DiRT Rally Gameplay Episode 2 (4K – PC)

Just another episode of my gameplay for DiRT Rally in 4K resolution.  Enjoy!!!

DiRT Rally Gameplay Episode 1 (4K – PC)

I do play racing games, but I’m not hardcore for this game genre.  Nonetheless, I’m giving DiRT Rally some of my gaming time, and I have to say the game is pretty fun.  To tell you the truth, the game is so easy to play, but it’s so freaking hard to win.  What I’m talking about?  Well, if you have a gamepad, all the standard buttons for a racing game are there.  Pressing them buttons on your gamepad and your race car would fly around the track.  The problem is that getting top scores for lap time is hard, because other gamers are very competitive in squeezing out better scores than you.  In this video, you see me try the hardest to squeeze out a good score for a lap time, but to tell you the truth I could only make into the 5th position.

I’m playing this game in 4K resolution.  I have the game’s graphics settings at Ultra.  I have MSAA at 8X. Still though, inside a car, I could see some jagged shadows.  Weird!  With everything is at Ultra graphics settings in 4K resolution (Vsync enabled), I get around 40fps.

PC spec:
i7, Titan X, 32GB RAM, 4K monitor