Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – My Sister Posing For Some Facebook Profile Photos

My Sister Posing For Some Facebook Profile Photos

My Sister Posing For Some Facebook Profile Photos

My sister wanted some new photos for her Facebook profile.  We tried to use her point and shoot camera, but them photos turned out to be rather bad and dark.  Luckily I got my Nikon D3200 DSLR, and so her photos turned out to be stellar.  Unfortunately, I don’t own a flash yet, therefore I could only rely on the ambient light when taking her pictures.  Luckily I got Lightroom 4, and so I was able to manipulate the light within Lightroom 4 to my desire.  Anyhow, check her photos out if you want.  Enjoy!!!  You can also visit to enjoy all the photos that I took in the past!

Waze Is Going To Be Absorbed By Facebook?


facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

If you have an iPhone and I say Waze, you probably know which app that I speak of.  I’ve been using Waze for some time already, and it is probably the only free navigation app that I prefer most on iPhone.  Waze has many great navigation features and one of them is very controversial.  It would be Waze allows users to notify each other of police presence in specific areas.  So, Waze is a really great free navigation app for iPhone, and the rumor has that it will be bought out by Facebook.  I don’t usually like to write an article based on a rumor, but I have to go on ahead and write about this since Facebook is involved, rumor or not.

We know Facebook has already had a ton of information on its users.  Only cave dwellers won’t know Facebook and Facebook won’t know cave dwellers.  No offense, but it’s just a figure of speech to magnify Facebook presence on the Internet social scene.  Sure, Facebook’s stock does poorly in the market and probably will continue to do so for some time to come unless Facebook can figure out how to build a business model that actually does speak some confidence into investors.  As now Facebook stock is at $19.31, way below its IPO price of near $40.  In reality, Facebook stock and Facebook are two different concerns altogether.  Facebook itself, not the stock, is a giant machine that hold lot and lot of personal data.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obviously, just like any other web services, Facebook might have lot of fake accounts and spam data to be dealt with.  Nonetheless, we cannot disregard the position that Facebook is in.  Unlike Google and somewhat similar to Google, Facebook has a way of knowing people’s secrets.  The truth is just like how people ask the search engine secrets that even their closest friends and family members won’t necessary know about, some people out of so many people on Facebook do save secrets that would boggle your mind.  When I speak of some people on Facebook, some are real people, and some are just machines that pretend to be real people known as bots.  Nonetheless, Facebook is a giant machine that harbors around 900 million active accounts.  Some of 900 million active accounts do speak tremendous volume.  To put it plainly, Facebook is an elephant that carries tons of ants on its body.  OK, I lie, this isn’t plain at all.

Since Facebook is like a databank machine, with smart algorithms, that holds valuable, personal data of so many active Internet users, the rumor of Waze acquisition by Facebook might be rather unsettling for some people.  Perhaps, some people might just have enough of Facebook being so pervasive in their personal lives, because Facebook will not only know about their secrets but will also know about their bad sense of direction.  Hint, Waze is a navigation app after all.  And this paragraph is meant to be sarcastic.  Anyhow, it’s just so interesting to me to hear a rumor that Facebook wants to acquire Waze.  I think Waze has a lot potential as a navigation app, but I fear Waze won’t be Waze if Facebook acquires it.  Then again, perhaps my fear is just all smoke and mirror, because Facebook might just add a lot of social features to Waze and leave Waze to be Waze.

In conclusion, the moral of story is there isn’t one.  What on earth I’m writing about…  Anyhow, I think Waze is awesome and Facebook too.  Nonetheless, if you use Waze the wrong way while driving, you will get no where that you need to be.  If you use Facebook the wrong way, your secrets will be unveiled to the world.  The combination of the two is making my head hurt.  Anyway, so far this is only a rumor, and we might know more in the days ahead.


