Amazon Fights Back Apple, Releasing Kindle Cloud Reader

Instead of tying Kindle to a platform, Amazon has released Kindle Cloud Reader where users can purchase ebooks regardless if they’re on iPhones or iPads or Androids or others devices/gadgets.  Why on earth Kindle Cloud Reader is necessary when users can just hop over to Amazon and buy Kindle ebooks?  Well, Kindle Cloud Reader recreates the Kindle app feeling that users have experienced within iPhones and iPads.  This way, users won’t feel disconnected with the app when they purchase Kindle ebooks.

This is how Amazon fights back Apple, because Apple had disallowed companies as Amazon to provide links that linked to web stores within their apps in Apple App Store.  Amazon leads the way by showing how it can be done to outsmart Apple as it utilizes HTML5 to recreate the Kindle app experience, but users have to experience the Kindle app feeling by using their favorite browsers.  As for now, Kindle Cloud Reader will work with Chrome and Safari browsers, but Amazon promises to make Kindle Cloud Reader available for more browsers soon.

When a user heads over to, he/she can log in to their accounts and initiate the installation of Kindle Cloud Reader extension for their specific browsers.  When done, they can enjoy the Kindle experience within their browsers.  Check out the screenshots of Kindle Cloud Reader in action right after the break!