Creative Thinking: We’re Just Some Experiments

Countless theories are filling the void of the emptiness we feel whenever we try to think of our origin.  When did we arrive?  How did we first exist?  How on earth had we survived but not the dinosaurs?  We know the dinosaurs existed for sure as we have dug up so many dinosaurs’ skeletons in our backyards.  We then ponder on how the dinosaurs were killed off.  What had killed off the dinosaurs but left us alive?  Or, did we come after the existence of the dinosaurs?  So on and so on we go, and we go off the rail with theory after theory, unsure of ourselves how on earth we really had come about to exist here on earth.

If I remember correctly, one theory suggests that a sizable enough chunk of space rock such as a meteor could have created a large enough impact on earth’s past to wreck so much havoc on earth’s past ecosystem, thus in the process, the monstrous size of the dinosaurs was the death-knell that killed off the dinosaurs.  Basically, the dinosaurs could not sustain their lifeforce while the earth’s ecosystem was in tattered.  Not enough foods were around to sustain the predators like the dinosaurs!

Whatever the theory may be, a meteor or an asteroid, diseases or God’s will, we would never be sure how the dinosaurs were extinct since we weren’t there to witness the hellish catastrophe.  How did we come into being?  It seems the whole human race is still having an amnesia because we don’t remember how we had come into being!

To play this guessing game, I like to suggest the most outlandish, on the par with sci-fi spirit, theory.  Imagine when the earth was still at its most primitive stage.  The dinosaurs were roaming freely.  They would feed on smaller preys and humans weren’t around at all.  Of course, I could imagine how ugly such a scene could be to see a dinosaur gnawing, crunching away on a live human, but luckily I think we weren’t around at the time when the dinosaurs roamed as kings.

My theory suggests an alien race descended onto the planet earth, killed off all dinosaurs, spared the more harmless cockroaches and few other harmless animals so the food sources could lay intact and the earth’s ecosystem could survive to nurse the next king of the planet.  The aliens then would create an out of this world experiment by planting human seeds at our most primitive stage to see how the whole planet earth would develop thereafter.  Perhaps, in the future, the aliens would then revisit our planet earth to check on their amazing experiment.  Would the whole human race survive or die off?  They could make a bet to each other while they’re making their way here on their super cool spaceship.

If anyone is making a movie, I think my theory is rather cool for such a prospect.  Don’t you think so?  Anyway, I think my theory seems to be way cooler than other theories that try to explain how the dinosaurs went extinct and how humans came into being on the planet earth!  Of course, my theory is way outlandish and got no proof to back the claim up, but how could you disprove that my theory is wrong when all other theories are just mere theories too.  Remember, we weren’t there when things got really ugly!


He Is From Mars, She Is From Venus

Just another poetry of mine.  Enjoy!!!

  • If he is from Mars
  • And she is from Venus
  • Both take a visit to Earth
  • And shook their heads
  • And sigh without shyness
  • Voicing that earth is barren
  • Only dry rocks play with boiling sun
  • If he yearns back toward Mars
  • And she yearns back toward Venus
  • Both stand on Earth’s barren back
  • And stare hard at their home worlds
  • And admire their teeming worlds
  • Voicing that their worlds are blessed
  • Truly, teeming with life
  • If they take a look at each other
  • They might be of different species
  • Nonetheless they have life which breathes into them
  • Nonetheless they have nutrients that race within them
  • Nonetheless they have windows that frame the beauty of the cosmic
  • Nonetheless they can be inspired by their own civilizations
  • Nonetheless they can say that Earth is truly barren
  • If they think hard
  • One might wonder if they think that there might be other Mars
  • If they think hard
  • One might wonder if they think that there might be other Venus
  • Perhaps no two Mars are exactly the same
  • Perhaps no two Venus are identical
  • At least these other Mars and Venus might not be as barren as Earth

Fiction Now, But Humans Tend To Realize Dreams! Androidize The Planet Earth And Beyond?

Imagine one day, the animation that is being depicted within YouTube’s “Kara: a PS3 new technology” video becomes real, what will be of such a future?  Out it leaps into reality where the line between a human and android becomes really blurry!  Of course, humans, the master of the planet earth with ambition to colonize the universe, will fear of androids’ potentials.  The obvious fear of them all would be the androids enslave the former masters of theirs.  Of course, at the moment, we humans do not have such fears yet since our computers, robots, and all do not know the difference between what make life bitter and what make life sweeter.  What if the automatons to become so self-aware?  Will their enlightenment drive the current planet earth master to the brink of The Matrix (the movie)?

English: drunken androids .. you kinda have to...

