How To Create, Attach/Associate, And Mount EBS Onto Amazon EC2 (Using Ubuntu 12.04 Linux OS)

English: Cloud Computing

English: Cloud Computing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was playing around with Amazon Web Services, and then I thought it would be a good idea to make a how-to video which shows people (who are new to Amazon Web Services) how to add, attach/associate, and mount EBS (Elastic Block Storage) to Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing) instance (using Ubuntu 12.04 Linux OS for the EC2 instance).  For your information, Amazon Web Services is like a cloud web hosting and network infrastructure (plus a whole lot more).  Nonetheless, if you have no idea what I just spewed and still think Amazon Web Services is interesting, you definitely can find out more about Amazon Web Services at Amazon (the website and not the jungle).  Anyhow, the thought is awesome in my opinion, and so the end result is the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

How To Use Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing

The cloud, oh yes, the cloud, but don’t look up, because I’m not talking about that!  I’m talking about the cloud computing technology.  Some people, not corporations, but normal people like us are thinking about using the cloud computing technology for various things.  What are those?  You can use the cloud to host a website, deploy web projects such as testing out a software, and so on.  Before Amazon, the cloud wasn’t public and made available for normal users to dream of those things, but it was more of a private technology where big companies utilized the cloud for their critical missions.  The cloud wasn’t that popular back then either, I think.  Since Amazon released Amazon Web Services, the cloud has became ever more popular.  Especially, Amazon provides the cloud technology to everyone at a very affordable price as in pay as you go fee structure.  You pay per hour, and those fees usually amount to cents not dollars.  When you’re done with your projects, you can turn off the server processors that you don’t need so you don’t have to pay for what you’re not using.

Obviously, the cloud technology from Amazon is very reliable, because Amazon relies on this very technology to power its business.  Many people are utilizing Amazon Web Services to host their websites, and many web hosting companies see Amazon as competition are also beginning to deploy their own cloud technology for their customers.  A very well known Amazon cloud service, EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing), can allow you to scale your website to whatever level so your website will be able to handle the stress of heavy web traffic.  This is the power of the cloud computing!  I’m not going to beat around the bushes any longer, but instead I urge you to watch a video I made about how to use EC2.  The video is right after the break!

Apologizing for the video quality, because it was my first time with Camtasia!  I thought 30 frames rate per second was good enough, but it turned out to be not so good.  I should have cranked up the rate to 50 or even 60 frames per second, but everything is water under the bridge now.  Nonetheless, I hope you can get the idea of how to use EC2 so the next time if you ever have the need of trying out EC2, you won’t be clueless about it.  Obviously, the video above isn’t for the people already know how to use EC2 and other Amazon Web Services.   So if you’re one of those people, trust me, you can skip it just fine!

Image is licensed under Creative Common.  Taken from Flickr, and the owner of the image is Mooganic.