Can Ikea’s SolarVille Project Be An Excellent Model For How A Future City Should Be Built To Provide Excess Clean Energy? Can Crypto Mining Waste Less Energy Through SolarVille Model? just reported on how Ikea is experimenting with the marriage of solar energy and blockchain technology through SolarVille project. This SolarVille project is constructed in a way in which each homeowner’s excess solar energy in the whole solar grid (each home is connected to the whole grid) can be accounted and released into the market for gains through blockchain technology. I think this is a very interesting project since it could help counter the argument that cryptocurrencies are wasting energy by having people using a lot of energy to mine the crypto coins.

If you have read my blog posts a lot, you know I’m not a big fan of Bitcoin and other crypto coins/currency since I know that the governments of the world won’t allow unsanctioned crypto coins to thrive. Furthermore, anyone could just create unsanctioned crypto coins to further dilute and confuse the whole crypto coin market. Nonetheless, I’m very interested in the blockchain technology itself.

In my opinion, even though I don’t like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for the various reasons I stated earlier and other reasons I haven’t stated in this blog post — I do think SolarVille project could shine some light on how people could create a similar project to gain excess energy from the sun so this energy could be used to mine for more cryptocurrencies. This way people cannot say that you waste energy to mine crypto currencies because the energy from the sun, theoretically, is endless. Technically though, you are still wasting energy to mine crypto coins, but at least you’re wasting energy in a very green manner.

What do I think about SolarVille project itself? I think it’s very cool! I mean if the whole city is being constructed into a solar farm grid like this, then families in this specific city will definitely spend less or actually gain monetary values through selling excess unused solar energy. This scenario could actually inject extra money into the whole economy out of nowhere and also create a new vein in the whole economy of a city.

War and Politics Are Money Making Machines

When core commodity prices such as oil are going down, logically, anything else that depends and adjusts to these commodities would become cheaper too.  Let’s say oil prices are going down big time, and so the gasoline prices should be plummeting too.  Let’s say oil prices are going down big time, foods and transportation costs should also plummet too.  With lower oil prices, companies that produce products should see cost reliefs (e.g., transportation, commodity prices, etc…).  Basically, any price of core commodities plummets should bring the prices of the related products and services down.

As we speak, world politics and agenda have pushed the prices of oil way down.  Not too long ago, I remember oil prices were near $100 price range.  Nowadays we are seeing oil prices go under $40.  I don’t think we are seeing the natural cycle of supply and demand is at work for oil here, because world politics is dictating the terms.  Sure, many countries are pumping more oil out of the oil wells even though the oil prices are being suppressed at a super low level, but these countries are doing so to manipulate the world’s oil market in an artificial supply and demand way.  Normally, the world market should be the factor that influences the supply and the demand curves.

Since oil prices are plummeting way low in unnatural manner, any small positive news could really affect the oil prices.  Oil prices are also being stressed out by the advances of green energy technologies.  As the present keeps on pushing for a greener future, oil will have to compete with various green energies for market share.  If the politics stays away and the world market gets to decide, prices for oil and other energies should balance out according to the supply and demand curves.

It’s worrisome to see that countries are not on best of terms with each other nowadays.  Middle East is still experiencing great violences.  Europe’s economic might is in further decline.  Elsewhere is not doing too good as the whole world is experiencing a recession or depression, depending on who you would raise the topic with.  Cheaper oil could also mean oil is more accessible for stockpiling.  Great oil stockpile means instigating war or prepare for one is rather convenient.

If war breaks out now, prices of most services and commodities will shoot up.  This too isn’t natural since war conditions would push the natural market forces aside.  Both politics and war would be the major factors in manipulating the market prices, and I surmise that people who can easily wield these factors will be able to make a lot of money.  This is why we keep hearing someone would say something along this line, war is money.  Well, politics is also money!  I think war and politics are money making machines.

