Starbucks Manager Goes Crazy On Customer

Lately, Starbucks got some bad lucks.  From the news, a cop was suing Starbucks for spilled hot coffee.  Another news reported that hackers are targeting Starbucks’ customers who use Starbucks app.  Just in, a manager exploded and accused a customer of stealing a straw.  The whole incident was recorded and now is being shared on the Internet.  Check out the videos right after the break to have a glimpse at the incident.

I got free coffee from Starbucks before, and so I’ve had great experience with Starbucks.  Nonetheless, I definitely don’t want to ever have to experience something similar to the customer who was at the receiving end of an angry Starbucks’ manager.  Fortunately, so far I have not yet had any crazy incident like that at anywhere I have gone to.  Oh wait, there was one time that I went into a Subway sandwich store near the closing time, and a stranger gave me a peck (a brief kiss) on my cheek for no apparent reason.  I think she was drunk or something of that sort.  I felt uncomfortable of course, but everyone was laughing in the store.  I laughed along, but I got out of the store as quickly as I could after I had my order fulfilled.

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – The Gathering 2012

In honoring the memory of my late grandfather (mother side), friends, cousins, and immediate family members gathered for the day.  In the evening, we had foods, lot of them, and beers.  It was a fun spirit for all.  I bet my late grandfather would approve of us gathering on his honor.  Much later into the night, we went out to a local coffee shop.  There, we played card, drank some coffee.  Only the people who didn’t drink were driving us there.  Anyhow, we were a lousy bunch in the local coffee shop as we let loose some more cheerful spirit.  Finally, we left the coffee shop around midnight.  I surmised that we all went home in a happier spirit.  Anyhow, you can check out our gathering 2012 adventure right after the break in the forms of original iPhone 4 and Lightroom 4 retouched photos.  Enjoy!!!