Starcraft 2 (Season 2): Heart Of The Swarm Gameplay Episode 1

I haven’t play Starcraft 2 for about a year or longer, and so I have gotten very rusty.  Anyhow, lately I’m trying to get back into Starcraft 2 multiplayer, and what I see is that I’m back at the noob level.  The build order I had before is now all mess up, but it’s fun nonetheless.  Since I’m trying to play Starcraft again, I’ve gone ahead and made gameplay videos for “Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm” campaign.  The campaign is very easy since I’m playing it in the easiest difficulty level.  You can check out the first episode of my gameplay for “Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm” right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode Gameplay Episode 08 (Ending)

This is the last episode of Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode gameplay.  It reveals the ending of the campaign for Battlefield 4.  Enjoy!!!

Battlefield 4 Campaign Mode Gameplay Episode 01

I’ve heard many good things about Battlefield series, but I’ve never ever played a Battlefield title ever.  “Battlefield 4” has convinced me to join the Battlefield’s fervent gamers.  I’m glad I had decided to play “Battlefield 4.”  Although I’ve only played Battlefield 4’s campaign mode, and I’ve to say that it has impressed me a lot.  Gamers have been religiously professed that Battlefield series’ multiplayer mode is the best, and so I definitely have got to finish up Battlefield 4’s campaign mode fast so I can begin to meddle with Battlefield 4’s multiplayer mode.

Talking about Battlefield 4’s campaign mode, I love it.  Although the story isn’t uniquely glorious, it’s not shabby either.  The graphics are very very good, and I’m not even playing “Battlefield 4” in all high graphics settings.  If you have a very very good graphic card, you can actually turn graphics settings up to ultra settings.  If I’m not wrong, the maximum graphics settings for this game are ultra settings.  Anyhow, the sounds and the graphics for “Battlefield 4” in campaign mode come together very well.  Not a shabby story, great voice acting, great sounds, and extremely good graphics have allowed “Battlefield 4” to push the immersive scale for first person shooter game genre up many many notches.

Anyhow, enough of my rambling about “Battlefield 4,” just check out my Battlefield 4 campaign mode gameplay episode 01 in the video right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

FYI:  I’m playing Battlefield 4 on a PC, hence I’d mentioned about a very very good graphic card for ultra graphics settings.

Starcraft 2 (Season 01): Wings of Liberty Gameplay Episode 07

So, after the first mission that I did in this episode (episode 07) for Starcraft 2’s Wings of Liberty, Jim Raynor is now taking on planet Char and inching closer to the Queen of Blades (Sarah Kerrigan).  The second mission of this episode is about the Char planet.  Kind of exciting I think.  So, please enjoy this episode fully!!!  You can watch the episode right after the break!