How To Cook Live Lobster (Chinese Inspired Way)

Want to know how to cook a live female lobster the Chinese inspired way?  Check out the extreme graphic video on cooking a live lobster right after the break.  Enjoy!

Warning:  I’m OK with watching this video (although I did cringe at the slicing part), because I’m not a hypocrite since I’m a meat eater.  If you’re a vegan, you may not want to watch the killing of a lobster.  If you’re a meat eater, don’t be a hypocrite OK?  Vegans eat plants to kill plants.  Meat eaters eat animals to kill animals.  It’s life!  Life is short, don’t be a hypocrite!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Korean Buffet, Grilled Style

Couple friends and I went to a Korean restaurant which served buffet grilled foods.  I know, we were not supposed to eat sushi in a Korean restaurant as these sushi weren’t authentic as the ones that we could eat in any authentic Japanese restaurant, but we tried them out anyway.  I took few pictures of the foods with my iPhone 4, and I used Lightroom 4 to retouch the pictures.  Check these pictures out right after the break.

The images above were taken and created by Vinh Nguyen.  You can reuse the images for all purposes, but you have to credit Vinh Nguyen for the images.  The images above contain the traditional copyright license which credits to Vinh Nguyen only, therefore you cannot redistribute the images above under creative common licenses.