Romantic November (MP3) Single By Vinh Nguyen Is Now Available For Downloading

Hopefully, my new single “Romantic November” will make you dance away in joy.  If it’s not doing so, then I just hope I will be able to come up with better single then, sooner or later.  Anyhow, you can find “Romantic November” at CDBaby, Spotify, and few other online music services.

Romantic November cover art for "Romantic November" single (MP3) by Vinh Nguyen

Romantic November cover art for “Romantic November” single (MP3) by Vinh Nguyen

“There She Goes” Electronica Musical Track/Song Is Up For Grab

I’m so exciting that my new song (electronica musical track/song) is up for downloading.  It’s $0.99 a download grab!  Get it at (link).  Of course, give this some time, “There She Goes” will also be available for music subscription services such as Spotify and major music online retailers such as Amazon music.


“There She Goes” Electronica Musical Track By Vinh Nguyen (Video)

Just finished the electronica musical track for “There She Goes” lyric that I had posted earlier on my blog.  Anyhow, check it out in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!