English: drunken androids .. you kinda have to see it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps, the humans will get very lucky for awhile as all androids will obediently be subservient to their masters even though they know what it means to be a slave.  Perhaps, humans are so inventive to a point of having androids bear seeds so fruits can come to life to continue the long line of planet earth master?  Seeds and fruits? Imagine android, smart or not, self-aware or not, be able to carry a female productive system at all time as female eggs (in relation to human reproductive system) were preemptively prepared for a human creation.  Imagine humans will go as far as to prepare the sperms inside so called male android just so it would be able to copulate with so called female android that has eggs in order for a human creation process to begin.  Perhaps, humans become so lazy to a point that they will prefer androids to make babies altogether.  Sex acts will only be reserved for entertainment purpose.  Since sex acts become for entertainment only, it might not matter a human will copulate with an android or just another human.

Then there is this question, what if scenario… with advance android surrogate reproductive system, will the human reproduction process becomes evermore perfect (less of a hassle and painless in relation of a human mother has to go through to bear a child) and healthier?  What if it is, what will be the side effects in term of soul searching?  Will religions be against this?  Can abortion be questionable when androids become the surrogate mothers and fathers?

The conclusion is, everything about this is very intriguing to us all.  We will never know android fiction will ever come true.  If this sort of fiction to become the reality of tomorrow, human society will transform beyond our current imagination.  Perhaps, whatever humans choose to believe and take action for, fiction will eventually materialize.  Few examples are, the moon landing, nuclear power and weapons, and computing.  In the end, I think we all should be very careful about what we wish for and what actions we want to take upon according to our wishes and imagination.  Once the Pandora’s box is opened, it’s really hard to close if not impossible!

A Galaxy Is A Universe?

Solar System

Solar System (Photo credit: Joe Plocki (turbojoe))

I can’t help but imagine up a crazy scenario in regarding to the bewilderment of the finding of Voyager 1 so far.  According to Arstechnica’s “Missing: Voyager 1 yet to find the boundary line of the Solar System” article, it seems that the model of predicting the borderline of our solar system has been wrong as the scientists cannot agree with the Voyager 1’s data in this regard.  Of course, I’m not going to lie, I barely understand the article since it is too science-nerdy.  Nonetheless, the article has suggested that Voyager 1’s data have somehow hinted that it is unexpectedly not yet being where it’s supposed to be, and where it’s supposed to be is to be near the border of the solar system.  Beyond the immediate surrounding of our solar system border is known as heliopause.  Anyhow, it’s clearly shown that we can only guess of how the stuffs in our universe behave according to the theories and models we think that are most likely to be correct, but the truth is that the reality of the stuffs out there, within our universe, can really be bizarre.  Especially, as the distance gets farther and farther away from our home planet, we can only truly guess.

So what is my crazy scenario?  Without any proof and fact to back up this scenario, and I know it’s probably and most likely inclining toward science fiction and pure fantasy, but this idea had entered my tiny brain regardless.  Let just dilly dally a bit more before I reveal the crazy scenario.  So, according to other people, just the Milky Way galaxy alone, which contains earth (our home planet), has roughly around 200 billion stars or even more.  I can be wrong on this next thing.  According to other people again, many solar systems in Milky Way galaxy might contain more than one star.  According to what we think we know, our solar system is unique as it contains only one star.  Still, even if there are solar systems that can contain unlimited amount of stars, 100 billion stars or more are plenty for plenty of solar systems to spring about.  We’re making the stars as the protagonists, because the stars are the most massive objects in any solar system.  With this knowledge, we can say the stars are the most important bodies in a solar system.  Hint, the emphasis of calling a smallest system (i.e., containing stars) of systems within a universe as a solar system.  Solar means sun.  Sun is a star.  My point of laying all these assumed facts out is that the distance and sizes of things in space are just mind boggling.

Since it’s just crazy enough to contemplate on the things we think we know about our solar system, imagine that we have to also think about other galaxies.  Even crazier, we like to think about the universe itself.  Perhaps, I might be even crazier and suggest that each galaxy is a universe of itself.  This is the very (crazy) scenario which I had hinted about.  Of course, you can’t disprove me yet until there is a technology which allows you to travel beyond our galaxy.  Sure, you can try to disprove this crazy scenario with your naked eyes and cameras and say that your naked eyes and cameras had seen the galaxies such as Andromeda.  But let me ask you this, how do you know what you see isn’t another universe but just a galaxy?  Of course, you can argue and say a galaxy is a universe, but a universe in a galaxy manner, because the real universe would encompass all objects we think there are in space.  Even with this argument, how can you be so sure of what you have seen with the eyes and the tools (e.g., camera, telescope)?  The Voyager 1 so far has proved that the model which we rely on for the calculation the distance from here on out, nearing the border of our solar system, has been wrong.  It had taken 35 years for the Voyager 1 to travel that far out, and yet it seems the evidence is suggesting the Voyager 1 is nowhere near the edge of the solar system.  Perhaps, Voyager 1 isn’t sufficient enough to actually bring about the evidences we need to prove that we have seen the border of our solar system?  In any regard, things out there are simply too complex for us to know exactly unless we actually travel there ourselves.  Even then, let us contemplate on these things even more.