Energy Needs Drive World Big Chess Game

Energy need for the world is an ever changing chess game.  Countries in different regions are trying to outmaneuver one another for scarce resources, and energy resources are always part of the big chess game.  For an example, Russia wants to stay dominated in supplying energy to the regions that she has the most stakes in.  Nonetheless, world conflicts cannot be avoided, thus Russia needs to make sure she has the means and ways to not too depend on any single region for bringing in her energy resources’ revenues.

Ukraine conflict is still going on, and Russia knows that Europe is evermore an opposing force since European countries are supporting the oppositional force within Ukraine conflict.  Moreover European countries are eagerly to wean off the dependency of Russia’s energy resources since conflicts such as Ukraine might put European countries at the mercy of Russia’s energy sanctions.  Meanwhile China is an ever growing economy with a modern military that needs more energy resources than ever before to continually power her mightily growing machine.

With Ukraine conflict is still going on, Russia is eager to wean off her dependency on European countries for exporting her energy resources, and so she is looking East toward China.  Meanwhile China is not too eager to depend on Russia for energy resources since putting all eggs into one basket is a very bad idea, because everybody can use one’s dependency as a mean to sanction in a bargain or world conflict.  With this in mind, China is also looking elsewhere in the Middle East for alternative channels of piping more energy resources into China.

United States is now wanting to export more energy resources as her industry is shrinking, thus she has less needs in hoarding these energy resources.  Europe is looking toward other regions for energy resources so she can wean off her dependency from Russia.  The whole big chess game is being played out as we speak, and nobody knows who will be the victor at the end of this very big chess game.  Right after the break, check out a video I found on YouTube which is very descriptive in explaining this sort of big chess game, and the global players are Europe, Russia, United States, Middle Eastern countries, and China.

RC Car Runs And Charges On Water Fuel Source

Whenever I see this I go crazy!  OK, what on earth I’m dabbling about?  Crazy what?  It’s about the RC car which runs on water.  No, it’s not running over the water like a magician’s illusion, but it’s a miracle still to see RC car uses water as a fuel source.  This sort of nagging me why we can’t do the same for real cars?  Imagine how much more energy independence we can be as a society if we can use water as a fuel source!

OK, I already hear that some people might just go crazy over this idea in a very bad way.  Some people might not like this idea at all since water supposes to be a very important fuel source for humans, therefore we should not use it as a fuel source for cars.  For an example, foods should not be a source of fuel for anything but humans.

Nonetheless, I don’t suggest that water should be the only fuel source for cars.  Instead, I think our cars should be adaptable in a way that our cars should be able to be powered by many fuel sources in a combination or not.  For an example, if gasoline is available, then a car should be able to move about with just gasoline fuel source, but when gasoline fuel source got low, it should also be able to switch on its battery fuel source or water fuel source or whatever fuel source (or switching on all fuel source — not hybrid but it’s like many-many-brid).

Anyhow, I think if we’re too depending on a single fuel source for our whatever needs, we will be in trouble since all fuel sources do have their limitations.  Even the sun would die when its fuel sources run out!  Check out the video which shows an RC car that can be charged and ran on water fuel source right after the break.  By the way, this RC car could also be controlled by a smartphone app.

Robert Hargraves – Thorium Energy Cheaper Than Coal

Robert Hargraves  at TEAC3 (Thorium Energy All...

Robert Hargraves at TEAC3 (Thorium Energy Alliance Conference 3) (Photo credit: GordonMcDowell)

Since my previous post was about Thorium, this post is also about Thorium.  Actually, it’s about Robert Hargraves’ suggestion that Thorium energy is going to be cheaper than coal.  In the video right after the break, Robert Hargraves makes a case that Thorium energy is cheaper than coal, therefore it’s a viable energy technology which can steer the world away from dirty energies such as coal.  Furthermore, Thorium energy is going to be cheap enough and plenty enough that the world might not have to go to war over energies.  Of course, in order for Thorium energy to be cheap enough, the production of Thorium nuclear energy must be cheap.  Robert Hargraves thinks this is possible.  Anyhow, you can watch Robert Hargraves on how cheaper Thorium energy might be when comparing against coal in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Imagine What Great Benefits That Will Bring To Us All If We Have A Great Solar Wall… Or How About Many Great Alternative Energy Walls?

