Amnesia (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

From the inception we forgot who we were,
thus we reinvented who we were over and over again,
we’d written fiction to be in place of history,
so we could at least believe we once got a root,
we’d written of the Great Flood that drowned our past,
perhaps, we had created such fiction over and over again,
just so we could at least feel a past,
without a past it’s hard for us to imagine a future,
because our identity is very much rooted in our imagination,
and so we could care less about the Great Flood,
which was mythically created by the mystics,
to pull us out of the greatest, deepest, amnesia,
and into a glorious present in which we could look back,
and say that we had once lived gloriously,
but the glory will continue on,
into the future we are heading for such a glory,
even if the future will be of another Great Flood,
perhaps, even then we might still be able to reinvent,
a past of now in which it does not matter if it’s true,
because this amnesia had got nothing on us,
for us, we are colorful,
for us, we are bold,
for us, we are innovative,
for us, we are imaginative,
for us, we breathe in amnesia as air,
and keep on moving forward,
into the unknown future that we are now already imagining of,
a glorious one indeed!

What The Fizz? (Poem by Vinh Nguyen)

Just another poem I’d written thus far.  Enjoy!!!

  • Silent as a calm breeze,
  • staring into the abyss,
  • as if time would freeze,
  • yet thee would have a fizz,
  • along with the bees,
  • busying with the fizz,
  • to stir up the calm breeze,
  • yet nobody made a hiss,
  • calmly drinking tea,
  • knowing not what the fizz,
  • till eruption of a stirred sea,
  • putting everyone at risk,
  • no longer a calm breeze,
  • what the fizz,
  • thus the bees and thee,
  • starting to make the hiss,
  • till the calm of a stirred sea,
  • overtaking the fizz,
  • then the bees and thee would see,
  • what the fizz,
  • hindsight revealed risks freely,
  • abyss was no longer the fizz,
  • overcame with sadness and angry,
  • what the fizz,
  • a story of relevance to be told freely,
  • thus, what the fizz?


This poem depicts the feeling that I had when I got to read the grueling content therein of “THAILAND: Muslims in the South are slaughtering Buddhists in order to ethnically cleanse the area (WARNING: Graphic Images)” blog post.  I condemn (although I’m a nobody) all violences!!!  I don’t see how any violence would solve anything, because violences in general only breeds more violences.  Of course, the argument goes that if one side would do enough terrors, more so than the other side, then the other side will give up in terror.  I doubt that will be the case if the other side doesn’t have a choice in defending themselves.  Plus, violence such as killing is so uncivilized, and here I thought we humans are better than this.  Aren’t we nowadays have easier access to education than centuries ago?  Aren’t we humans know what peace mean?  If peace mean peace, why on earth peace has to let violence leads the way?  Sure, you can say violence first, peace after, but I refute such a thought.  To me, violence first means hatred can be spread farther…  there is no guaranty that violence first can solve anything.  Nonetheless, if all sides use peace first, only peace can derive from peace.  It is almost, if not 100%, a guaranty that peace will always derive from peace.  I think killing is the worst of the worst that there is for being human.  Killing will never be justified for anything.  If a God wants someone to kill another human being, he/she doesn’t deserve to be my God!  Period!!!  Us humans face tough life from the day we born, certainly we don’t really need violence to be the additional bit to the tough life equation.  Survival of day to day life is already so tough, because not everyone is lucky to be born into a wealthy family or meeting the best opportunity in life.  Most likely, many people will be sweating their ass off just to make ends meet.  The unfortunates might have to face terminal diseases.  Yet here we have senseless killing in the name of God.  It’s just plain wrong!  Isn’t a spiritual belief supposed to be peaceful?  I think I should rephrase that!  Aren’t all spiritual beliefs supposed to be peaceful?  Anyhow, if you like, please enjoy the poem right after the break!

  • Rumor had it,
  • or the truth had it,
  • whatever had it.
  • Nonetheless, I had read it.
  • Got disgusted!
  • I cringed at it!
  • Feeling ill just to picture it!
  • Got disgusted!
  • I cringed at it!
  • Such sadistic!
  • Got disgusted!
  • Idiotic!
  • Only animals would do it!
  • Got disgusted!
  • Speechless!!!
  • Not a single word can define it.
  • Sadistic!
  • Animalistic!
  • And yet I just know about it.
  • Shaking my fist at this animalistic shit!
  • Idiots!
  • Got disgusted!
  • Only animals would do it.
  • I got mad as hell at this animalistic shit!
  • Nonetheless, one thinks of it,
  • what goes around comes around, isn’t it?

Lightroom 4 Photo Fun – A Walk With Man Made Nature (November 7 2012)

Check out my new Lightroom 4 Photo fun session on  This time it’s about a walk with man made nature!  Enjoy!!!  Link:

Feeling Poetic, I Pour A Cup Of Tea And Drink But Wish For A Cup Of Coffee!

Suddenly, I feel so poetic.  Not in a sense of poetic poetry but in my own nature.  Anyhow, I remember something had said in the past over and over again by wise people who had dotted the earthy landscapes throughout the centuries.  They felt the zen and said something of this sort, do not live in the past and the future, but live in the present as the past was history and the future has yet to come.  For me, I wish to phrase this very idea in my own poetic nature.  I wish only to think briefly about the past, be dreamy about the future, and fully drink a cup of tea in the present.  Obviously, to tell the truth, I’m more of a coffee drinker than a tea drinker.  Nonetheless, it’s more poetic and zen-like nature if I said tea.  Obviously, it is easy to say than do, therefore, it is really poetic.  Please enjoy!!!

Smart Whatever Of The Day — You Can Be Honest On A Blog!

You can be a smart-whatever on Twitter, a faceless friend who makes many people feel awesome on Facebook, and an honest person on one’s own blog.  Of course, this is my biased, opinionated opinion on all current social trends, and so you should keep yours.  Furthermore, don’t forget to look beyond these words as there is a flip side to everything.