Easily Upgrade ASUS Desktop’s BIOS With ASUS Software Manager

Have you purchased an ASUS desktop lately?  In case an ASUS desktop’s model you have does work with ASUS manager software, then you’re in luck.  I’ve found out that it’s very easy for you to upgrade your ASUS’s desktop BIOS with ASUS manager software.  Basically, you can visit ASUS’s official website, download the latest BIOS, use ASUS manager software to locate the BIOS you had downloaded, and just let the ASUS manager upgrades the BIOS.  Of course, just make sure you don’t turn off your ASUS desktop or play with it during the BIOS upgrade, because your system can become very unstable if you do such things.

Just a caution, you should not upgrade your ASUS desktop’s BIOS or any computer BIOS unless you have a very good reason to.  It’s not wise to mess with a BIOS, because you are doing some major change to your computer system and you’re taking a great risk of breaking your system big time.  Nonetheless, it’s a given when your computer system isn’t functioning as it supposes to be, maybe the latest BIOS is the antidote to your system’s sickness.  Also, make sure you does download the original BIOS and make a backup of it on an external hard drive or a thumb drive just in case that the new/latest BIOS might be a worser problem than the original BIOS.  Some computer manufacturers may not allow you to download the original BIOS but only the latest or near latest BIOS, then you are taking a great risk in upgrading your BIOS, hence you might not be able to make a rollback to the original BIOS.

Since Windows 8.1 came out, some ASUS models might experience driver problems.  For an example, 8821AE (802.11ac) wireless network card is the wireless NIC for my ASUS desktop/PC, but it got a really bad attitude for Windows 8.1.  Instead of working correctly, it would cause Blue Screen of Death on Windows 8.1 and slow down the flow of network traffic that got streamed.  Even right after I had upgraded the 8821AE wireless NIC to its latest driver, the problem persisted.  Only right after I used ASUS manager software to easily upgrade the BIOS to the latest BIOS that the latest driver for 8821AE wireless NIC would function correctly.  Now, I could stream movies and transfer data at 802.11ac, real world, data rate (i.e., not at a marketing or lab measure rate) without a problem.  So, in case you got an ASUS desktop/PC and experiencing Windows 8.1 driver problems, you might want to consider of upgrading the drivers to the latest drivers first before thinking of an even more drastic action such as upgrading the BIOS.

Let Create Windows 8 Image So You Can Refresh Your Windows 8 System And Recover Files, Software, Personal Data, Settings, And Windows 8 System Files

Watch the video above, and I’ll walk you through how to create a Windows 8 image.  Basically, what Windows 8 image does is to allow you to restore your Windows 8 system back to the time that you had created the image for Windows 8.  So, let say couple months after you had created Windows 8 image your Windows 8 system acts abnormally, you can just do a Refresh (a recovery feature within Windows 8) with the Windows 8 image and your Windows 8 system should be back to how it was when you started to create the Windows 8 image.  This means your Windows 8 file systems, personal data, software that came with Windows 8 and software that you installed from various sources, and the settings of Windows 8 will all be restored.  Just remember though, before you do a refresh, you might want to backup your abnormal Windows 8 system so you can actually restore the files and software that you had created/installed right after the creation of the Windows 8 image.  Anyhow, enjoy the video!!!

My New Desktop Setup

Lately I didn’t have much to write on technology, but I had upgraded my own desktop setup.  It was more of like going from I didn’t care to I really did care, and you’ll know what I mean by looking at the pictures below.

The story goes, I had the old desktop setup since a year and half ago or so.  When I first bought my desktop PC, I had no proper table for the monitor.  Instead of buying a proper PC table, I decided to use whatever available.  At first, I was able to place the keyboard and a small monitor on a small dressing table which had been an ad hoc storage space for junks.  Unfortunately, the small monitor I had went bad, and so I bought a 27″ monitor.  The 27″ monitor had a huge base, and so I could not place the keyboard and the monitor on the same dressing table.  As usual, I used whatever was available and so I brought up a removable part of a leather couch downstair into my room, placed the 27″ monitor’s box (i.e., the box which packaged the monitor) on top of it, and lastly the keyboard would go on top of the 27″ monitor’s box.  When playing video games that required me to hammer my keyboard rapidly, the keyboard setup portion would slide a little.  Finally, I had it with a ghetto setup, I decided to shop for a PC table.  I found one on Amazon, and the rest was history.

The table I purchased from Amazon was Modern Glass & Steel Frame Computer Desk.  Amazon delivered it fast, but when I opened it, I did find few scratches on few parts that made up the lower portion of the table.  Luckily, the glass top was fine and had not a single scratch.  All the parts were available, but few screws were already screwed into some parts.  Since few screws had already attached to the some parts I thought the table had missing screws as  the manual told me to look for a bag with part label for such screws.  Luckily, when I took a look at the parts and the screws were all there.  The manual itself was with brief explanation and images were available in each step to demonstrate which part should go with what.  The whole table was easy to put together except for the part where I had to put together the keyboard pull-out attachment.  The manual did not explain how to put together the keyboard pull-out attachment all that well at all, and the pictures were confusing.  Nonetheless, I was able to figure out on my own how to do so.  (The manual has a warning which tells you not to use solvent to clean parts of the table, but you need to use water and soap to clean all parts of the table.)

I have to say, I’m very satisfied with the table since I purchased it for only $120 (i.e., rounding up the number and not to be exact).  The table is cheap but it has the look of being expensive.  I tested my sister and asked her how much she would think I had paid for the table, and she said around $200 or more.  I smiled and said no way, it was only $120.  I loved that my sister thought the table was cost more than its actual value (i.e., being relative since when I bought it was only $120). So to end this blog post, I’m happy to have a new desktop setup which had cost me only around $120.  Oh, you can’t even find the scratches on the lower portion of the table unless you craw under the table and know where to look for them.