Starcraft 2 (Season 1): Wings of Liberty Gameplay Episode 01

Starcraft 2’s Hearts of the Swarm just came out as a sequel to Starcraft 2’s Wings of Liberty.  Nonetheless, you won’t see me playing Hearts of the Swarm just yet as I’m trying to film the gameplay for Wings of Liberty campaign mode from the beginning to end.  When I’m done with Wings of Liberty, I’ll try to do the same for Hearts of the Swarm.  Check out Starcraft 2’s Wings of Liberty episode 01 right after the break.  Enjoy!!!

World of Warcraft New Expansion Cinematic Trailer: Mists of Pandaria

According to TechRadar, rumors have that Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard are looking for possible buyers.  In the midst of these rumors, Activision Blizzard will release the new expansion of World of Warcraft, Mists of Pandaria, on September 25 of 2012.  The previous expansion of World of Warcraft was Cataclysm.  Anyhow, today I watched the cinematic trailer of the Mists of Pandaria and loved it.  I guess you could say Blizzard brings kung fu to WoW?  Anyhow, you can watch the cinematic trailer of Mists of Pandaria right after the break for some panda kung fu action.  Enjoy!!!


Diablo 3 Game Play – Killing Maghda

Continuing the saga of my Diablo 3 wizard, this time he is killing Maghda.  Enjoy!!!

Diablo 3 – Act 3, The Black Soulstone

Check out the Diablo 3 Act 3 opening movie, The Black Soulstone.

Diablo 3 Game Play – The Revealing Of The Stranger

This Diablo 3 game-play video is the continuation of my last Diablo 3 game-play (To Kill The Skeleton King).  This time around, it’s the revealing of the stranger.  If you like the last one, you might want to check this one out too.  Enjoy!!!

A Quick Take On Diablo 3 By A Diablo 3 Newbie; The Game Has Only Been Out For A Day But The Servers Has Been Hammered Since

diablo III - installed! [1230]

diablo III – installed! [1230] (Photo credit: brianjmatis)

Diablo 3 came out yesterday, but many people had problem of playing it since then as Diablo 3 servers were experienced login problems.  It was probably that too many people had tried accessing Diablo 3 servers at the same time, and so the servers were probably ran out of computing resources.  Talking about the tsunami of sudden server traffic spikes, right?  Blizzard though has been hard at work in fixing the problem, and I suspect that they probably has added more servers since then to handle huge Diablo 3 server traffics.  Oh boy, the spikes are painful!

Anyhow, I was able to log into Diablo 3 servers today, albeit that it was really late or I should have said it was really early in the morning (around 3:00 AM EST or so after the day that the Diablo 3 was officially released), and I was able to create a monk class character/toon and leveled it a few levels.  I had to say it was polished since the beta!  I remembered when I first tested out Diablo 3 beta, only 15 minutes in, I had to quit Diablo 3 beta as it was in a very very sad stage.  Now though, Diablo 3 is rather enjoyable for me as Blizzard has done a really good job in polishing it up.  So, the truth is that I don’t know much about Diablo 3’s gameplay yet since I wasn’t so interested in testing out Diablo 3 beta (i.e., only 15 minutes testing and I was forever gone from the beta).  Sure, I had played Diablo 1 and 2, but the truth was that I had not played those two games since ages ago, and so now I don’t even remember how to play those games even if I’m able to locate the misplaced CDs for Diablo 1 and 2.  This is why I’ve found the point and click to move a character around Diablo 3 game environment to be unfamiliar even though I should have known that this is not so for I had played Diablo 1 and 2 before.  (Tip:  You can actually hold down a mouse button to allow automatic actions — such as moving around and avoid constant clicking.)  I’m more familiar with MMORPG in-game movement style as to the usage of WASD keys on the computer keyboard.

