Will AI Be Used In Dealmaking Soon?

In the very near future, when Artificial Intelligence is more capable, will governments around the world readily deploy AI to do things such as drafting a free trade agreement?  As I’m watching the news clip on YouTube, and this person states that an FTA between two parties is going to take a very long time, possibly years, to complete since complex deals could be involved with complex, new technology and so forth.  This is true as we’re human and it takes time for us humans to digest and make sense of things before we could readily draw upon an agreement of something.  For AI though, things could be fast-track in milliseconds, I assume.

I guess when such a time comes, whichever country has a more advanced AI could get an upper hand in an FTA deal, assuming that each country won’t be able to replicate the other country’s AI tech.  Obviously, if a country’s technology is so easily being stolen, then their future AI tech is not going to be able to be kept as a secret.  What’s worse is that a competitor could replicate and improve on the tech to leave the original creator in the dust.  As the former dilly-dally without any progress, the latter may also be able to figure out the flaws within the former’s AI tech, allowing the latter to exploit the flaw to squeeze out an advance in a deal such as an FTA deal between two trading countries.

Let’s humor ourselves and imagine how a scenario would unfold when a country without AI tech is engaging in a fictitious FTA deal with a country that got a really advanced AI tech.  Obviously, no AI secrets would be included in the deal!  I suppose the country without AI tech would look at the FTA draft that they’d taken years to mold without any confidence when they propose the terms in the FTA meeting with the counterpart that got an advanced AI tech as the assistant in the dealmaking.  Meanwhile, the side with advanced AI assistant would probably have already made a decision on how to negotiate the terms beyond the first draft that the side without advanced AI assistant is proposing.

I think the side without advanced AI assistant would probably be even more cautious in coming to an agreement with the terms that are being proposed by the side with an advanced AI assistant, knowing that the advanced AI assistant would probably have given better advice to the owner of the AI assistant.  Perhaps, the side with advanced AI assistant could use the AI to come up with terms that are so subtle that allow the counterpart to not being able to see the true meaning of being taken advantages of.  Would this allow the FTA deal to fast-track in real time?

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