Just An Obvious Thought: Advertising In The Age Of Streaming!

Streaming is proliferating nowadays, and so people are slowly switching from watching traditional TV contents to streaming contents.  In fact, whatever that is streaming can also be duplicated on TV and vice versa.  The big difference is that TV is scheduled and streaming is an on-demand kind of things.

For advertisers, streaming is something radically different than traditional TV because streamers may not accept forced advertising contents.  TV viewers may not care how long or how many advertisements get push through during a viewing experience.  The big words here are may not since TV viewing experience is about potato couching.  On the other hand, the streamers want contents quickly and sometimes prefer the shorter the content the better.  When advertisers push through advertisements in streaming contents, the streamers often get turned off.

The puzzle here is all about how to get viewers who stream to watch advertisements!  We’ve seen clever advertisements been done in movies such as marrying a brand into the content of the movie itself.  For an example, let’s create a fictitious brand of soft drink known as Blahboulous and we marry this Blahboulous can of soft drink with a character in the movie who often loves to carry the can of Blahboulous soft drink around.  This tactic could also make a brand viral since a famous actor or actress is being associated with such a brand!

The question is how to marry multiple brands into streaming contents!  Doing this too obvious would also be a turnoff.  Perhaps, there would be a better method?  I think forced advertising contents can still be done in streaming contents, but this gotta be super concise and short and the fewer the better!  Meanwhile, advertisers should marry their sponsors’ brands into the streaming contents more often.  The combination of both could elevate the advertising streams while irritating the streamers less.

Price War Is Underway For Contents? Amazon Lowers The Price Of More Than 30 Verizon Phones To A Penny Each

iPhone 4S has jolted the smartphone market with its thundering entrance.  This prompts Apple’s adversaries to vamp up their efforts in taking down iPhone’s domination.  Amazon has made the first move by selling more than 30 Verizon phones for a penny each?

Obviously, the deal is that customers have to sign a contract for a penny a phone deal.  Nonetheless, this kind of deal is rather sweet, because a penny is something everyone hates to keep around.  People rather bundle up their pennies into sticks of pennies so they can haul such pennies to banks to cash out green papers, but some people feel repulsive at the idea for they think it’s somewhat embarrassing.  OK, did I digress?

Anyhow, I think Amazon has an interest in seeing Apple’s trademark products such as iPhone wane in popularity.  As long Apple keeps on gaining ground in the smartphone and tablet markets, the more Amazon will be scared for Amazon has to face with the possibility that more customers will shop for ebooks and music and movies and magazines on Apple’s platforms only.  Amazon is once again up to its old trick by selling things much much cheaper than its competitors could ever have done so, under any circumstance.  I think Amazon hopes this will eventually weed out all competitors in price wars.  This time around, Amazon means business in the context of a price war on contents.

In summary, at the agonies of Apple’s adversaries, for the limited time Amazon will sell over 30 Verizon’s phones for a penny each.  This move might prevent people to become Apple’s iPhone 4S customers, because they will be bind to the contracts under Verizon’s phones.  I doubt Apple will cut price, because Apple loves to think it’s above the fray — price war won’t be happening here folks! Nonetheless, Amazon might eventually give Apple a scare anyway unless Apple’s charm is too hard to beat!  Even cutting prices to a penny cannot win the day?

For your information:  According to PCMag, iPhone and iPad aren’t part of the deal, but Verizon’s top of the line phones will be part of the deal after all!  PCMag points out that even Motorola Droid Bionic is under the deal.  This phone has super fast Internet access and dual core processor.  Its original price was $299 with two year contract, but now it’s a penny with a contract.  So on and so on…

Source:  http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2394726,00.asp