Eve Online Game Play: Mine And Refine Veldspar Asteroid

Photos from Gen Con Indy 2007.

Photos from Gen Con Indy 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Got 30 minutes to waste?  I had mine!  Played Eve Online to kill some time.  Mined and refined Veldspar asteroid.  Anyhow, rather than doodle and waste half an hour that way, let me convince you to watch my wasteful 30 minutes of Eve Online game play where I mine for Veldspar from Veldspar asteroid.  Oh, I don’t mean to sound dreadful about playing Eve Online, because I love it.  Certainly, it feels good to do so.  Nonetheless, I want to make it sounds dreadful since I know there are more productive things to do rather than playing game all day.  Perhaps, it’s my confession that I do sometimes be rather wasteful with my time.  Still, I must say I have noticed that I have less time to doodle than usual.  Don’t know  why.  Anyhow, check out the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Eve Online Inferno Review – A Noob Experience

Rifter-class frigate after an attack on an Arm...

Rifter-class frigate after an attack on an Armageddon-class battleship (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hello guys, check out this video if you have never played Eve Online Inferno before but you like to play a video game that involves with space.  Telling you upfront though, this is a noob experience review, therefore you only get so much out of this video on Eve Online Inferno and not that much more.  Fortunately, you can always look for readily available, great tips on Eve Online Inferno elsewhere on the Internet.  I think there are plenty Eve Online Inferno veterans who are also willing to help you play Eve Online Inferno if you join the Rookies chat channel once you have actually beginning to play Eve Online Inferno.  I hope you enjoy the video.