Chicken And Egg Theory Marches On!

When an egg decides to hatch a chick, an egg must have wondering who’d hatched it.  When we human beings came to being, we probably had wondered countless time who hatched us, right?  Furthermore, we probably had wondered about the purposes of all the wonders on this earth and within this universe.  For an example, we must have thought hard about the perfect marriage of male and female of all types of beings.  Furthermore, when there is day, night must follow soon.  Furthermore, these creations are for whom to enjoy?

With the chicken and egg curiosity, groups of different society within human population decided to form their own religions to explain the universe and all of its secrets.  Then science came to prominent, and it was too intended that it was a more proper way of approaching the chicken and egg curiosity.  Still, so far there is yet a satisfactory explanation to this chicken and egg question of our universe.  Whenever a specific religion or science tries to explain the chicken and egg curiosity, a complete satisfactory explanation isn’t really realized.

For an example, if a religion said that their God had created this universe, then we must have to wonder who had created God?  If a science said that Big Bang had created this universe, then we must have to wonder who had created Big Bang?  This curiosity seems like a question that cannot be answered clearly, because the chicken and egg theory can go into an infinity.  Furthermore, we have to wonder, if there is night, then there is day…  if there is infinity, then there is a limitation.  So, I guess if we are to be clever, we must have wondered the chicken and egg curiosity must have a finite explanation.

Still, I have to wonder, can an infinity gives birth to a finite existence, and then a finite existence would in turn giving birth to an infinity?  Otherwise, how can we explain what had given birth to an infinity?  Thus, the chicken and egg curiosity marches on!

Short Thinking Out Loud Of The Day (5/2/2014)

Online activities can be monitored as technology grows into the trend of information commercialization.  If it’s all about marketing and bringing the needs to the customers through the information commercialization, then it should not raise too many fears.  Nonetheless, with this capability, will people fear of being watched for their simplest online actions such as subscribing to a political YouTube channel?

Another Easiest Answer? (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I had written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Why are we here?
  • To live and let live?
  • When did we arrive?
  • How did we multiply?
  • Did we multiply with one?
  • Did we multiply with two?
  • We might never know,
  • but why didn’t we try to know?
  • Why are we so forgetting,
  • where we had come from?
  • Perhaps we don’t care,
  • or had we truly forgotten?
  • Nonetheless, we did find,
  • dinosaur bones didn’t we?
  • Nonetheless, we did think,
  • they were here before us?
  • Similar curiosity raged on,
  • why they had come before us?
  • Had the dinosaurs were wiped out,
  • just so us humans could live?
  • What if they had not been erased,
  • would we be able to thrive on?
  • Sure it was a survival of the fittest,
  • or had we gotten so much luck?
  • We thought simple is that simple,
  • but had simple ever is?
  • Back to the basic we hoped,
  • but had we found hope?
  • A hope of finding a human origin,
  • which might forever be lost?
  • Stardusts they surmised,
  • could have planted us seeds?
  • If this is so,
  • a human origin might not be so simple?
  • Infinite stardusts had always been out there,
  • we might as well were one of them?
  • Perhaps, stardusts might be it,
  • as it’s the easiest answer?
  • Not so fast methinks,
  • stardusts too, want to know their origin?
  • Perhaps the answer would be,
  • singularity?
  • .
  • Another easiest answer?