New Ruling Handed Down By California Supreme Court Gives Police A Carte Blanche To Sift Through A Person’s Cell Phone

The police in California are no longer needing a warrant to sift through your cell phone when they arrest you.  According to professor Jonathan Turley’s blog post “California Supreme Court Allows Warrantless Searches of Cell Phones,” California Supreme Court has now implemented such measure into law.  The argument has that when a person carries a cell phone as if such a person is wearing clothes, the police have the right to search through an arrested person’s clothes for concealment of various things which now has extended to cell phone.  Professor Jonathan Turley argues that acquiring a warrant takes only minutes, therefore the ruling allows a carte blanche for police to invade a person’s privacy without proper procedure such as acquiring a warrant.  Modern cell phones as we know it are capable of storing huge amount of data, and we’re not even talking about smart phones.  Professor Jonathan Turley fears that this new ruling of California Supreme Court has violated the Fourth Amendment.  What do you think?