Mirror Mirror On The Wall, What Our Future With Glass Might Be?

A Day Made of Glass (玻璃打造的未來生活)

A Day Made of Glass (玻璃打造的未來生活) (Photo credit: Mr.850)

It was not hard to see why Forbes reported Corning’s “A Day Made Of Glass” first video had attracted at least 17 million views on YouTube.  It was a well made video which depicted a highly futuristic lifestyle evolved around glass.  According to Forbes, Corning, 160 year old glass company, wanted their customers and future prospects to the see the potential for applying highly engineered glass futuristically in daily lives.

Corning’s “A Day Made Of Glass” second video showed the potential of highly engineered glass to be expanded to schools, hospitals, and even parks.   So a wall of a school might suddenly be turned into interactive display by the application of glass, but at first look the wall might not resemble something that had been made by glass.  Some glass were engineered to be thin and plastic like, allowing children to effortlessly carrying them around for the purposes of computing, learning, playing games, and augmenting the reality.  Inside the hospitals, doctors would use glass to examine patient records and past illness history on site while patients might be under emergency care.

The futuristic scenarios that depicted people would constantly interact with glass to enhance their lives might not be too farfetched. As now we already have such capability in producing similar things.  Tablets and smartphones keep on getting smaller, thinner, and more powerful.  At CES 2012, Samsung revealed its smart transparent window which allowed passersby to check information on weather and close a virtual blind.  Check out Corning’s “A Day Made Of Glass” videos right after the break.

Source:  http://www.forbes.com/sites/elizabethwoyke/2012/02/03/corning-hopes-for-another-viral-hit-with-sequel-to-its-a-day-made-of-glass-video/