DARPA Experiments With Do Without Passwords

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Defense Advance Research Projects Agency is taking to the idea of developing an authentication system that does without hard to remember passwords.  The idea is to authenticate someone into a system (e.g., databases, computers, electronic devices, etc…) without having a person to enter any password at all.  This way, the users won’t have to remember any password, but yet they will be able to work with their systems just as usual.

It’s a grand goal in my opinion.  To develop an authentication system that knows how to discern one person from another is a witchcraft of developing an artificial intelligence type of computing.  Of course, I use the word witchcraft to praise and not to put down the idea.  I think it will be a very hard for someone to be able to actually develop the type of authentication system which DARPA wants to acquire.

When something is hard to realize, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible.  I think it’s possible to develop such a smart authentication system.  The question is, can a smart authentication system prevents hackers from manipulating it.  How about, can such a smart authentication system be transparent enough so it won’t be able to outsmart everyone, spy on everyone, and secretly keep records of everyone’s behaviors so the owners of the system can infringe on everyone’s privacy?

Comparing the idea of realizing an authentication system with artificial intelligence against the idea of deploying fingerprint scanners and other authentication systems that rely on biometric signatures, I think the latter is easier to achieve.  Also, I surmise that the latter idea is less prone to be abused in ways that disregard of users’ privacy.  Anyhow, I love how DARPA thinks big and bold, because maybe, just maybe by pushing for something extraordinary, we might get what we wish for!  For better or worse, right?

Source:  http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/darpa-detail-program-radically-alters-securit