New Structure of EssayBoard’s YouTube Channel Membership

From now on, all technology related videos and educational videos that I’d made and will make for my YouTube channel will still be free to watch, but most gameplay videos will only be made for pay membership subscribers.  The subscription rate is $6.99 per year.  Once you join and become a member of EssayBoard’s YouTube channel, you will be able to unlock all gameplay videos and future gameplay videos that I’d made and will make.  By going this route, I can continue to support my habit of making more gameplay videos, but at the same time I will also be able to provide free useful videos (such as educational videos on Linux and whatever) to the mass.  Thank you for your understanding.  Got some time to waste?  Check out EssayBoard’s YouTube channel!

Progress On EssayBoard’s Moving Host

It’s a little hectic at!  We moved to a different host, and this time our host isn’t a stranger to many of you which is  Why have we done such a thing to  It’s because relieves us from having to worry about the hard works such as tweaking servers.  Also, probably be a lot more reliable than our original servers, because is huge!

We still update slowly.  Since the move from our original servers to, many older posts are without tags and appropriate categories.  Therefore, the best way for any of you to search for older stories on is to use the search box.  Nonetheless, some of the newer stories are now in appropriate categories and with appropriate tags.

Expecting more tweaking will be done to to improve user experiences!  Of course, give us a few days, and before you know it, will once again be lively with more stories!  So, we like to thank all of you for being patient!

Side note:  It’s unfortunate for and and to be shutdown, because those services aren’t making any progress and lacking of interests from users like you.  Therefore, we had shut those websites down and redirected all the traffic to is our passion, and not the others!  Thank you for your understanding if you’re one of those users in the other websites!