Infinity Is Magical

In my opinion, the word [Infinity] is very magical.  This word is an oxymoronic, because the idea of the word is so human.  First of, as a human we are living record to be wiped out eventually, because death is always ready to come knocking when the time is up.  As being humans, we have wild imagination on how death will come and what will come after death.  Some of us like to think death is just an abruption of life, because we may be reborn in another world or in heaven or hell, depending on how much we have sinned on earth.  Some of us also like to think death is the end of everything.  Basically, we cannot ever come back to life to retell the transformation of what had happened after death to any living being.  Nonetheless, the big picture is all about life would go on without us.  Thus we have a picture of death which destroys things, and the rebirth of other things that make life goes on.  This is why infinity is an oxymoronic word!

Even the whole universe will someday be destroyed.  If this is going to happen, everything within a universe will cease to exist.  Nonetheless, how do we know infinity will be truly dead?  We are not capable of knowing when the universe will end, and so how do we know if there won’t be another rebirth of a universe?  We are sure there was a rebirth of a universe, because we are in it at the moment.  This notion does assure us that we cannot be sure there won’t be another rebirth of a universe, because the phenomenon had happened before!  In a way, the word infinity is contradicting itself if a universe is to be destroyed, but a rebirth of a universe would confirm the true meaning of the word infinity.  Nonetheless, if the next universe won’t have any human being in it, will infinity stick around?  Perhaps, the aliens won’t have a word or even a notion of the infinity, because they just won’t care or won’t get it.  If the meaning of the word infinity isn’t being understood by a being, the word itself ceases to exist!  Once again, the word infinity, as being very human, is totally an oxymoronic idea!  Nonetheless, it’s very magical indeed!

Fiction Now, But Humans Tend To Realize Dreams! Androidize The Planet Earth And Beyond?

Imagine one day, the animation that is being depicted within YouTube’s “Kara: a PS3 new technology” video becomes real, what will be of such a future?  Out it leaps into reality where the line between a human and android becomes really blurry!  Of course, humans, the master of the planet earth with ambition to colonize the universe, will fear of androids’ potentials.  The obvious fear of them all would be the androids enslave the former masters of theirs.  Of course, at the moment, we humans do not have such fears yet since our computers, robots, and all do not know the difference between what make life bitter and what make life sweeter.  What if the automatons to become so self-aware?  Will their enlightenment drive the current planet earth master to the brink of The Matrix (the movie)?

English: drunken androids .. you kinda have to...

English: drunken androids .. you kinda have to see it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps, the humans will get very lucky for awhile as all androids will obediently be subservient to their masters even though they know what it means to be a slave.  Perhaps, humans are so inventive to a point of having androids bear seeds so fruits can come to life to continue the long line of planet earth master?  Seeds and fruits? Imagine android, smart or not, self-aware or not, be able to carry a female productive system at all time as female eggs (in relation to human reproductive system) were preemptively prepared for a human creation.  Imagine humans will go as far as to prepare the sperms inside so called male android just so it would be able to copulate with so called female android that has eggs in order for a human creation process to begin.  Perhaps, humans become so lazy to a point that they will prefer androids to make babies altogether.  Sex acts will only be reserved for entertainment purpose.  Since sex acts become for entertainment only, it might not matter a human will copulate with an android or just another human.

Then there is this question, what if scenario… with advance android surrogate reproductive system, will the human reproduction process becomes evermore perfect (less of a hassle and painless in relation of a human mother has to go through to bear a child) and healthier?  What if it is, what will be the side effects in term of soul searching?  Will religions be against this?  Can abortion be questionable when androids become the surrogate mothers and fathers?

The conclusion is, everything about this is very intriguing to us all.  We will never know android fiction will ever come true.  If this sort of fiction to become the reality of tomorrow, human society will transform beyond our current imagination.  Perhaps, whatever humans choose to believe and take action for, fiction will eventually materialize.  Few examples are, the moon landing, nuclear power and weapons, and computing.  In the end, I think we all should be very careful about what we wish for and what actions we want to take upon according to our wishes and imagination.  Once the Pandora’s box is opened, it’s really hard to close if not impossible!

Feeling Poetic, I Pour A Cup Of Tea And Drink But Wish For A Cup Of Coffee!

Suddenly, I feel so poetic.  Not in a sense of poetic poetry but in my own nature.  Anyhow, I remember something had said in the past over and over again by wise people who had dotted the earthy landscapes throughout the centuries.  They felt the zen and said something of this sort, do not live in the past and the future, but live in the present as the past was history and the future has yet to come.  For me, I wish to phrase this very idea in my own poetic nature.  I wish only to think briefly about the past, be dreamy about the future, and fully drink a cup of tea in the present.  Obviously, to tell the truth, I’m more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker.  Nonetheless, it’s more poetic and zen-like nature if I said tea.  Obviously, it is easy to say than do, therefore, it is really poetic.  Please enjoy!!!

Smart Whatever Of The Day — You Can Be Honest On A Blog!

You can be a smart-whatever on Twitter, a faceless friend who makes many people feel awesome on Facebook, and an honest person on one’s own blog.  Of course, this is my biased, opinionated opinion on all current social trends, and so you should keep yours.  Furthermore, don’t forget to look beyond these words as there is a flip side to everything.

Brief Thought Of The Day On Being A Blogger!

So how hard is it to be a blogger?  I have to say it’s very hard!  Being a blogger is all about being real to your readers.  Sometimes, I think us bloggers need to find a right balance to bring the contents to our audiences.  Let say if a blogger is blogging too much about himself or herself, then he or she is just like a talkative person who loves to brag about oneself.  A blogger who brings values to their readers such as giving a good tip on a topic that the readers are having an interest in, then such a blogger is more likely to make a progress or establish a bond with the audiences.  Obviously, there are tons of things that a blogger must do right to have a long lasting relationship with his or her readers.  This is why I think to own a blog is not easy, because it’s like becoming a mini magazine company, albeit these are not of the same thing in reality.  Anything but trying the hardest to connect to your audiences will definitely be a waste of time for a blogger!