10 Years Old Young Christian Li Violin Prodigy’s Performances In Menuhin Competition of 2018

So young but so excellent with a violin.  Just astounding!  I’m not familiar with classical music at all, but even I like how his violin is flying in the video.  Only 10 years old, if I’m not wrong about his age, he plays the violin like drinking a wonderful cup of coffee or tea or leisurely walking in a park with style.  Check out his performances in Menuhin Competition of 2018 in the videos right after the break.

Silky Smooth (Music Single By Vinh Nguyen)

I just released a brand new music single “Silky Smooth,” and you can download this song on CDBaby.com.  For limited time, you can also listen to this song for free on my music blog (VinhCanDoMusic.com).  If you like the song, don’t forget to mention it to the people you know.  Thanks.