Will Google Glasses Let You Fight Your Friends In Boxing Ring, Get Slim With Fitness Application, And More?

Google Logo officially released on May 2010

Google Logo officially released on May 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google glasses has yet to make an official debut, but I feel like this Google’s futuristic eyewear might become a boon for video games and fitness applications.  Here is an idea for a video game using Google glasses.  Imagining if you are going to do some boxing with a few friends.  Instead of putting on real boxing gloves and get into the ring, you and a friend just need to put on the Google glasses, and the augment reality kicks in which transforms you and your friend into boxers.  Of course, the Google glasses needs to turn you and your friends into boxers with real audience.  Imagining the world can watch your friends and you best each other out with augment reality gloves in augment reality boxing matches, and when your a friend loses the fight, someone in the audience can actually challenge you to an augment reality boxing match (this person too must wear a Google glasses or else he would not be able to appear among the audience).  The people in the audience can be anywhere in the world.  OK, maybe this is probably going to be super hard to be implemented even for Google glasses, but what if it will be possible?  Using the scenario above, one can imagine that someone will be able to create something like fitness video game or fitness training application too.  Then again, everything about Google glasses is only now a hearsay, because people like us (not Google employees) have yet a chance to try it out and seeing its real capability — but I so wish that Google glasses technology will be able to allow app developers to create something like a boxing video game which I had a pleasure of describing and imagining above.