English: The Great Wall of China, near Beijing...

English: The Great Wall of China, near Beijing in July 2006. This is a section of Mutianyu. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please note before reading this blog post:  Whenever I mention of a lord, I don’t say a lord is representing a country or an entity.  Instead, I mean a lord is the energy itself.  For an example, oil lord equates to oil itself.  Got it?  Also, I don’t pretend to be an expert in oil, because let me say this — I’m not an expert in oil matter.  Instead, I just have a lot opinions about oil in general, and some of my opinions are definitely inspired by other people’s opinions.  Anyhow, my opinions might be just that, but let us see what will actually be as time progresses.  Also, when I speak of Great Solar Wall or great whatever wall, it’s just a metaphor…

Here is an outrageous imagination on my part, but let see how outrageous it would be OK?  As oil prices become evermore expensive, people begin to wonder what on earth has contributed such volatility in the oil market.  I think oil prices have always responded to any volatility in the world that has to do with oil supply and demand.  An example of one oil volatility among many oil volatilities in the world would be a country somewhere, which is the main supplier of oil, suddenly cutbacks the production of oil supply.  In the case of a major oil supply cutback, oil prices would be skyrocketed unless the demand is going to be less depending on oil from this point on or the oil supply is once again replenishing the so called oil quotas (i.e., different from oil reserves in my opinion as oil quotas are to fulfill the oil demands for whoever and on the moment of notice).  So, it’s clear that the world is totally depending on oil as if oil is the cocaine of a cokehead.

Without oil, the world won’t be able to operate as usual.  This means economies will shrink and so on.  With oil is being so ridiculously in charged of the livelihood of the world, people have began to realize that we need alternative energy to counterbalance the all too powerful oil lord.  We are looking for the new lords that can help the world to say no to oil lord from time to time, because without being able to say no to oil lord the world will be totally depending on oil with no end in sight.  So, people are hoping that the combination of hybrid, fuel cell, wind, natural gas, solar, and other fringe technology might just be enough to boost their confidence in saying no to the oil lord from time to time.

So far though, alternative energy lords aren’t yet capable in challenging, let alone overthrowing, the oil lord in any shape or form.  Nonetheless, we have to ask the question, what if the alternative energy lords know what to do.  I think this means the alternative energy lords have to go for broke!  So, I imagine the solar lord has to put up a Great Solar Wall which is as long or even longer and much wider than the Great Wall of China to harness enough solar — to make the oil lord sees that his days are numbered.  Other alternative energy lords should also go for broke.  Of course, the question is, will there be any devastating major impact (i.e., negative impact) for the environment if one or more alternative energy lords go for broke?  If the scale of justice for the environment assures us that the lords of alternative energies will do more good than harm, then we should be relentless in cheering and voting for the lords of alternative energies.

I think, more energy lords come onto the battle field the better for the world as the bloodshed will be lessen.  There will be check and balance and people don’t really have to go to war for any single energy lord.  Any lord that is promising peace will be the lord of our time, right?  To make this even more clear, simply put that if we can rely on the lords of alternative energies more, we don’t have to listen to the oil lord who is always attracting wars.  When nobody is listening to the oil lord anymore, he will not be able to attract enough supports for wars.  With less wars, the world will race ahead for more prosperity and peace!  With less wars, the world will race ahead and transform the 21st century into a marvelous, golden century.

If we have a marvelous, golden 21st century, then many current problems of ours will be solved.  I imagine that a golden 21st century would allow creativities and jobs to prosper.  In order for such prosperity, alternative energy lords will have to work extra hard as the oil lord isn’t somebody who can just be bulldozed over.  So, I guess my imagination of a Great Solar Wall  — or we can say that we need a Great Alternative Energy Wall in general — will be the solution to our current major world problems.

