Linux: What About Symbolic Link?

English: Symbolic link diagram (original file ...

English: Symbolic link diagram (original file in grey, link in light blue). Italiano: Schema di collegamento simbolico (in grigio il file originale, in azzurro il collegamento). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When using Linux, you can use symbolic link to create shortcut for the data that you want to work with.  Using symbolic link as shortcut is quite convenient, because you can access some data that might reside in a location that is many many levels deep within a parent directory.  Besides being convenient, symbolic link does have other advantages too.  One of such advantages is to protect the original data from being deleted by accident when a user delete the parent directory where the symbolic link is currently residing in.  Anyhow, you can know a lot more about symbolic link and how to use it through watching the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – Chocolate Confection Display

Probably a year ago, I was at Atlanta Underground, and I had took many pictures.  Nonetheless, I like to share with you one of those pictures here.  The picture right after the break was heavily modified by Lightroom 4.  Just for comparison, I had included the original picture right after the break so you can see the improvement I had made to the picture with Lightroom 4.  The picture shows variety of chocolates that got displayed in a glass wooded table display enclosure.  Also, don’t ask me which store was it in Atlanta Underground since I totally forgot the name of the store.  When I was there I saw it had a lot of confections though.  Enjoy!!!

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