Creative Thinking: Aliens & A Star

I read something on the Internet today, and the article mentioned that a star, Gliese 710, is heading toward our solar system.  This is interesting to me since I have only heard of other smaller bodies of space to be traveling around like a comet or so, but something as big as 60% of our Sun could be traveling like this is something new to me entirely.  The article mentioned that in about 1.35 million years or so, this star would enter our solar system and cut through Oort Cloud which may trigger lots of other smaller bodies of space to travel in earth’s direction.  This could mean lot of stuffs could hurl toward earth and create lots of destructions.

Anyhow, that is interesting, but my imagination is running wild again.  I’m thinking that if an alien civilization out there that is so advance in which they have the knowledge of turning a star or a planet into a spaceship.  Perhaps, they could travel to another solar system like so without ever needing a smaller spaceships to do so.  They could breed and live as usual in a planet size spaceship, and once they arrive at a solar system they would carry on their whatever they have had in mind.

Nonetheless, the question is can the aliens remember their objectives after 1.35 million years?  Or perhaps, in couple hundred thousands more years, the aliens already know how to speed up their star size spaceship to the point that it will reach earth for let’s say in half the time of 1.35 million years?

Anyhow, this is only a scenario in which my imagination runs wild on, and so don’t take what I’m writing here literally.  For all we know, perhaps it’s only a star which hurls toward earth’s direction.  Nonetheless, as an intelligent species, us humans should be opened to all possibilities, and only in this manner that we may never be caught by any surprise which could have a devastation on us all.

Should A Brain Be Super-Charge?

The brain, sometimes it’s up all night, and sometimes it’s snoring away.  Sometimes, it needs coffee to get that extra boost of wakefulness, but too much coffee it goes jittery.  When it’s malfunction, it either gets duller or just pure dangerous.  It makes that thing a you, and so greed, ambition, and needs would just creep into self.  Nobody would understand why the brain is so useful and yet so mysterious.  Sure, scientists have had taken a close look at the brain, but to fully understand it would not be possible as we speak.  Nonetheless, this has yet to discourage the science community to explore how to fully map and understand every details of a brain.  They, the brainiacs, want to be able to enhance the brain for coloring a humanity future.  Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which side you’re with, there are people who oppose the idea of marrying technology with brain, because they think the brain itself should be pure as how it has been through eons for humanity sake.  A jolt of electricity to make the brain smarter would be a no no to these folks.  Matrix’s brain-hack style would definitely be heretical.  The brainiacs though, would want to use technology to enhance, modify, and tinker with the brain so it would go super smart and super useful.  Will the brain make a self less of a self if it’s going super-charge?  Check out the discussion of super-charging a brain in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Through Machines Men Play God

Let’s take a walk into my fantasy world where the future will hold all sorts of possibilities.  Anything is possible for the future, because the future isn’t yet realized.  Imagine a future where people will not have to die even though death will come and take them away.  Well, at least death will come and take nearly everything of theirs away, except their brains.  Well, at least their brains will be well taken care of!  Perhaps, their brains will be hooked to machines that through imagination and virtuality their brains will go on living.  Even more fantastic, their brains will experience things that they could never have had ever experienced while residing in their former physics.

Programmers of the future will be able to constantly create, recreate, destroy, and update the fantasy worlds for the brains.  The brains will go on living and experiencing all sorts of fantasies.  Nonetheless, the virtuality for these fantasies will be so realistic that the brains will not be able to discern what is fake and what is real.  As long the programmers (brain caretakers) intend to follow the brain’s last wish to the letter (i.e., before it was removed from the physical body), the brain should be able to perpetuate an existence in a fantasy.  Nonetheless, since a virtuality does need a reality to exist, thus through virtual fantasies, the brains and machines will be able to perpetuate in the real world.

Assuming in the future, these sorts of technology will be realized, the complications for being human will rise billion folds.  Can I use the word trillion?  What about into the infinity?  Yes, the future is an endless virtual reality, because it’s not yet happening.  Anyhow, the complexity and human innovation of these sorts of futuristic tech might push people into hooking themselves up to machines even when they’re alive.  What if such people have money beyond the graves, thus they have money for programmers (brain caretakers) to watch over their physical bodies with muscle stimulation technologies (i.e., to keep human bodies from having muscle deteriorating) so they could basically hook themselves up to virtual machines for years, 24/7 ongoing basis.

Let’s assume the technology is here, and so the options are available.  The question is, will people want to escape a reality so they can be super fantastic in a world that uniquely designs for them?  What if the technology allows different brains to interact with each other in a super realistic virtual world, can we accept this reality?  After all, MMORPG (i.e., massive multiplayer online role playing game) does require a human element, and in this sort of realism the virtuality of a fantasy is definitely turning a realism up a notch.  Nonetheless, if the brains or even the living beings are perfectly healthy in a reality state, I think we can definitely see that a reality is what it is but with men play God.  Just like two edges sword, knife, or however you want to put it this way, assuming these sorts of technology are real, these sorts of technology can be put to do good or evil.  Like playing God with a functioning, healthy brain.  By connection, it makes this ordeal like playing God in general, because you are creating, living, and experiencing a world of your own or share a reality with others.