The major world problems are probably stirred up by the implication of wanting to secure more oil for a growing economy or a developed economy, thus promotes oil scarcity and so on.  So I say, let us go for broke!  We and the alternative energy lords must go for broke and go for broke fast or else we will not have time to stop the much bigger and more dangerous, oncoming wars for oil.  Nobody needs a crystal ball to predict wars can break out in our near future if major developing nations are desperate for more oil.  In fact, I should not even use the term developing nations, because it’s too loosely of a term.  I should use the term of oil desperate nations.  By using the term of oil desperate nations, we can include the developed nations, that just as desperate for oil as other oil desperate nations, to the long list of oil desperate nations.  The longer the list of oil desperate nations the more conflicts in the world will play out.  It will not be a pretty picture for all!

Want an example of oil desperate nations?  China is one.  Want another one?  India is another one.  For your information, population size does matter a lot when it comes down to measure the oil desperation of a nation.  This is especially true when a desperate oil nation is growing its economy and modernizing its cities in a big big way.  We also have to consider that United States is another oil desperation nation, because the fact is that United States always has the need for more oil so its economy can keep on churning or perhaps growing even more.  I fear though, China’s oil desperation level will definitely be much much greater than United States’ oil desperation level.  Once again, it’s about the economy growth potential of China and its population size.

I think China is a perfect example of an oil desperate nation.  Eventually, China will need much more oil than anyone else in the world to keep its economy grows the way it is now, because China economy at the moment is untouchable in term of GDP growth.  You can also say GDP growth isn’t a true measure of a growing economy, and the true measure of a growing economy should be of GDP that was calculated from PPP (Purchasing Power Parity).  Well, once again, China also has strong growth in PPP.

You might ask why China will be more desperate for oil than India even though India is almost comparable in population size.  Well, I think as long China is able to create a more vibrant economy than India as how China economy is doing so far, oil desperation for China is just going to continue to grow much bigger than India in time.  So it seems that India might have less headache than China in the area of oil desperation unless India can outgrow China in economy sometime in the future.  Perhaps, GDP, which derived from PPP, can truly show why China is growing much more than India in economy, thus oil desperation for China is greater.  To put it bluntly, however wrong I might be I think at the moment oil is tightly tied into every economy of the world.  We can also make an observation such as this — both oil and economy do need each other to grow.  Sadly to say, I don’t think alternative energy is anywhere near in replacing the dominating position which the oil lord has at the moment.

At the moment, it seems that the oil lord is able to meet the oil demands of the world.  Nonetheless, some of us do believe that the oil lord had seen his oil production capacity peaked sometimes back.  No matter if this is true though, we humans know one thing, nothing is unlimited.  Even the sun itself one day has to die out, and we know no human can survive on planet earth if the sun dies out.  So to put this bluntly, human intelligence told us that oil won’t last forever.  This is why we should not be so complacent about this.  Perhaps, whatever few signs there are that suggest oil production capacity has peaked, we should fear for the worse that will come straight at us in the near future.  I think one example of the few signs that suggest we are experiencing peak oil (i.e., oil production capacity has peaked) would be the continuous higher oil prices.

If we are too complacent about oil scarcity in general, we might not be able to leave behind a working energy market in which our children will be able to rely on for their prosperity.  This is why I think the alternative energy lords must jump into the rescue and go for broke.  If the alternative energy lords go for broke, even things might not pan out the way we hope, at least we might have more choices in alleviating the oil desperation problem.

Have we ever asked ourselves what will happen if the oil lord runs out of oil?  If there is such a scenario, I can only imagine the world population of 7 billions people will dwindle rapidly as foods and other major necessities become scarce in the face of not having enough input energy (i.e., input energy which creates the basic necessity outputs that the large human population needs for survival).  With hindsight, I think we can safely say that oil has always been the hand that has help increased the world population.  It’s 7 billions and counting.