Just Another Video On China’s Straddling Bus Concept

Just found another video on China’s future straddling bus.  I’m really interested in this idea since it does seem like a good way to move people around the city in public transportation vehicles without the need to be stuck in the regular traffic jams.  It is another option for people who prefer to save gas, cut down pollution, go green, and use public transportation.  Through this sort of transportation the people don’t even have to worry about the traffic jams.  Does this mean people can save time too by boarding a straddling bus?  I’m living in the United States of America, and I really want to see something like this over here too.  I’m crossing my fingers and we’ll see, eh?

China To Build Straddling Buses? Freeing Up Traffic And Providing Self-Efficient Green Energy Public Transportation System?

Artist depiction of the Chinese straddling bus...

Artist depiction of the Chinese straddling bus 3D Express Coach. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

China is trying to work on the straddling bus concept.  If my knowledge isn’t too little and too old about this concept, then I’m not wrong about that China is still working on this concept and has yet to actually go ahead and make this concept a reality.  Nonetheless, the video which I will link/embed at the end of this blog post sounds as if China will eventually have straddling bus system in place in the next few years if not less time than that.  Personally, I want to see China successfully transforms this straddling bus concept into a reality.  If straddling buses work miracle in China, the rest of the world will follow suit to have build a better traffic system.  It definitely will improve traffic condition for everyone in the world.

What is straddling bus concept?  Well, if you watch the video that I’m going to link/embed at the end of this blog post, it explains way better than I will ever be able to at the moment.  I’m still not knowing enough about straddling bus concept really.  Nonetheless, it seems that the straddling bus concept might use some sort of green self-charged energy system which will produce zero greenhouse gas effect, consequently it will be a very energy efficient public transportation system for humans.  While behaving as a public transportation for humans, straddling bus concept provides zero obstacle to the normal traffic since straddling bus doesn’t have to be the object which blocks the normal traffic; straddling bus will just move/glide over the normal traffic.

The video after the break explains that straddling bus doesn’t even have to need its own parking space since it can just park anywhere without really disturbing the normal traffic.  Basically, straddling bus can just stop at mid-traffic and yet won’t cause a traffic jam at all.  Of course, if there is another straddling bus that is behind the first one, then the first straddling bus which parked at mid-traffic will be an obstacle for the second one.  Nonetheless, I wonder will straddling bus be able to just switch lane?  At the moment, I don’t think straddling bus can do such a thing unless I’m totally wrong.  Anyhow, I think straddling bus concept is very interesting, and it might be very cool for us to ride on.  Check out the video right after the break to see what the fuss is about a straddling bus concept.