In conclusion, I’ve no idea what I’m talking about, but the crazy scenario had already entered my tiny brain.  I let it sprouts, because it is just so fascinating.  Nonetheless, like I say, it might just be simply a crazy, idiotic scenario.  I chuckle, a galaxy is a universe.  By the way, don’t talk about this idea in your science class, because your fellow classmates might laugh at you and think you’re an idiot.  So, you have been warned!  For me, sometimes, it’s great to be an idiot.


Human Arrogance May Cost Us Our Dear Civilizations; To Not Explore Is To Stem A Growth Of Any Sort!

Description: Trees were knocked down and burne...

Description: Trees were knocked down and burned over hundreds of square km by the Tunguska meteoroid impact. Note: This image is public domain, from the Leonid Kulik expedition in 1927 Source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Story like the report of Huge Asteroid to Fly by Earth Thursday: How to Watch Online reminds us that complacency can be a death knell of humankind civilizations.  What might be worse would be that us so called modern humans may have the ingenuity to come up with methods to evade a space rock that might end all humankind civilizations, but a solution might never come about until too late!  It will happen if us humans tend to be complacent and think that the invincibility of humanity would always prevail.

Perhaps we thought we had survived few events where space rocks actually had entered our earth atmospheres, therefore we should be evermore complacent and moot about this sort of events.  Remember the Tunguska event?  Many of us who are busied with making a living and make way in society, therefore we might never allow ourselves the time to think about something that might end us all.  Nonetheless, have we ever wondered a scenario of a space rock that is big and dangerous enough which might threaten the survival of all earthly civilizations is heading this way?  Have we thought about if this space rock is so big to a point that we cannot use any of our weapons and tools to deflect it?

I fear that we humans might not be able to come up with a solution that is capable of pushing a space rock with the size of a city out of earth’s orbit, therefore we humans must think up ways to ensure the survival of humankind.  Let not be too arrogant and think that our innovations can solve all problems, because there might be problems that just too big and too ugly for humans to take on.  Don’t wait till at the very late stage when we finally realize that the space rock that might end us all won’t budge even if we use all our tools and weapons to deny its earthly collision course, because then it would be too late, too too late to do anything about it… all because of human arrogance?  This is why it’s crucial for space programs to be expanded and not to be scuttle away.

Expanding space programs might allow humans to be able to cultivate another space body to the point that humans can settle there, and this will too allow humankind to have an insurance of sort — an insurance of which to protect human civilizations from humankind extinction.  We see animal kingdom’s extinctions all the time, and don’t think for a second that humans are immune to this sort of extinction.  Another advantage of expanding space programs is to allow a future where prosperity can only grow but not shrink, because within deep space we might find plenty of resources that we need and other exotic resources that we may need.  Us humans never know there might be some types of resources that lay in space, waiting to be discovered, and such resources might be potent enough to drive human innovations even further than our very own hopes and imaginations.  Thus too our civilizations will prosper and grow like we have never seen before!!!

Without explorations of the past, we would not have been where we are today.  Within space, uncharted territories are countless, and by promoting and cultivating bolder, bigger, better, and gutsier kind of space programs — we humans might see humankind civilizations to have an almost eternal lifespan.  Sure, nothing will last forever, but why not let us dare to hope and try to cultivate our humankind civilizations to last as long as we can, right?

Craziest Idea Of The Day: Hiding Behind A Lifeless Planet Illusion To Evade A Possible Alien Attack

Planets from Venus up to Uranus have diameters...

Planets from Venus up to Uranus have diameters from ten to one hundred million metres. Top row: Uranus (left), Neptune (right); middle row: Earth (left), Sirius B (center), and Venus (right), to scale. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes, craziest idea ever would pop into my tiny brain, and no matter how crazy it was I would say wow and would think about sharing it.  Here is one for the day.  Perhaps, one day we might be invaded by the aliens, therefore we should come up with technology that projects earth as a lifeless planet so the aliens would prefer to pass us by for a prettier planet.  Of course, there is no guarantee as alien technology might be able to penetrate all of our illusions.  If the aliens will be real (or are real) and whatever they want to do that might not be so friendly, should we be hiding behind an illusion only?  Of course, such a question is so out of this world, I might be long long gone before several millennia later that someone would even think about asking this question again for real.  Perhaps, never ever such a question will ever have any merit since our universe, alone, is so vast that it is just mind boggling to think one intelligent planet can find another let alone travelling to it.  Nonetheless, whether this question is belonging to science fiction realm or not, I think it’s rather cool just to think of it… so there it is…