The in-game graphic for Diablo 3 is not bad at all, but it’s not cutting edge.  I think there are many other games out there that can be played on a PC and yet have better in-game graphic than Diablo 3 by far.  Nonetheless, Diablo 3 in-game art is rather pleasant and enjoyable, therefore I can’t really complain much!  The surprise is the opening cinematic scene (The First Sign).  It was computer generated superbly, because the characters/actors looked gorgeous and their skins looked rather humanlike.  Very realistic!

Diablo 3 overall game-play is quite simple though, and this is a plus!  At first, Diablo 3 game-play looks complicate, but when you read the tool tips, you should get the gist right away.  How come?  Well, Diablo 3 overall game-play isn’t complicated when one compares it against other video game types (such as MMORPG).  Instead of relying on the game-play that allows gamers to have huge freedom of customizing game characters in regarding to how gamers can combine vast combinations of skills in skill trees (MMORPG type of games loves to do this), Diablo 3 decidedly simplifies the process by allowing gamers to only activate the available skills when their game characters reach the appropriate levels.  With a slight deviation in the rigid game characters’ skill formation, gamers can actually choose one among many skills of the same skill type that they had unlocked at the appropriate levels and place this particular skill onto the action bar at the bottom where gamers can then use the appropriate keys on the keyboard or mouse clicks that correspond to the skills in the action bar to activate the skill in battle (i.e., casting spells and so on).  Furthermore, gamers can also activate unlocked runes at appropriate levels to enhance the skills that they want to use the most.  Well, at least this is how the skills work out for my newbie monk character/toon from level 1 to level 8 so far.  Beyond level 8, I don’t know — LOL!!!

I haven’t yet tried the auction house but I’ve heard that you can sell in-game items for real money, and this will be something that I’m so unfamiliar with as I had never played any game that had officially allowed gamers to haggle for in-game items with real money.  Plus, I never had tried the buying and selling of any in-game item from unofficial sources for the many games that I have played over the years.  Buying and selling Diablo 3 in-game items with real money will be an uncharted territory for me, and I’m not sure I will be a big participator of this.

Using Diablo 3 inventory is rather easy, because all you have to do is to push the letter i on your keyboard to bring up the inventory.  Within Diablo 3 inventory, you can see all your items get sort randomly in the available slots.  Equipping these items inside the inventory, you can just right click on them.

I think you can train additional crafting skills such as blacksmith skill by doing the right quests.  I had my monk character trained as a blacksmith.  By the way, I had to pay huge amount of in-game gold before my monk character/toon was able to train and attain his blacksmith crafting skill.  I’m not yet familiar with how to level up the blacksmith crafting skill yet.  Blacksmiths can salvage magic items.  After the salvaging of magic items, blacksmiths will get the extracted items; the extracted items allow blacksmiths to craft even more powerful magical items.  There probably are other crafting skills, but I can’t really comment on them yet since I have not yet knew how to activate them to start with.

OK, let me skip everything else there is about Diablo 3 and talk about the thing I like most about Diablo 3.  The thing I like most about Diablo 3 is the in-game fighting.  I think the in-game fighting is beautifully orchestrated, at least for my monk character/toon.  I like how my monk character/toon can plow through the enemies as if he is invincible and yet the details of him doing that has always been beautifully displayed during a game-play.  I guess as long the in-game fighting sequences appear to be smooth and lovely, gamers won’t feel like they are grinding for levels.

In conclusion, I think Diablo 3 is awesome, because it’s a long awaited game that has turned out to be rather enjoyable.  Diablo 3 has great game-play and pleasant graphics.  The story though, I can’t really comment on it yet until I actually beat the game.  By the way, you can check out the Diablo 3 opening cinematic short movies right after the break.  Enjoy!

Afterthought:  I don’t really like how Diablo 3 won’t allow gamers to customize their characters’ body features such as facial expression and so on.  Nonetheless, I guess as long Diablo 3 has enough gears that have vast differences in appearance, then gamers can basically dress their game characters/toons in different gears to make their game characters/toons stand out.