Graphics Downgrade May Happen For Tom Clancy’s The Division

I have a PS4 and a gaming PC, and so I don’t see myself as a PC gamer only.  With this being said, I hate to see a company downgrades a game’s graphics, because the developer of such a game would fear that gamers — who have lower tier PCs and consoles — may feel left behind.  Instead of downgrading a game’s graphics, why don’t they release the digital versions of a game that could cater to both lower tier and higher tier game platforms?  Saving time and money, they don’t have to over do it.  Let’s say, they can release a single lower tier version of the game which targets all consoles and lower tier PCs, and they can release highest tier version of the game which targets the priciest and most powerful PCs.  This way, when the gamers who have only lower tier version of the game could then always upgrade their game platform when they want to play the higher tier version of the game.  No one will be left behind this way!  By releasing games digitally, the developer won’t have to worry about the physical manufacturing cost of the game, thus game with more tier versions won’t incur higher cost when it’s time to be published.

I was very excited about how awesome the graphics for an upcoming game “Tom Clancy’s The Division.”  Rumors or not, I now have doubted about the integrity of the original graphics announcement of this game, because various sources online have been written how the developer of this game would downgrade the graphics of this game.  Gamers like me who own both console and PC game platforms may be interested not only in the graphics of a game, but we also like to see good content within a game.  With that being said, gamers like me would love to experience something that could expand our imagination, and so immersion would always be a welcoming thing for us.  Thus, I think it’s a shame to see a game with awesome graphics gets a graphics downgrade.  I sure hope The Division would not get a graphics downgrade when it comes out in March of 2016.

Sony Hints PS4 Will Be Released In 2013’s Holiday Season; PS4 Is A Beast…

Sony Playstation 1 CPU

Sony Playstation 1 CPU (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To say the least, I’m not sure that all the specs that are being revealed for PlayStation 4 will be set in stone since PS4 will be released when again?  Yep, Sony isn’t giving out the exact date for the release of PS4, but it seems that Sony hints that PS4 will be ready for the holiday season of 2013.  Which holiday again?  Anyhow, even though we may not know the real specs when PS4 indeed rolls out, but we know that it’s powerful enough to render a head of an old man which is so fantastical real.  Don’t take my word for it, watch the video right after the break and you will know what I mean.

According to’s “PlayStation 4: Specs, Features, Games, Graphics, Release Date – Everything You Need To Know In One Place” article, PS4 specs might look like this:

  • 8 cores CPU (64 bit)
  • GPU with 1.84 TFLOPS AMD next-generation Radeon based graphic card
  • 8 GB GDDR5 RAM
  • Built-in hard disk
  • Blu-ray support
  • USB 3.0
  • Gigabit Ethernet support
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n wireless support
  • Bluetooth 2.1 support
  • HDMI support

Unfortunately, RedmonPie did not mention anything in regarding to PS4 supports 802.11ac wireless.  We know that 802.11ac wireless is the fastest wireless for now.  If PS4 isn’t going to support the fastest wireless standard, then it would be a big let down in my opinion.  Other than this, I think PS4 is definitely a beast.

RedmonPie also reported that PS4 won’t support PS3 game titles, this means there is a breakaway from game backward compatibility for PS4.  It’s rather unfortunate, because PS3 does have great games too.

As of now, nobody knows how much PS4 will cost, but I hope it will cost around $300 and not a lot more than this price target.  Still though, I’m not going to be surprise if Sony will sell PS4 at even more expensive price at first, because PS4 is a beast.  Anyhow, how much do you think PS4 should cost?  $300?  $400?  On the release date, at what price PS4 would be a temptation that you cannot do without?