How To Check Temperatures For CPUs And NVidia Graphic Card On Linux Mint 14

Within the video right after the break, I briefly talk about how to check the temperatures of CPUs and NVidia graphic card on Linux Mint 14.  Enjoy!!!

Dell Introduces 96 CPU Cores PowerEdge C6145

I’ve been playing around with couple servers, but those servers’ specs could never compare to the 96 CPU cores Dell PowerEdge C6145 server.  According to the sources, this is fastest server that Dell has introduced so far.  The spec includes eight 12-core AMD Opteron 6100 series processors and 1 TB of memory.  Graphic cards can be added to the server for applications that utilize additional processing power so even faster computing processing could be achieved, but with them the server will consume much more power.

Dell PowerEdge C6145 can be used in the cloud environment or in the environment that demands solving problems.  With so much processing power, it doesn’t come cheap.  Dell PowerEdge C6145 costs $18,000.  Nonetheless, I’m sure there are businesses out there that require to spend this large sum of money on servers for critical business missions.  Maybe Dell PowerEdge C6145 is something those businesses want to upgrade their servers to.