Fantasy has ended!  Game over!  Now go and create a new character!  Be a new you!

New Eden (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • The ship shook violently,
  • nerve racking crews bounced,
  • captain wore his grim face,
  • “report,” as he shouted aloud.
  • “Captain, a fusion hiccup,”
  • without breaking a sweat,
  • a young lad reported,
  • to ease his captain’s worry.
  • A ship of a new era,
  • a captivated design,
  • a beta inception indeed,
  • an inception of a space age.
  • Many sweats and tears,
  • and a fortune was spent,
  • so men of a new era,
  • could explore a new frontier.
  • Before the new era,
  • fusion was elusive,
  • too hot to contain,
  • too exotic to be useful.
  • The new dawn had arrived,
  • fusion was realized,
  • in an unheard fashion,
  • pushing ships near light speed.
  • Earlier fusion tech had it,
  • ten percent of light speed,
  • new devices by trials,
  • pushing fusion near light speed.
  • Striving to make history,
  • fear not for their lives,
  • men climbed aboard,
  • a very first fusion ship.
  • Shooting for a historic moment,
  • the fusion ship shot away,
  • in glorious hooray,
  • the fusion ship vanished.
  • She sped so fast,
  • human eyes could not catch,
  • as she sped away,
  • hooray felt empty.
  • History was in the making,
  • one right after another,
  • our captain was sure,
  • another earth was in reach.
  • From the real earth men saw,
  • another earth from afar,
  • albeit they could only guess,
  • the compositions through instruments.
  • Our captain was sure,
  • men would reach a new Eden,
  • new Eden for this old race,
  • that had already worn out the old earth.
  • Thus our captain and his fusion ship,
  • hastily speeding toward this new earth,
  • for there be awaited a new Eden,
  • for there be a first man space colony.
  • Little had our captain knew,
  • space was stranger than fiction,
  • thus upon the arrival,
  • our captain was in shock.
  • The new earth was crowded,
  • with Adam and Eve everywhere,
  • too many to be counted,
  • the whole damn new earth was populated.
  • The truth was stranger than fiction,
  • our captain found himself,
  • and the crew too found themselves,
  • captain and the crew were in a parallel.
  • Imagination was to be shamed,
  • back on old earth our captain was lonely,
  • yet he found his copy with a wife,
  • happily married on this new Eden.
  • One among the crew,
  • found his unsavory self,
  • who got addicted to drugs,
  • and so broken on this new Eden.
  • Thus fiction was bested,
  • fusion to a parallel world,
  • one historic moment after another,
  • breaking out in full force.
  • To the new Eden we cheered,
  • to the new brothers we found,
  • dead or alive they were,
  • all were very parallel.
  • Thus it begged our captain to wonder,
  • could there be more parallels?
  • Perhaps, he could just wander,
  • in a fusion ship to more parallels.
  • Thus one new Eden wasn’t enough,
  • our captain was mad about parallel,
  • he demanded geeks to ponder,
  • where could he find another parallel?

What’s Missing Under The Stars? (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • He’s blind by nature,
  • yet he’s so keen in sight,
  • softest footsteps by nature,
  • can never be out of his sight.
  • The stars are twinkling in the night,
  • sitting here, he’s making a wish,
  • in the late of the night,
  • seeing them, flying, twinkling starfish.
  • As he’s missing out of seeing,
  • them twinkling starfish flying in the night,
  • his grandson isn’t seeing,
  • something is missing in the night.
  • A little boy who throws rocks,
  • hurling them into the river,
  • late in the night by the docks,
  • seeing no fish by the river.
  • The stars are twinkling up high,
  • down here the boy’s making a wish,
  • in the late of the night,
  • hearing them, chattering fish.
  • Grandfather, can the fish talk?
  • The boy asks in earnest.
  • My dear, they do talk!
  • The grandfather nods in earnest.
  • As the fish keep on chattering,
  • the old man’s wishing upon the stars,
  • and the boy keeps on wishing,
  • for hearing the fish talk under the stars.


A Renewal Indeed (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I had written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • A subtle brushing of a wind,
  • brushing against her hair,
  • passing through unnoticed,
  • slight movements of her clothes,
  • reinforcing the world without care,
  • as the ground stood still,
  • time spun on indefinite,
  • disconnecting things might be,
  • in any moment in time,
  • while the ground stood still,
  • the world spun on endless,
  • just a subtle brushing wind,
  • if she could feel it,
  • this inexplicable web,
  • vibrating her soul almighty,
  • as if nothing would stood still,
  • and volcano erupted,
  • magma flooded a valley,
  • destroyed everything in its wake,
  • thus a renewal took shape,
  • forming a disconnected image,
  • unsettling image indeed,
  • which never was subtle,
  • unlike explosive volcano,
  • a brushing of a wind,
  • passing through unnoticed,
  • until she felt it,
  • she felt everything,
  • subtle a brushing wind might be,
  • the volcano had truly erupted,
  • thus the magma flooded her valley,
  • trapped her in this inexplicable web,
  • letting the vibration of it all,
  • unsettling her indeed,
  • until she felt a renewal,
  • disconnecting things might be,
  • unsettling things might be,
  • yet she felt it all,
  • a renewal indeed!