Bobsled Can Save You Minutes On Mobile Phone

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling (Photo credit: Siliconbug)

Have a limited voice plan on your iPhone?  No worry, after downloading T-Mobile Bobsled iPhone app (also available for Android) from Apple App Store and allowing it to be installed onto iPhone, you can use it to call anyone within the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico for FREE.  Do you have to be a T-Mobile mobile subscriber in order for you to use Bobsled?  Once again, don’t worry, the only requirement is that you have to have a smart phone that can make use of Bobsled.  There is one catch though!  You have to use Bobsled over a Wi-Fi connection or else your data plan from your own mobile service provider will be incurred as usual (i.e., how you would regularly spend your data plan and being charged for it).  Remember, Wi-Fi connection is something similar to either a free public Internet connection (e.g., Hotspot connection from Starbucks) or a paid home Internet connection which allows wireless bandwidth (e.g., wireless router which connects to an ISP broadband modem).

Before you can use Bobsled, you either authorize Bobsled with Facebook so you can connect to Bobsled using Facebook account or just create a brand new Bobsled account.  Creating a brand new Bobsled account requires you to provide your email address; in the same process you need to create a brand new password for a brand new Bobsled account.  Besides calling any land line or mobile phone number, Bobsled boasts that you can also call friends on Facebook.  I’m not sure how Bobsled would connect your phone call to someone on Facebook, because I have not yet dared to allow Bobsled to connect to my very own Facebook account.  I’m sort of very protective of my Facebook account.  Why don’t you try it out if you intend to use Bobsled and let me know how it goes, OK?

For your information, I had read Bobsled Facebook Calling Services Term of Service, and it stated that Bobsled makes use of unmodified open source software code.  This means you can request open source code of the components within Bobsled that rely on open source software code.  You can request open source software code of Bobsled at the address right after the break,

Vivox, Inc.

Attn:  Customer Support

2-4 Mercer Road,

Natick, MA 01760

Also, I’m not sure but I think Bobsled is still self-described as a beta software, therefore you might experience glitches when using Bobsled from time to time.  Nonetheless, it seems I haven’t yet seen a glitch myself while using Bobsled.  Furthermore, beta software is often requiring its user to update the software, and so you can expect Bobsled to be updated quite regularly.

I think Bobsled is great for iPhone and Android users who do not want to waste minutes when calling someone who is not using the same mobile service provider.  Nonetheless, I have heard how Verizon (i.e., recently) and few other mobile service providers do provide unlimited voice, and so Bobsled might become a redundant app if you are having unlimited voice mobile phone plan.  I haven’t yet made extensive and numerous phone calls using Bobsled, but I had tried it and the phone call was clear.  All in all, Bobsled might be a very good alternative way of saving some minutes and money while using a mobile phone.


Smart Whatever Of The Day — You Can Be Honest On A Blog!

You can be a smart-whatever on Twitter, a faceless friend who makes many people feel awesome on Facebook, and an honest person on one’s own blog.  Of course, this is my biased, opinionated opinion on all current social trends, and so you should keep yours.  Furthermore, don’t forget to look beyond these words as there is a flip side to everything.

Ways To Stay Safe When Connecting To The Internet!!!

A University of Salford exhibition at the Manc...

A University of Salford exhibition at the Manchester Science Festival will follow in the footsteps of Monty Python by asking: “What has the Internet has ever done for us?” The Family Telecommunications Exhibition is showing this weekend and features a collection of artefacts and demonstrations including the Morse telegraph, telephones, mobile phones, home computers, the Internet and much more. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Throughout the years, I have came to be very paranoid about how should I protect myself from the bad things that harbor along with the good things on the Internet.  It is never easy to weed out the bad things from the good things, therefore I always on the lookout for newer and better technology to protect myself from all Internet bad things.  To tell the truth, I don’t have anything to protect other than my online financial activities just like everybody does nowadays…  Banking nowadays can be done easily online, but sometimes the insecurity of doing it online can be even more stressful than doing it the traditional way — but nobody is sure that traditional way is anyway safer than banking online… get it?  Anyhow, since I’m so paranoid about online security over the years, to a great discomfort of mine, I think I have knew several ways to stay safe from strangers’ prying eyes when connecting to the Internet.  Of course, there are countless ways to skin this cat, and it’s an ongoing thing, but I have simply pooled the easiest and the most necessary ways that one can stay safe when connecting to the Internet into a video.  I hope this will help anybody who needs some guidance on how to stay safe when connecting to the Internet.  Also, this video will be something that I will gladly tell the people I know in real life who are very much ignorant about their online safety.  The video will prevent me from giving a long boring lecture, because it will be the boring lecture instead of me — avoid the wrath of the people who if ever need my help on online security.  So, if you need any guidance on staying secure when connecting to the Internet, why not check out my video right after the break.  Enjoy!

