There’s Time To Be Nice, But Digital One Isn’t So

Should you be a nice guy when it comes to Internet etiquette?  The answer isn’t so simple since it’s all depending on the context of things.  For an example, a friend sent you an email for whatever purpose, important or not, you might have to reply to him or her.  Down to earth Internet etiquette cannot be so disconnected from physical world, otherwise we are not who we are, as in being human with complex emotions.  Thus, our strong human traits such as politeness can also be our weaknesses.  This is why social engineering is useful for some bad actors who have intension to hack into your digital life.

Without going to rant much on elusive Internet/digital philosophy, let me get to the point.  I’d recently received many online bank surveys through my email inbox.  The politeness of online etiquette wanted me to click on the survey request link in the email so I could start a survey, because being polite is good, whether that would be on the web or off the web.  Unfortunately, in the back of my head, my impolite part of the brain told me to not being so nice and polite, because the survey itself might not be sent from the bank.  I think there are ways to fake emails that look like they’re from the legitimate party.

My eventual action was usually a quick delete of such email.  Why?  Although I’m a nobody and poor, thus my bank account would be a waste of time for whoever wants to hack into it.  Thus, I’m not supposed to be all that protective toward my online bank account.  Regardless, I don’t really like being hack, because it feels very invasive.  Imagine a stranger just walks into your life and does whatever to you, how do you feel?  This is the feeling of being hack, because you don’t know the hacker or hackers!  So, it was a quick and simple decision, I rather not being polite and willy nilly clicking on a bank account survey link.  I don’t care if the email is legitimate or not, I just won’t subject myself to downloading malware or virus or trojan onto my computer just so I could have a nice digital etiquette.

In summary, I think we need to be very cautious about the stuffs that go through our emails.  Especially, survey invitations and what not might not be so innocent.  I’m writing this post is to remind my future self and whoever else to be more cautious about Internet security in regarding to email.  Furthermore, I like to remind my future self and whoever else that if a hacker has your email account, he or she can basically try to reset your passwords from your bank accounts, social website accounts, and what not.  If hackers are successful at resetting your online accounts’ passwords, then they’re basically taking control of your digital life.  Simply put, do you want a stranger to take over your life, albeit it’s an Internet one?

Sending Email Attachment Larger Than 25MB Through Gmail Email Using Google Drive

English: Gmail logo

English: Gmail logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today, I’ve found out that sending an attachment which is larger than 25MB or so won’t be possible through Gmail email.  Luckily, Gmail email service is intertwining with Google’s other web applications such as Google Drive, and through Google Drive I’m able to send attachment which is larger than 25MB.  Don’t know if it’s true or not, you can basically tell Gmail email to insert an attachment through Google Drive that is large as a decent video file size.  Isn’t it cool?

Suspicious Email Messages From Banks?

Today I receive an email from a bank that I currently have an association with.  What association?  I’m their customer, of course.  Anyhow, the email looks so suspicious!

First of all, only my first name is being addressed in the email.  Second of all, the bank relies on third party email address and domain name, and to catch this I’ve to hover my mouse over the link which labels with the name and services of my bank.  A quick research online has confirmed me that the third party is a legit party which was hacked by hackers around April.

I assume this is a spear phishing scheme.  I rather not click on any link in the email so I can be safe than sorry.  It’s always good for me to check the official information in the bank’s official website and account.  This is why I think people should be ever more careful with sensitive emails such as the ones from the banks!

Excuse Me, Can I Inject Apple vs Orange Wishful Thinking?

So, Yahoo fights back against other giants by promising better email service for users. Some people claimed Yahoo saw email users were valuable in a way that once they had logged into their email accounts, they tended to have surfed more of other Yahoo’s services since there was no need for subsequent logins. I see Yahoo is trying to resuscitate its reputation of being a giant Internet company or at the least showing the world that Yahoo still cares about everything progress. Unfortunately, I don’t see better email service will help Yahoo in anyway, but at the least Yahoo will reassure users that Yahoo got games, still. I’m sure this will also reassure some of Yahoo’s partners and business customers.

Should I say email is outdated? Not really, in fact I believe email will morph as a part of something way cooler in the future. Unfortunately, I can only see either one or two biggest giants will be able to deliver something like that. What am I talking about? Well, it is an educated guess of mine that in the future, people more likely to have a personal avatar on the web from the most popular Internet company that will be able to melt all features together as one. Such features probably will be everything Facebook and Twitter and everything else. How email fits in? Email probably will function like instant messenger, but for your eyes only and will last as long as email messages. After all, Twitter like feature is more fitting for getting scoff at or scoffing at someone else’s short message of the day.

Perhaps, even better, everything will become traits of a personal avatar. Such personal avatar can become really personal as it will follow you everywhere. Let say, you go into a retail store to buy some clothes, you will interact with some electronic devices that will be able to summon your personal avatar to help you shop. In a way, this toonish personal avatar may be intelligent enough to understand what is best for you; according to your personal preference, this avatar helps you make decisions on almost anything. This personal avatar doesn’t have to be toonish, because it can transform itself into 3D, or perhaps it will pilot a robot body when it has to. It can then ghostly possess your car on your demands to help you navigate away to your favorite destinations. Basically, it helps you from social networking to doing everyday things without standing out like a sore thumb.

Perhaps, the idea of better email service has no longer had that attractive power like it once used to be. We can no longer be impressed with something simple and powerful as email, because we live in a fragmented and messy web. I think it is more meaningful to collectively bring together everything web which has its elegant ways of interacting with us humans — truly making humans more productive and less wasting time in immersing with just a tool or an elegant/personal avatar. Did I forgot, this personal avatar of yours not only can help you do email and hosts of other things, but it may be able to combat computer virus too? Come on, it’s a soul of everything web. To put it in another manner, it’s only software, and we know software can be so innovative to a point of the sky is the limit.

In conclusion, it is good to know Yahoo is upgrading its email system again. Yahoo users will be able to enjoy better email service. Perhaps, people who had left Yahoo’s email service for Google or another may venture back to Yahoo’s email service again after the upgrade. Just that I think email is no longer the ultimate flavor, because everything web has too much to offer. In fact the web is one heck of a maze, but if we can collectively harness the web in a more elegant way such as having a personal avatar which represents you to the web and represents the web to you and represent everything else that has to do with electronic and software and lifestyle to you and you only, isn’t this way more beautiful than just a fragmented web and gadgets and so on? Yes, it represents you to other email users, and vice versa.


Priority Inbox, Another Awesome Feature Comes To Gmail Users Soon!

Don’t you hate your email’s Inbox greets you with tons of unimportant messages such as spam emails?  It’s an old story, but it’s a prevalent one which you wish there is a simpler solution to it.  The folks at Google is planning to roll out something known as Priority Inbox for Gmail, and this feature attempts to unclutter your Gmail’s Inbox.

You can compare this new feature to the most primitive artificial intelligence!  Why?  Priority Inbox is like an assistant to you as it sorts out the emails it thinks you want to read, and it stuffs the unimportant emails into the everything else category.  Something that you think you should read later, Priority Inbox stuffs such emails into the category where all emails would be starred.  The more you use the Priority Inbox, the more it learns of your behavior in categorizing which email is important.  In a sense, Priority Inbox can only get better at helping you out in sorting the email messages in your Gmail account.

Google says it won’t roll out Priority Inbox for Gmail users till next week!  Google has some more testing to do for the feature needs to be better than now as it rolls out for the mass.  Check out the video below to see what is Priority Inbox in a fun way!