering a courser chip.  Enjoy!