China’s Latest Feat, Assembling 30 Story Building In 15 Days!


Image by x-av via Flickr

A commenter oridade on YouTube points out that the title of a YouTube video (***30-story building built in 15 days*** Construction time lapse *View Fullscreen*) is clearly and utterly misleading.  Instead, oridade points out that the video only shows the 30 story building is being assembled within 15 days.  Still, for assembling a 30 story building with the latest technologies within 15 days is quite a feat nonetheless.  The latest technologies that are being installed inside this 30 story building enable the building itself to withstand 9 magnitude earthquake resistance, have 5 times more energy efficient, have 4-paned window type, have internal window insulation for windows, have 20 times purer air, and monitor air quality for each and every room of the building.  It seems that Broad Group is the Chinese company which had pulled off this feat.  This 30 story building is now a hotel prototype, according to the information below the YouTube video which you can watch right after the break.  Enough reading, why not check out the YouTube time lapse video to see the assembling of China‘s 30 story building in 15 days for yourself right after the break.

Robots To Build Whatever, Humans Step Aside?

Are we well on the way to have robots build a whole city without human intervention?  Imagining the day when humans create gazillions of blueprints digitally, upload the blueprints to the robot master, and the robot master will automatically direct and supervise the robot slaves to follow the blueprints and build whatever that are necessary to the humans.  OK, before you say I’m dreaming too much, you have to watch the video below to see flying robots put together a towering architecture using polystyrene foam.

“We need to do more testing Mr. rocket scientist.  OK, Einstein, when do you think our flying robots will be ready to build a new planet?” Mr. Dreamer was on his second cup of coffee and could not stop asking the man who stared at his computer model inside a sturdy laptop.

“What are you talking about?” The other man was annoyed.

“You know, we could use these robot slaves to build a whole new planet and all.  Oh, throw in a spaceship and we outta here!”  Mr. Dreamer grinned.

“You need to slow down on the coffee,” the other man was even more annoyed now.

“A universe too!”

Kaboom, kaboom, smoke everywhere.  It seemed the supercomputer was malfunction.  Smoke arose from the inside of the supercomputer, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

“What did you do, genius?” Mr. Dreamer yelled at the other man.

“You said to build a universe, and so I told the model to simulate that,” the other man yelled back.

“No genius, I was just dreaming out loud.  Damn it, now we have to start from scratch again.” Mr. Dreamer sigh.

“OK, sure!”

“No Einstein, this time we can do better.”

“OK, sure, we will have a universe up and running,” the other man sarcastically said.

“Don’t mock me Einstein, I mean we need to start with a better supercomputer so we don’t have to content with more smoke and fried hardware.”

“How about let me tap into everyone cloud this time illegally, and for greater good, we can do better.”

Kaboom, and the laptop was on smoke.

“What did you do again?”

“Nothing, it just happened.”

“Another simulation?”

“No, the universe was done when our supercomputer fried.”

“Jesus, what a day.”

A woman walked in, and she was so excited.  Mr. Dreamer and the other man turned around.

“Hey there sexy, why come in so late?  We have been here all day long,” Mr. Dreamer flirted.

“Yuck, the lab is smelly, what on earth?”

“Ya, it is Einstein that did it,” Mr. Dreamer blamed the other man.

The other man threw up his arms and swore.

“What is so exciting?”

“You see, I have something here and you won’t believe it.”


The woman who Mr. Dreamer called a sexy lady opened her laptop.  It was a 3D laptop.  The simulation began.  Flying robots flew.  She threw in a formula inside a customized terminal, and the terminal accepted her formula.

“What is the formula?”

“I just speed up the process a bit.  It’s like fast forwarding, but in a random manner.”

“What’s so random about that?”

“OK, so the robots can behave like real humans.  These are that intelligent.  So, when I add a fast forward formula, the robots just speed up the process, but each time the robots will behave differently.  It’s like our boss telling us to finish a project, but with each new project or new instruction, we would do it differently each time such as doing it at our own pace.  In the end, we still finish our project.”

“Ah, OK, sure,” the other man nodded.

By now a whole city got erected inside the simulation by the flying robots.

“Did we got that far Einstein?” Mr. Dreamer asked the other man.

“No, because I was trying to build a universe,” the other man rolled his eyes.

Kaboom, her laptop fried.

“What the,” Mr. Dreamer yelled.

“My bad, I tried the universe,” the sexy lady apologized.

“Damn the universe.  So, even though you have better algorithm, and the simulation is smarter, and yet the universe had it fried.”

“Yep, it sucks,” the sexy lady said.

“Start from scratch?” the other man asked.

“No, I go for another cup of coffee and I’m outta here.  I had it with the universe,” Mr. Dreamer said.