Facebook Haters And Lovers Came Out In Droves On Facebook IPO Day


facebook (Photo credit: sitmonkeysupreme)

It’s easy to envy others who are wealthier than us, but when it comes down to the truth we too want to be just as wealthy or wealthier.  CNN has a piece, Surprise: The Internet hates rich people, which suggested that people were not happy about how their profiles and social interactions had become monetized and made many Facebook staffs and investors super wealthy.  I think the people who envied about the newfound fortune of Facebook staffs and investors were probably angry that they didn’t get a piece of the action — they are the contents and yet have got nothing from Facebook IPO (Initial Public Offering).  Obviously, it’s within our human nature to feel like that!  Obviously, Facebook has done nothing wrong to deserve such a scorn and envy, because it’s a company with a sole purpose of making the people who run and invest in the company wealthier.

Facebook IPO was happened during the trading time today, but after the market has closed the share price for Facebook stock is just 23 cents higher than its IPO share price which was at $38.  At $38.23 a share now, some people on CNBC news had reported that there were people who felt disappointed that Facebook stock wasn’t doubled on IPO debut.  Obviously, it might be that people were not so sure that Facebook could sustain the hype, and they might feel that Facebook stock was too overvalued.  In any case, the emotion was running high all day as people were either hate or love Facebook for its IPO debut.

I do think I might have an idea for the people who envy of the newfound fortune of Facebook staffs and investors, they can simply band together and create a competitive social platform (i.e., similar or better than Facebook) which will share whatever fortune derives from running such a social platform to all social members.  It’s just that they do have to convince businesses around the world to advertise with this particular social platform, and if the business takes off the social members within this particular social platform will reap the shared profits.  Perhaps, they can too have an IPO and all social members will share the profits from having a successful IPO (if the IPO is successful though).  Nonetheless, they have to address how much profits to be shared with new members and veteran members.  They might have to come up with a very complicate mathematical formula to distribute whatever profit there is to all of their social members, or else some people will definitely complain that they have not received the fair portion of the profit.

I don’t think we should hate Facebook staffs and investors for their newfound wealth that derived from Facebook IPO debut, because Facebook IPO debut followed a well accepted corporate structure in regarding to how a private company allowed itself to become a publicly trade company.  The people who hate to see Facebook becomes successful can always cancel their Facebook accounts.  Also, they can band together to create a social platform that allows sharing profit as to how I had described in a previous paragraph.

In regarding to the future of Facebook stock, I don’t think anyone will definitely know.  Facebook is a company that has a lot social members (as in 900 million users or more) and yet it cannot generate the level of revenues that people are expecting it would.  Furthermore, Facebook type of business is all about being excellent in retaining happy members, because unhappy members can always just leave Facebook for a competitor in matter of a second.  People can always leave Facebook for something better or newer or fresher.  In upcoming days, Facebook has to come out with services that are stickier than just allowing people to be connected and stay happy, because happiness can be very moody sometimes — as in I’m happy now, but how about a few minutes later?  Sure, people love to connect, and Facebook is good at this, but there will always be plenty of alternative social platforms and web services that are also excel at allowing people to feel socially.  Facebook future will have to rely on convincing its members that not only they have to be connected and stay happy within Facebook, but they also have to click onto Facebook ads and do whatever else that can generate the kind of revenue that Facebook shareholders have hoped for.