Futuristic Traveling: Traveling With Style In A Volvo 360c?

Some supercars of today cost more than a couple cool million dollars to own, but how comfortable could you be in such cars when you got a Volvo 360c?  Unfortunately, this is only a concept so far, I think!  Nonetheless, I hope something like this could come sooner rather than later!  After all, I hate driving between states and prefer playing video games, watching movies, and listening to music while on move.  Often time I could find myself preferring to sleep than drive while on the move from one point to another point.  At the moment, driving means seriously limiting yourself while on the move.  Your eyes gotta be on the road 99.9% of the time to avoid any serious but avoidable accident so you could make to your destination safely!  I think something like Volvo 360c could definitely allow me to avert my eyes away from the traffic and allow me to concentrate on something else that I could enjoy while on the go.  Check out the video right after the break to see how cool a Volvo 360c could be!

What About Volkswagen People’s Car Project’s Hover Concept Car?

Shanghai Maglev Train on the track

Shanghai Maglev Train on the track (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China is now the second largest economy in the world, but it might surpass the United States if the United States’ economy continues to be a laggard economic force.  Nonetheless, this post isn’t about comparing the two countries, because nobody can predict the future.  If someone says he or she can, that someone must not come from earth.  Anyhow, China’s amazing economy is all we talk about today, and partly because of how we have seen major corporations of the world (not only inside the United States) have built or will build their second headquarter in China.  How come?  They plan to sell their ideas, their innovations, their business plans, and their whatever in China.  I think the go without saying consensus among the businesses is that the Chinese people are plenty in number and they have been saving up — they might be the most profitable consumers in the world.  This is why many of us might not be so surprised to have seen Volkswagen started a concept car project in China known as People’s Car Project, because Volkswagen probably had similar idea about China.  Similar idea?  I think Volkswagen might think that China will be the biggest car market in the making.

As of December 31, 2011, China had about 1.347 billion people.  With the biggest population and one of the fastest growing economies in the world, no wonder the business world is going crazy for China — and so the car market.  Next, India?  So, it is not so surprising to see Volkswagen is hard at work in promoting their brand in China.  What is the surprise is that the Volkswagen People’s Car Project has came up with a really cool, bloody hell, freaking rock my world, kind of concept car!  People’s Car Project came up with a hover car.  OK, it does sound familiar, but will it be cool?  In my opinion, it got to be one of the coolest vehicles I have ever seen, ever.  It’s very futuristic and it hovers, need I say more?  OK, probably not, but you probably want to check out the video right after the break to see Volkswagen’s concept hover car in action.

Afterthought:  I wish I understand Chinese language so I know what they’ve said in the video above, but just by watching the moving image, I have to say I really like Volkswagen’s concept hover car.  Unfortunately, the word concept might overpower gravity in this case (and most cases), because we have seen uncountable concepts have been abandoned right?  OK, to be honest, that is what most people say, and I truly don’t know any specific concept had been abandoned on the top of my head, and if even I knew about one I probably don’t remember it now.  Still, it’s more believable to believe that most concepts are often abandoned than not, because most concepts are really over the top.  By that I mean most concepts frequently introduce ideas that might be easier to be said than done.  According to Huffingtonpost.com’s Volkswagen Hover Car: Are Flying Cars The Model Of The Future? (VIDEO) article, Volkswagen’s concept hover car relies on the idea of utilizing electromagnetic levitation.  Such a big word, and I don’t remember what it means (I think I had read on this before), but it does sound so science cool.  Anyhow, I whisked over to Wikipedia and found out that China had built electromagnetic levitation train known as Shanghai Maglev Train.  So, I figure if they already knew how to levitate a whole train, then Volkswagen concept hover car must be doable, right?  Nonetheless, don’t ever underestimate the word concept, because Volkswagen might never go ahead of making concept hover car into a real product for countless reasons (e.g., cost, demand, regulation).  In the end, bottom line has got to mean a lot more than realizing a concept.


Introducing Toyota Futuristic Smart Phone Car, The Fun-Vii

Washington, DC, July 19, 2010 -- Photograph of...

Image via Wikipedia

According to ABCNews‘ article “Toyota Unveils Futuristic Smartphone Concept Car,” Toyota is introducing its futuristic smart phone concept car, Fun-Vii to car lovers.  Fun-Vii can recognize its owners as the owners approach the car, and then it allows the owners to use the car as if it’s a smart phone such as checking message on the body of the car.  ABCNews suggests that when inside Fun-Vii, the driver doesn’t have to lift a finger since he or she can start a conversation with it and command it to drive.  Owners of Fun-Vii rely on speech-controlled directions to command it to drive.

I don’t know about you, but I think Fun-Vii looks more like a moving electronic billboard than a giant smartphone.  Also, I do not think it’s a good idea at all for the car to display just about anything on the sides of its body, because privacy matters most!  Of course, it’s sort of a good idea in allowing the owners of Fun-Vii to make few extra bucks by displaying TV commercials and static ads on the sides of its body.

I like the idea of how one can use voice to drive the car though!  I guess Fun-Vii has one thing going for it after all.  Anyhow, check out the video right after the break which shows you Fun-Vii in action.

ABCNews suggests that Toyota won’t go ahead in making Fun-Vii concept into reality any time soon.  Nonetheless, someone out there might think of something crazier and before we know it, Fun-Vii might not be so futuristic within a few years or so, yes?  Maybe?

Source:  http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/technology/2011/11/toyota-unveils-futuristic-smartphone-concept-car/