DEFCON Annual Hacking Convention Documentary


DEFCON 16 (Photo credit: foxgrrl)

If you’re one of those who is into hacking stuffs, then I probably don’t need to tell you about DEFCON Convention.  If you’re not one of those who is into hacking stuffs, then it’s not a surprise that DEFCON might ring hollow to you.  Still, if you’re interested in knowing what is DEFCON, then the documentary right after the break about DEFCON might entice you to participate a DEFCON phenomenon.  What I get out of this documentary is that DEFCON is fun, crazy, insane, but most of all it’s a unique event where you might gain some really good knowledge and get to meet up with some really smart people in technology field.  It’s like if you are serious about a field such as top chefs have their special knowledge exchange convention or whatever, in technology we have conventions such as DEFCON.  I don’t know much about DEFCON, but after watching this documentary I have to wonder what have I been missing really!  Anyhow, the DEFCON documentary right after the break reveals some windows into DEFCON’s past, present, and future.  Enjoy it!!!

Hacking In The Air With Open Source Aircraft, Cut Through That Traffic On The Ground Dude

Just with open source software and off the shelf products, hackers can put together a flying aircraft that allows them to hack phone calls and bluetooth and wireless and so on.  Check out the Hak5 video right after the break to see the interview on the real hackers who showed off their open source aircraft for hacking at DEFCON this year.

Obviously, don’t try this at home if you don’t really know how to fly an aircraft with a remote control or computer.  I think it’s rather dangerous, because someone can be seriously hurt if the aircraft turns evil.  Oh, it’s already evil in digital mean, but it can also be physically evil too, I guess.