New Music Single “Under A Starry Sky”

I just released a brand new music single “Under A Starry Sky” and this will be available soon on Spotify, iTunes and the likes.  Check this track out on SoundCloud.  Download it on Epoginis.



New Music Single “A Brand New Me” By Vinh Nguyen

Update: I just fixed the master of this single to make it even better.  I hope you like the latest version of this song.  Thanks for supporting me!

Check out my brand new music single “A Brand New Me” on SoundCloud.  If you like it, you can download it on Epoginis.  This song will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and other streaming services in coming days.  Thanks for supporting me!


Brand New Pop Rock Music Single “Knife’s Edge” Is Now Available

I just released a brand new single “Knife’s Edge,” and you can listen to it freely on SoundCloud.  For now, you can also download it on CDBaby.  Very soon though, this single will be available to you on iTunes and elsewhere.  If you like the single, I love to have you spread the love about the single on social networks and spread the words about it to the people you love.  Thanks.  Don’t forget to check out my music blog (


Releasing Brand New Dance Single “Live On Forever” by Vinh Nguyen

I just released a brand new dance single “Live On Forever.”  You can listen to this song on SoundCloud.  You can also purchase this song on  In coming few days, this song will be released onto iTunes and elsewhere.  If you like the single, please spread the love.  Thank you!



Brand New Dance Music Single “Space Talk” By Vinh Nguyen

I just released a brand new Dance music single “Space Talk,” and you can download it at  This new single will come out soon on iTunes and elsewhere.  You can also listen to this single for free for limited time on my music blog (  This single is also available on SoundCloud.